About GOELIA Affiliate Program

GOELIA has been on the way for 29 years, with a persisting commitment to providing high-quality garments at reasonable prices to customers worldwide.

If you are a fashion lover, social media influencer, affiliate marketer, or blogger, welcome to join GOELIA Affiliate Program.

How Affiliate Program Works

Join GOELIA affiliate program

Add the link to your web, blog or social accounts

Customers make a purchase through the link

Get your commission on each sale

Your Benefits


Minimum 10% commission on each referred sale


Extra monthly Cash Bonus from sharing promotions


Coupons, banners, newsletter updates and etc.


All-round support from GOELIA professional team

cookie duration

30-day cookie duration

How to Join Us

Simply apply for our Affiliate Program on ShareASale by clicking on the link below. Join us now to enjoy the benefits!

For more information about our Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact: affiliate@goelia.com.au


Membership Policy

Rewards Loading

1. Points will be automatically loaded onto the member's account after the payment has been confirmed and the order has been fulfilled.
2. Rewards points do not include discounts or gift card reductions. Taxes and shipping are also excluded.

Rewards Cancellation

Rewards that were previously awarded to a Member in that transaction will be deducted automatically when an order is refunded, partially refunded or cancelled.

Coupon Code Usage Restrictions

Please note that coupon codes cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon codes.