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A selection guide you must read before buying a down jacket

10 Jan 2023

Down jackets are necessary when the weather gets cold. There are so many down jackets, how to choose a good one? Here is the selection guide, so don’t buy it wrong.

There are two main types of down on the market today: goose down and duck down. The colors are mainly white and gray.. The big white goose, which loves to eat grass, has cleaner down than duck down, and has no peculiar smell when worn. The fibers of goose down are more slender, the velvet is more delicate, and the down is fluffier, which is the best choice for warmth and comfort.

Why does GOELIA only use 90% white goose down? 90 white goose down refers to 90% down content. The higher the down content, the fluffier and warmer it is, and the higher it cost. 90 white down jacket can be said to be a high-quality one.

The face fabric is also very important for a high-quality down jacket. Imported, TEFLON three-proof surface cloth, windproof, water-proof, oil-proof, and stains can be removed by gently wiping. With the technical face cloth, light-colored down can be worn as you like, you can eat hot pot in winter, and you can stay warm when you go outside.

The material selection of the face fabric is upgraded, and the craftsmanship is upgraded, too. Upgraded 3D three-dimensional material, technology, heat-pressing process, seamless stitches and no pinholes, direct filling, more windproof and anti-drilling fleece. Say goodbye to fleece this winter .

The same attention is paid to the visible/invisible details. It is our higher pursuit to let the cold have nowhere to enter. The technology heat-locking lining is added to the inside, so that the down is windproof on the outside, the middle layer is warm-locked, and the inside heats up.

Adjustable winter hat and belt, it is better to wear regardless of body shape.

Good down, high quality life needs the clothes with high quality. GOELIA 90 white goose down, a good down jacket choice.

20000mmH20 water pressure-resistant surface fabric, windproof and waterproof, moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking without condensation.

Puff goose down, 20D superfine anti-run fleece, zero pressure feeling, fluffy and soft like puffs.

Splicing goose down, water-repellent surface cloth, splicing fabric design.
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