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The New French Style Guidebook

02 Feb 2023

Fashion, like life, needs to be felt slowly.
Slowness is an attitude and art. It is also the sincerity of putting our minds into our lives.


Stride forward into late autumn in October.
Step into cities with GOELIA.
Roam and record stories among cities, and feel the fusion of nature, civilization, and fashion.


The first rays of sunlight in the morning wake up the city.
The pedestrians around the street corners and the aroma comes from bakeries whispered Bonjour to the world.
The story of the city begins.

Pick up a bunch of flowers and hop on the roaming train.
The romance of slow life has the most poetic beginning.


The sun is the most comfortable in the late autumn afternoon and early winter.
Enjoy a drink and feel the aroma of hand-ground coffee.
Take a bite of the local delicacies and taste the characteristic sweetness.

Accustomed to a fast pace, we also need occasional relaxation.
Read books, go for walks, and tune your life to your favorite channel.
Slow down and appreciate the city, and find every frame is beautiful.


By the Seine, lovers embrace each other under the sunset.
Street performers compose music for the city with musical notes.
Bask in the evening daylight and feel the time flow quietly.
Happiness is happening every minute.

The end of the day is not the end of the trip.
All the good things in life are in the present moment.
Such as a cup of coffee, a book, and a sip of sweetness.
Slowly savor and feel that slow is romance.

Walk through life and be inspired by it.
Nature and urban civilization merge.
Our high-quality clothing upgrades the temperature of the story.
GOELIA’s city stories make beauty come across unexpectedly.
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