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How to Wash Cashmere Sweater?

by XiaoBo 28 Sep 2023

Cashmere sweater is a refined, sophisticated and expensive thing. Such a sweater requires special care. Before buying it, you should know how to wash a cashmere sweater to preserve the color and shape of the product.

Before proceeding directly to washing, it is recommended to study the label. The process of cleaning a knitted sweater is possible in a dry cleaner, with the help of a washing machine or hands.

For outerwear made of dense fabric and with a lining, you should choose dry cleaning. Sweaters, pullovers, sweaters and scarves should be given wet. Before washing, it is necessary to turn things inside out.

Special attention is required to pay attention to the temperature of the water: it should be cool. It is necessary to exclude any friction and twisting, so as not to spoil the structure of the pile, appearance and quality of the product.

After 6-8 dressings, cashmere sweaters need cleaning. If the label indicates that dry cleaning not as the only possible option, it is recommended to study in detail the possibilities of washing at home. Professional care also has drawbacks:

- No guarantee of quality cleaning.
- The possibility of damage to the pile by aggressive means. Subsequently, there will be a loss of external characteristics of the clothes.
- High cost of service.

The process of cleaning cashmere things can be carried out at home. The main thing is to know how to control it and what it means to give preference.
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Can You Wash Cashmere?

First of all, it's best not to wear a cashmere sweater for several days in a row. Be sure to give them a rest so that the fibers stretched during wear have time to return to their original shape - and in good cashmere they always do. And then you don't need an extra wash to perk up the stretched areas.

Second, odors. Cashmere does not need to be washed often, as it has the property of self-cleaning. If a thing has absorbed the smell of food or cigarettes, let it hang out for a day while the fibers rest, and it will go away.

To avoid unnecessary washing, obviously don't eat tomato spaghetti and the like in cashmere. Take it off beforehand, especially if eating at home, or using a napkin/apron.

If you follow these simple rules, laundry will be needed a couple of times a season.

Washing cashmere sweater depends on the type of fabric:

High quality long, strong fibers are used that do not frizz or roll. Produced without the addition of other fabrics. Usually washing such things is not allowed, occasionally hand washing is allowed. The main cleaning is dry.

Low quality – made of coarse and short down, which can be washed both by hand and in the machine. Most often mixed cotton, wool or silk.

More detailed washing instructions, which must be followed, are indicated on the manufacturer's label.

Wet washing for pure cashmere is most often forbidden, preference is given to dry cleaning.

However, some experts advise not to get carried away with dry cleaning, as wool fibers made from goat down are identical to human hair – after washing they become shiny and soft, and after regular drying – dull and lifeless. Therefore, many owners always wash things by hand.

A little easier is the case with cashmere, which contains impurities. Such fabrics are allowed to be washed, but under the right conditions, because cashmere, even if not 100%, will lose its attractive appearance if handled incorrectly.

Before you start hand or machine washing cashmere sweater, it needs to be prepared for this procedure:

1. Since the clothes are washed at a low temperature, additional cleaning will not hurt. The garment should be gently but thoroughly shaken to remove dust and carefully over the inner seams with a soft brush. The same brush is allowed to clean the coat strictly along the line of the direction of the pile.

2. Remove all lint, preferably with the help of a special machine. For lack of such, it is worth using manicure scissors and be very careful not to accidentally make a hole. With proper washing, the lint will not roll up again.

3. Accessories, especially metal, are better to tear off or remove, so that oxidation does not occur, and the fabric does not appear rusty streaks.

4. Collar or fur details should also be unbuttoned or stitched off.

5. Fasten all buttons and zippers, and turn things inside out.

6.Small closet items in machine washing are better folded into a laundry net, and outerwear, such as coats, should be packed in a duvet cover, and then carefully sew the hole with large stitches.

How to Wash Cashmere In the Washing Machine?

Automatic washing is allowed if there is no prohibition on the label:

- Having prepared your cashmere sweater according to the rules described above and folded in a net, send it to the drum;
- The mode is selected according to the model - "delicate", "manual", "cashmere", "silk";
- Turn off spin and drying functions;
- If it is possible to adjust the water temperature, set it to 30°C;
- Do not add too much detergent.

How to Hand Wash Cashmere?

Washing cashmere sweater is a delicate matter, so it is important to follow all the conditions of the process. If there is a choice between manual and machine cleaning, the first method is preferable, as the chance of damaging the fabric during automatic washing is greater.

The means of washing are no less important than the process itself, so before you start cleaning in any way, a suitable product is chosen:

- Powder should not be chosen because of too large granules, which are not suitable for cool water and can settle on the material.
- The best option is specialized liquid gel for cashmere and wool. It will gently clean the fibers and help maintain the original size.
- Baby hair shampoo - mild ingredients designed for children will not harm the fabric.
- Dish detergent with hand protection – such soaps are less aggressive and suitable for delicate washing.
- Bleaches and stain removers are prohibited!
- Additional softness will give the juice of half a lemon added to the water, it will also get rid of the smell of sweat.

It is best to stand water for a couple of hours and pass through a filter. Bottled or distilled water is also suitable.

Cashmere sweater does not react well to temperature changes, so the water for washing and rinsing should be equally warm.

Pouring the required water into a basin, the chosen means are added beforehand to the liquid, but not on the thing, and then whipped with vigorous movements until the appearance of foam. It is not worth pouring too much, otherwise the fabric will have to rinse for a long time.

Having done the preparatory actions, it is time to move on to washing:

- Turn inside out and leave to soak for 10-15 minutes in a basin of soapy water;
- After that, the fabric is washed with light massage pressure. It is strictly forbidden to rub, twist and pull clothes;
- replace soapy water with clean water, rinse with the same movements;
- rinse as many times as necessary to completely remove the cleaning agent;
- final rinse with laundry conditioner.

How to Dry Cashmere?

Cashmere sweater should be dried with the same care. Under no circumstances should you hang them on a dryer, radiator or rope. This will deform the fabric and your expensive sweater or shawl will fall into disrepair.

Here are the rules.

- Spread the cashmere on a thick terry towel or any other good absorbent fabric.
- Keep all heating appliances away from the drying area.
- Do not expose the fabric to direct sunlight.
- To speed up the drying process, you can cover the thing with a second terry towel and carefully, so that no creases are formed, roll such a "sandwich" in a netugoy roll.
- For a couple of hours, the towels will absorb most of the moisture. After rolling out the roll and lay out the cashmere product anew on a horizontal surface.
- Make sure the fabric dries completely before putting it away in the closet. Otherwise, you may end up with an unpleasant odor from the garment or even moths.
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How to Iron Cashmere?

If you need to get rid of creases after washing, use a garment steamer instead of an iron. The direct heat and pressure of the iron will strip the delicate material of its natural elasticity, making it less soft and fluffy.

How to Remove Wrinkles and Pills from Cashmere?

Even the highest quality cashmere will develop lint sooner or later. Over time, the thin fibers tear from constant friction and form unsightly balls. To get rid of them, with one hand gently pull the dry material until the creases are gone, and the other hand gently guide it with a trimmer or a clothes razor. This will remove the lint without cutting the fabric.

How to Store Cashmere Sweater?

Cashmere clothes are best stored folded in a drawer or on a shelf in your closet. If you hang them on a coat rack, they will stretch out and lose their shape.
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