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How to Wear a Knitted Dress?

by 顺之 聂 09 Oct 2023

Knitted clothes become most popular during the cold season. This also applies to dresses. A knitted dress is one of the coziest items in a woman's closet. It is the closet item that gains a hell of a lot of popularity every fall/winter. Apart from warmth and comfort, we love them because such a comfortable sweater dress remains feminine even if it is large (oversized).

However, you might ask how to wear a knitted dress stylishly? Meanwhile there are many following questions: what shoes to wear with them, what to wear with a long sweater dress in winter, and what tights to take to a light-colored dress. It doesn't stop being a huge hemorrhoid in the closet.

If you prefer dress over pants and jeans , in winter you will be saved by models made of knitwear. There are all kinds of knitted dress models: dresses in a welt of dense fabric, dresses-lapse-free fit, A-silhouette dresses with voluminous sleeves, smooth knit dresses with cuts and accents on the waist, and maxi dresses on the floor. Knitted dresses go to everyone! And if you still think otherwise, it means you just haven't found your model yet or you are making the wrong combinations. We tell you how you can wear them this season. Keep reading and you will find the most useful tips.

What is a Knit Dress?

A sweater dress is a type of knitted dress that is essentially an elongated sweater – a high collar, unbuttoned piece. If you see a V-neck dress, it's no longer a sweater, but a different kind of sweater dress. They are in shape and resembles a sweater. Its origin is owed to Scandinavian women. Presumably, it was the fishermen's wives who were the first to wear the sweaters of their tall, broad-shouldered husbands, well, and on the fragile shoulders of the women, such clothes looked like a dress of unconventional cut.

Knitted dress, like its forefather, can be made of different materials and their combination. On sale, there are models made of natural wool – sheep or camel. For wear resistance, synthetic fibers are added to natural fibers - lycra, and polyamide. More expensive models are made of cashmere with the addition of synthetic fibers.

In the mass market and some stores of the middle segment, there are sweater dresses made of knitted fabric – a mixture of different fibers, interwoven in a special way. For quite a long period of time, the knitted dress was considered exclusively for work or home clothes, but at the end of the twentieth century, designers were interested in this model and decided to bring it out of the shadows "in the people".

The first knitted dresses were released by Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, but at first, due to the high cost, the popularity of this closet item was not of a mass character. The modern sweater dress differs dramatically from the old and stretched men's pullover. The models are very diverse, although the principle is the same – it is exclusively knitted dresses with a length of about mid-thigh and a large enough volume so that the silhouette can be straight or gathered at the bottom on the cuff (wide elastic band).

They are increasingly gaining ground in women's closets around the world. A sweater may be too short, and a dress made of ordinary fabric—too light for our harsh winter. A wool knitted dress in this situation is a great option. Such a dress has an extraordinary ability to fit almost any occasion. It's not too dressy – you can wear it to work; it's not too restrictive – it's comfortable to walk in; and it's not too obvious a choice – the sweater dresses will be noticed at a friendly dinner. All such "not too much", in short, make your sweater dress a truly versatile garment.

Sweater dresses can be of two types - tight, which emphasizes the figure, and free, which, on the contrary, hides its features. The main element and the main decoration of the knitted dress is the collar - it can be a collar-golf (like a turtleneck), voluminous collar-home, collar-turn, and slightly opening the shoulders. It may not be present at all, but instead a rounded or V-shaped neckline. Some models of such dresses can have a neckline on the back, which gives the outfit a special charm. The length of knitted dress can be different – barely covering the hips, just above the maple, and even up to the middle of the calf.

Silhouette, as a rule, is straight, but there are models decorated with hems in a small fold, which gives some playfulness to the outfit and looks very stylish. Dress sweaters are woven from natural wool, melange yarn, and acrylic, as inclusions use polyester, polyamide, and fancy yarn, which give the product relief. By the way, it is from the texture of the yarn largely depends on the appearance of the final product. So, dense yarn are voluminous models, and softer and more elastic narrow dresses, and tight-fitting figures.

How to Style a Long Knit Dress?

Typically, long knitted dress have a straight cut and can help keep you warm in cold weather. This style goes well with fur coats, coats, and high heels. However, girls of short stature should avoid this style if possible. So, if you are lucky enough to have a slender tall silhouette, a long knitted dress is made for you.

How to Style a Midi Knit Dress?

The golden rule of choosing a dress is that there should be free space between the body and the fabric. The ideal silhouette is semi-fitted, loose, or A-line for midi knitted dresses.

Dresses of medium length are suitable for almost all types of figures. The length of the product can be up to the knees or below. Fashionistas with large hips and a narrow pronounced waist should choose imperial-style knitted dresses. If you have a slight tummy that you would like to hide, then pay attention to models of trapezoidal cut. They will make the figure slimmer, and legs visually longer and more attractive. Such a style will emphasize the silhouette while hiding the problem areas on the hips.

How to Style a Mini Knit Dress?

Mini or maxi, tight or oversize? When the scorching heat is replaced by rain and cold, it becomes hard to imagine yourself walking down the street in a sleeveless mini-dress. In this case, a woman's knitted dress will come to the rescue! A mini-length sweater dress is not the most practical winter closet item, but trends dictate their own rules. When the temperature drops significantly, mix a fashionable dress with a long coat in tone and "crumpled" boots. In such an outfit you will definitely be warm.

A strong desire to continue to show off your rather long legs, despite the frost, will easily make you fall in love with a very practical and modern knitted mini dress. The trend for daring mini length remains. These models are not for everyone, but if you have a proportional and without visible flaws figure, then hurry to complement your look with a mini knitted dress.

For tall girls, stylists recommend wearing short knitted dresses that emphasize the legs. Like shoes, choose high boots or stocking boots. Another option is knitted models on the floor, slightly tightening the figure. Adored by some and forbidden by others, this model turns out to be an excellent compromise to wear short things without dying of cold in late fall, winter, and early spring.

How to Wear a Knit Dress?

What is the right way to combine a long knitted dress with other clothes? Maxi sweater dresses have become one of the most popular trends in the fashion world. They add a touch of elegance and romance to the images, as well as providing comfort and convenience. If you want to stylishly combine a long piece with other clothes, pay attention to the following stylist tips:

1. Create contrast with accessories
To add interest and stand out in the crowd, use accessories that will create a contrast with your dress. For example, wear a brightly colored bag or an accented necklace. This will help you look stylish and fashionable.

2. Add a belt to create a silhouette
If you have a long knitted dress without a silhouette, you can add a belt to emphasize your waist and create a more feminine look. The belt will also help divide the dress into top and bottom, making you look more proportionate.

3. Combine with the right style of shoes
When choosing shoes to pair with a maxi knitted dress, consider its style and length. If the dress is very airy and flirty, a pair of sandals or sandals will look great with it. If the dress is more insulated and voluminous, a pair of boots or boots will be an ideal choice.

4. Experiment with adding layers
For a more interesting and intricate look, try adding layers to your maxi sweater dress. For example, you can wear a short jacket, vest, or even a denim jacket. This will add texture and depth to your appearance. Combining a maxi knitted dress with other clothes provides a huge opportunity to create stylish and stylish looks. Don't be afraid to experiment and combine different elements of clothing to create your own unique style.
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What Shoes to Wear with a Knit Dress?

Keep in mind: always choose your footwear with the length of the dress.

Regarding the knitted dress with boots, everything is simple: suede ones are often better than leather ones (especially if we are talking about black color), and high boots are better than boots up to the middle of the calf muscle. In terms of color, variations are possible. Beauties who are not ready to wear too short and frank clothes can choose a midi dress and put it on with a pair of high boots to hide bare legs. As shoes for such an image, light gray-colored boots, high boots, booties, and knee-high boots are suitable. If the boots or shoes sit loosely on the leg, you can add a variety of socks and gaiters to the image. And here we have the very exceptions for flesh-colored tights.

If there are socks, they take all the attention and generally "smooth out" the transition from shoes to the leg in tights. Also, flesh-colored tights are appropriate if the edge of the boots goes behind the line of the dress. In both cases, remember that the tights should be matte. No less stylish look the combination of a knitted dress with sports shoes. Especially like such an ensemble of young girls with their fast pace of life. Choose light-colored sneakers or loafers.

It is not recommended to combine a knitted dress with sandals, sandals, ballet flats, or classic shoes.

How to Wash Knitwear?

Soon Fall is the time for coziness, which means you should not deny yourself a knitted dress. To make it even more enjoyable, we remind you of the simple rules of care for knitwear.

Before washing, check the care recommendations on the sewn-in label. As a rule, knitted garments are washed at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C, and especially delicate items should be dry-cleaned.

When washing by hand, dissolve the detergent in cool water and then gradually wet the knitwear. Do not rub or twist the product, so as not to damage delicate fibers. For machine washing, set to delicate mode and spin up to 600 rpm. Follow the the label recommendations. To prevent the fibers of different fabrics and yarns from affecting each other and causing pilling, wash knitted dresses separately, filling the machine drum halfway.

Avoid using laundry detergent and replace it with gel. Do not use means to preserve color or fight yellowness – optical brighteners, included in their composition, can affect the shade of knitwear.

Dry the product on a flat horizontal surface in a warm room without direct sunlight, away from radiators and heaters. You can remove pills with a special machine that cuts off lumps of fluff, restoring the original appearance of the product. Do not press it too hard against the surface, so as not to accidentally hit the thread. Fluffy knitwear made of natural fibers can be combed with a comb.

In the online store GOELIA bestsellers and new arrivals of knitted dresses for fall and winter are waiting for you. You can try on dresses before buying them in our stores in Russia and other countries around the world. Let your autumn be comfortable.
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