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How to Style White T-Shirt?

by Shunzhi Nie 19 Jun 2024

The end of summer is a good time to show off your tanned body and get compliments from others. For this purpose in your closet, there are probably two most suitable things: a white shirt and a white T-shirt. On the fact that a simple piece is a real must-have for any girl, we will not remember: today you can hardly find a fashionista who does not have this item of closet, and yet it is an underestimated item of clothing. even basic, and as many may have thought quite unfashionable. So what's so special about such an unathletic item?

Like many modern things, the white T-shirt has moved into women's closet from men's. A basic piece is an essential foundation for many outfits needed for a successful look. People automatically reach for it and combine it with simple styles in everyday life. Today it is worn not only for casual looks but also for evening events and even red carpets. It can become a bright and stylish detail in your closet.

But most often this indispensable thing for some reason is worn on the days when there is nothing to wear - the rest of the time it is undeservedly neglected. And for nothing: there are a lot of interesting combinations that should be used more often. I want to break the stereotype, we will tell you how you can combine a white T-shirt to make it a fashion trend for all occasions. Take an example from them and create stylish and unusual combinations with this wardrobe staple this summer.

How to Wear a White T-Shirt?

What if you were told that from this day forward, you could only choose one thing to wear for a year. Yeah, that's a fantasy question, but still. What's it gonna be? We, for example, would not hesitate to go with the white T-shirt. And we'd be right. Let's explain why.

Like a regular white shirt or blouse, a basic t-shirt (usually with a straight cut, round neckline, and short sleeves) offers many possibilities both in terms of color and design. The easiest and most common option is to wear it with jeans or black pants, and it is a faithful and effective companion to all sorts of jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. But in fact, a basic white T-shirt offers us many more options when it comes to creating a look. Are you making the most of them?

By the way, the style icon Victoria Beckham's favorite closet item is a white basic t-shirt. You can be inspired by her looks.

With a suit
Accustomed to wearing office suits exclusively with blouses and shirts? It's time to make your overly formal looks a little more relaxed, and this is where a loose white T-shirt comes in handy. The style remains appropriate, and the shirt adds a casual feel to the outfit! It won't break the dress code, but it will add a note of proper carelessness. After work, you can throw on a blazer, change from loafers to sneakers, and go for a long walk with friends.

If you do not like to wear a suit in everyday life, but you want a white T-shirt to look more elegant, you can wear pants and a blazer with it which is always relevant.

Unusual mini skirt
A basic white T-shirt completes the look, which may well be suitable for a party or a special event. Thus, it reduces the formality of the main piece of clothing - a short skirt with ruffles - and gives it a more youthful and urban touch. Winning mix.

With a shirt
The combination of a men's shirt and a white T-shirt is rightly considered basic. But what if you replace it with a translucent long blouse and fasten it with a few buttons? Streetstyle heroes vote in favor. And so do we! Take note of spring and summer looks.

Pants with extravagant prints
If you have pants with a bold print, a basic white T-shirt will be the perfect companion for this look. If you need an extra layer, you can add a denim jacket (which goes with everything).
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Under a slip dress
A thin-strapped dress or a sundress, which is too open at the top, will perfectly harmonize with a simple white T-shirt: it will hide the neckline and close the shoulders, and therefore, will give you the opportunity to go in this image not only to a party but anywhere.

Total white
A white T-shirt is the perfect base for a monochrome total look. When, if not in summer, can you afford total white? Pair it with the season's trendiest jeans - straight, white, high-waisted; top it off with strappy sandals or your favorite sneakers; and if you want to add a little resort flair, grab a straw bag.

With denim elements
A white T-shirt and denim, it could be jeans, shorts, or skirt which come to the rescue when you have nothing to wear or no time to pack for the trip, but you want to look stylish and relaxed at the same time. In this case, it is worth adhering to one single rule: over-size T-shirt to match tight jeans, and fitted - on the contrary, too wide. On top of it, you can throw on a jacket made of denim in tone - you will get a set in the spirit of spring-summer collections of high street brands. It's a good idea to add some accent accessories, such as a necklace, pearl pendant, or headscarf.

Tweed jacket
If you like the laid-back Parisian style, a tweed jacket, white T-shirt, and classic straight-leg jeans will be the perfect solution for you. Complete the look with a small gold chain handbag, loafers to match the jacket ballet flats, and pearl jewelry.

Leather jacket
A plain white T-shirt with a flawless leather jacket always creates a bold and luxurious look. But many women don't know what is best to wear under a fashionable coat. In this case, a versatile white t-shirt is perfect, which will add a bit of boldness. The trendy contrast of black and white will emphasize your impeccable ladylike style.
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The Trendy Way Everyone Is Wearing White T-Shirts in 2024

If there is a truly universal thing in the fashion world, it is a simple white T-shirt. In addition to it, just put on your favorite jeans and long bright beads and you will look great almost anywhere. But the silhouettes of the T-shirt are also subject to fashion trends, and if five years ago we wore neat fitted T-shirts with tight jeans, then today a loose masculine cut is in fashion.

When this rather simple style is a bit boring, you can easily think of something new and unusual! In our material, you will find 6 clever tricks that are often used by fashion influencers. Take an example from them and create stylish and unusual combinations with a white T-shirt this summer.

Knotted T-shirt
Turning a true wardrobe staple into a stylish crop top is easy! Many people always knot their basic white t-shirt to make it fit (whether or not to show your belly button is up to you). I'm sure you did this at least once as a child. Put another way, it can be worn with an oversized jacket and a satin tie-dye skirt. A couple of simple actions and here we have another, much more interesting looking thing in front of us.

Roll up the sleeves
The trendiest silhouette is the t-shirt with hypertrophied shoulders. If you're not a fan of perfectly polished looks, you'll find this trick useful. Wear your white T-shirt and roll the sleeves up carelessly. This will make the look visually more bold and relaxed. The longer the sleeves, the bulkier the shoulders will be. For an empty effect, you can add a large chain around your neck, thus creating an additional accent.

Wear a vest
A basic white t-shirt combined with a trendy vest is a win-win combo. If you have a special and eye-catching piece like this boho-inspired embroidered vest with rhinestones and print, a basic t-shirt will allow you to continue playing with other pieces of clothing in the look.

As a bottom, straight jeans, wide pants, or elongated shorts will suit here. A vest of a contrasting shade, made in a masculine style, will look best. To add feminine notes to the image, use accessories - a small handbag in the hand, elegant earrings, thin bracelets, and chains.

Wear a corset
A stylish corset will help you emphasize your breasts and waist and make your everyday look more seductive even with this wardrobe staple. Put it right on top of your T-shirt - it can be matched or contrasted. With this technique, a "wow effect" is guaranteed!

Layering with a long-sleeve
For a walk with friends, you can wear a T-shirt together with a long sleeve. True, in this case, it is best to choose only one white item. Under a light-colored T-shirt, you should wear a long sleeve of purple, sky-blue, or pink shades.

With a maxi skirt and mesh gloves
Who said that a white T-shirt looks good only with jeans and joggers? Irina Shayk proves that the basic closet item can be easily worn to social events. We advise you to take note of the combination with a satin skirt and opera gloves. By the way, the image does not have to be black and white, you can experiment with color and choose a bottom of bright blue or green shade.
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