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How to Accessorize Black Dress?

by 顺之 聂 12 Oct 2023

The black dress is a classic that will always be in fashion. According to stylists, it should be in the closet of every modern woman. It is hard to find a more universal thing in a woman's closet than a LBD. Most black dress look pretty boring, so how to wear them stylishly? You maybe often wonder how to accessorize them to look more fashionable, so keep reading this accessories style guide.

For almost a century since its creation, it has been repeatedly modified and still has not given up its position, despite the endless cycle of styles and trends. It was invented by Coco Chanel in 1926 as a counterbalance to these trends. Mademoiselle Chanel was proud of the created thing and extolled its unusual ascetic simplicity for that era: Coco's customers did not immediately appreciate the little black dress at face value, because it was so similar to the uniform for servants or governesses, and it was conceived for representatives of high society.

This was the proverbial complexity of simplicity: unlike the typical 1920s organza sundress with embroidery and feathers, the black dress had to be presented beautifully. It was necessary to put personality into it, to show taste, to add accessories, and these, you must admit, are not the easiest tasks.

With her invention, Chanel quickly caught up with the times: after the First World War, women became more emancipated and busy, so they had no time to change clothes several times a day. Nor did they want to. The black dress prepared answers to all possible questions: dense black crepe literally suited for any occasion, and the fitted X-shaped cut lengthened the silhouette. The basic simplicity of the them made it a revolutionary invention – everything else Coco Chanel "finished" with the help of accessories. And including jewelry.

The black dress always helps. It is, as they say, both at peace and at a feast, but it happens that the usual way of wearing it has already become tiresome. It is not wise to throw away such a dress because you know for sure that it will come in handy again.

The Right Accessories for a Black Dress

When Mademoiselle Chanel created her masterpiece, the aristocratic beau monde considered it plebeian and suitable only for ordinary people. But a little time passed, and black dresses began to dress the most famous people. Eventually, such an outfit gained worldwide popularity, and the term itself became a brand. The secret of this piece is its versatility. This is a separate style that has been helping women in a variety of situations for decades, from a formal event to a date night.

Clothing items made in black are easily combined with many fashion accessories and their color schemes. The variety of accessories that goes with a black dress is limitless. By choosing the right accessories, you can change the style and overall image of even the same dress. In the office, at a gala event, or as a guest, the LBD complemented by jewelry, will always look appropriate and stylish.

The main rules for accessorize black dress are:
1. Don't try to wear a full set of jewelry. Two, up to three pieces of jewelry will suffice. If you overdo it, you can overload the image, making it tasteless.

2. Competently choose the size of the jewelry. Miniature items of costume jewelry look good in everyday images, large ones are good in the evening. Medium-size jewelry – a universal option.

3. Choosing large and bright black dress accessories, don't add anything else to it. This piece of costume jewelry should be the only one in the closet.

4. If the dress come with decorations (sequins, rhinestones, fringe, etc.), then you should choose discreet jewelry. If the decoration on the dress is located on the bodice, it is better to pick a bracelet or earrings than a necklace or pendant.

5. Selecting jewelry should take into account the type of fabric. If the fabric is thin, and light (for example, chiffon), then the jewelry should not be bulky. Large costume jewelry will look more harmonious against the background of a dress made of free fabric.

6. If you plan to put on 2-3 pieces of jewelry, make sure they match each other in order to create a balance. For example, a set of pearl beads and a thick bracelet made of wood and leather is not the best combination.

The best jewelry for a black dress is products made of precious metals and natural stones or their high quality imitation, as well as rhinestones and pearls. Cheap costume jewelry on a LBD looks very bad.

Necklaces for a Black Dress with a V-Neck

The black v-neck dress is a classic wardrobe that is suitable for a variety of events and almost always looks elegant and stylish.

The biggest challenge in matching jewelry to the v-neckline of any dress is that neck accessories should not be too short or too long. If you have a V-neck black dress, it is worth choosing a medium-sized statement jewelry or necklace with a similar B-line, in which you can adjust the length of the chain in depth. So you can buy a necklace and put it under any depth of the neckline of the dress without any problems.

The first thing to consider when choosing jewelry for a v-neck black dress is its depth. Depending on how deep your neckline is, you can choose jewelry that will accentuate this part of the body. If the neckline of the dress is not too deep, but only gently emphasizes the neck and collarbones, it is worth choosing delicate jewelry that will not distract you from this unique detail of your dress.

If your black v-neck is quite deep, you can go the deliberately bold route and choose jewelry that will complement your outfit and make it more expressive. For example, you can wear several large bracelets on both arms or choose a necklace with a large pendant. The main thing is not to go overboard and load the image with too many colorful details.

Accessorize a Black Dress: Gold Accessories

What are the best additions to a black dress? As you have already noticed, the possibilities are almost endless. They are perfectly withstand any oddities with the cut. Asymmetry, layering, and other creative design manipulations in black color look stylish and restrained. And the dress itself remains a simple product, which, if desired, can be "complicated" with yellow gold jewelry. Gold is a classic material that always looks luxurious and stylish. It will add sparkle and brightness to your image, giving it sophistication and chic.

Gold accessories for a black dress are a great idea if you are going to a party or carnival ball. Black and gold look tasteful and elegant together, provided you don't overdo it. Not all accessories need to be gold. Alternatively, you can opt for simple gold jewelry that also brings black to life beautifully. The combination of gold with a black dress will create a beautiful contrast that will attract attention and create a spectacular look. The golden shade of gold earrings perfectly combines with the black color, giving your image a special depth and charm. This combination will make you feel like a movie star who shines with her brilliance!

The type of gold jewelry matters; for example, thinner jewelry looks best at a formal dinner party, while larger jewelry is perfect for a party with friends, and it is also a great choice for cocktail attire. However, gold jewelry and a black dress are not the best choices across the board for everyone. People don't realize that skin tone also plays a role in choosing the right jewelry. Those with deeper tans or darker skin tones look best in gold. If you have pale skin, silver metal is the best choice as the alternative makes you look pale. Instead, silver complements pale skin.
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Style over Tights

This simple pair of black dresses and shoes in the presence of imagination, courage, and good taste can do wonders. And the role of the tights – or emphasize the slenderness of the legs, or give them mystery and piquancy.

Basic recommendations:
Dense tights are worn with warm dresses, transparent clothes made of light materials.
Flesh-colored tights should be matte, thin, and unobtrusive on the legs.
Office Style: A classic black outfit made of suit fabric is worn with flesh-colored, black, or gray tights.

For evening outfits:
Black translucent tights are worn for formal occasions. Exception: elegant evening dresses, and outfits with open shoulders and back are worn only with flesh-colored underwear;
For celebrations in an informal setting, bright color tights are acceptable with black dresses. Their color can be combined with lipstick, belt, clutch, and other accessories.

Wear a Belt to Accessorize a Black Dress

One of the most popular and versatile options for a black dress is a belt in the tone of the dress. This choice creates a single solid image and does not distract attention from the dress. A thin belt will add grace and accentuate the waist, while a wide belt creates a dramatic accent and gives the dress a modern look.

There are many different models and styles of belts that can go with a black dress. From wide and brightly colored belts that create contrast, to thin and delicate belts that give the dress sophistication. When choosing a belt, it is important to consider not only the style of the dress but also your personality and the event you are wearing it for.

If you want to add brightness and originality to your black dress, you can choose a belt in a contrasting color. A bright accent will draw attention to your outfit and make you stand out from the rest. It is best to choose a bright belt considering your color type and skin tone.

Accessorizing a black dress is also an important aspect when choosing a belt. If the dress is already decorated, for example, with rhinestones or beads, it is better to avoid heavily embellished belts. In this case, it is better to choose more calm and elegant options, so as not to create an overload.

How to Accessorize a Black Dress with Fun Shoes

When choosing shoes for a black dress, it is worth considering that the color of the dress allows you to use different styles and models of shoes. They can be both classic and modern to create an interesting and stylish image. Here are a few options of shoes that will perfectly complement the LBD:

1. Classic heels
Heeled shoes are always a stylish and spectacular footwear choice for a black dress. They create a casual elegance look and emphasize the femininity of your personality. You can choose high or low-heeled shoes depending on your preference and comfort.

2. Beige shoes
It is also a popular and easy to combine option. Beige shoes have an important advantage. Visually, they stretch our legs and visually make them longer. But there are some nuances here. When picking up the color, try to choose a shade that is as close as possible to the color of your feet. Otherwise, the shoes will take all the accent of the image on themselves and will look as unnatural as a light foundation on a tanned face.

3. Ballet flats
If you prefer comfort and tenderness, ballet flats are a great choice for you when wearing black dress. They add lightness and ease to your look. Ballet flats can be adorned with various decorative elements such as bows, stones, or perforations, which will add interest to your look.

4. Sneakers
The dress looks no less feminine with sports shoes. mega stylish and practical outfit for going to couples, lessons, meetings with friends, and spring walks.

5. Boots
Booties are a trendy and modern choice for a black dress. They are great for the fall and winter seasons and give a stylish and elegant look to your appearance. Choose high-heeled booties for elegance or low heels for comfort.

6. Sandals
If you have a black dress for the summer season, sandals are a great choice of footwear. They add lightness and freshness to your look. Choose sandals with decorative elements such as beads, rhinestones, or embroidery to create an interesting and colorful look.

It's important to remember that matching shoes to a LBD should harmonize with your style and add personality to your look. Use these tips to find the perfect pair of shoes for you!
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