Nature + Civilization = Fashion

Clothing often seems to be with us only for a while, limited by comfort, or design judged by fashion, while at GOELIA, we believe that garments should be sustainable, which is not only a definition of fashion, but also a responsibility to the environment and society.

GOELIA is committed to promoting energy-saving and emissions reduction in our production and operations, to explore more sustainable opportunities for our customers, suppliers, employees and partners to share a healthier, greener and more peaceful future.

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At GOELIA, our primary objective is to provide women with fashionable clothing options that are both stylish and sustainable. To achieve this, we carefully select eco-friendly natural fabrics such as mulberry silk, triacetate and merino wool, which not only reduce our carbon footprint but also minimize waste. We strongly believe that opting for sustainable fashion is not only socially responsible but also a step towards a brighter future.

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Xiangyun Silk

The detergents, solvents and dyes used in the manufacture of the apparel industry account for one-fifth of industrial water pollution. GOELIA is attempting to de-industrialize production to contribute to the eco-friendly sustainability of the industry.

The XIANGYUN silk, made with scoparia plant juice as the dye and 100% mulberry silk as the embryo, is produced purely and naturally through clay sealing and sun drying. This approach ensures that Xiangyun silk is produced purely and naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals or industrial processes.

This fabric offers a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability, its timeless appeal ensures that garments made from Xiangyun silk have a longer life, reducing the need for replacements and minimizing waste. GOELIA's dedication to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly processing makes Xiangyun silk a valuable addition to your wardrobe, symbolizing both opulence and environmental responsibility.

Our Package

From April 22nd, GOELIA worldwide stores gradually replace paper bags with eco-friendly tote bags and will continuously review our stores to explore the best mechanisms for environmental friendliness. We sincerely invite all members to join us in a sustainable romance!


Our Stores

GOELIA‘s globle store image "HEADY's Wonderland" is an extraordinary shopping destination that offers a unique blend of culture, travel, leisurely shopping, healing, and entertainment. The store is dedicated to helping urban dwellers retain their childlike wonder by providing them with a constant connection to the natural world. Guests can gaze up at the stars, take in the fragrant forest air, and even interact with a koala.

 While we greatly reduce chemical materials to build stores, we also further provide more oxygen for urban air purification. The press has lauded GOELIA stores as "probably the most oxygen-efficient boutique in the world.” It is an ideal destination for those seeking sustainable fashion choices and an immersion in nature.


New Lifestyle Advocator


In Guangzhou where GOELIA is headquartered, it has also carried out a local cultural conservation project, upgrading an old arcade building established in 1949 into a modern natural and cultural space.This architectural project has been selected in the "City Guide GUANGZHOU" section of the internationally renowned magazine Wallpaper, and continues to convey a sustainable, healthy and high-quality fashion lifestyle.

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Our Journey

For more than 20 years, travelled to more than 30 countries and cities, GOELIA has been bringing back and sharing the fashionable quality lifestyle of nature and civilization to all consumers.

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Since 2002, GOELIA's Global Journeys have explored over 30 countries and cities, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, and more. These journeys have not only been a wellspring of inspiration but have also allowed us to witness the beauty of diverse landscapes. We've transformed these experiences into seasonal publications that we proudly share with our consumers year after year.

The founder of the GOELIA brand is a passionate advocate of sustainable travel. His values and perspectives today are deeply rooted in his eco-conscious adventures. To him, travel is more than just discovering new horizons; it's a way to uncover how nature and fashion can harmoniously weave into the brand's ethos.

Our fashion designers meticulously track global fashion trends with a sustainability perspective. They seek elements that align with GOELIA's sustainable values and then explore eco-conscious destinations where these elements can be creatively interpreted. They embark on these journeys, drawing sustainable inspiration while they travel and simultaneously sketching their eco-conscious creative visions.