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How to Wear Oversized Shirts?

by 顺之 聂 02 Oct 2023

Every fashion lover should have an oversized shirt in his or her wardrobe. It has been trending for a couple of seasons in a row. Oversize is not only spectacular but also a very practical trend. Oversized shirt are always relevant in any weather: when it’s cool, models made of thick cotton, denim, and vintage corduroy come to the rescue, and in warm weather, we choose light options from thin, breathable fabrics and linen.

Extra-voluminous fashion items allow you to create many combinations – multi-layered, with an unusual silhouette and a play on contrasts. Oversized – loose, roomy clothing with a baggy cut. But not all oversized shirts are like that. To make such a shirt, special technologies are used that increase certain parameters on it, thus creating all oversized items. It is worth noting that an oversize is not actually a sweatshirt or a shirt that has been chosen in the wrong size. When you go to the store, any oversized shirt will have your size marked on it, but when you try it on, it will fit loosely and spaciously. But it will look larger and more voluminous. As usual, it is not fitted, and the shoulder seam is lower and can fall to the middle of the shoulder.

One of those oversize things that is probably the easiest to incorporate into your looks is a shirt. However, only a few people know how to wear it in style. In general, an oversized shirt can be combined with anything, as long as you like it. But it happens that there is something in the closet, but you can't wear it, because the reflection in the mirror does not meet expectations. What is the best way to wear it?

What are Oversized Shirts?

It is wrong to assume that oversize is any item that is larger than your size. The term "oversize" means "extra large" or "baggy." Oversized shirt is commonly thought of as a modern and young trend. But this is not quite true. Voluminous clothing came to replace tight corsets in the twenties of the last century. In wartime, people needed comfortable and functional things, so the intricate images went into the background. It was at this time that straight lines and free silhouettes appeared. Then a particularly bright period of free-flowing oversized shirt was observed from the mid-1960s when fashion included pants and "bell-bottom pants". And, of course, we can't help but say that the oversize style finally took hold after its frequent use in hippie and hip-hop subcultures. See, for example, the clothes of the Jungle Brothers in the video I'll House You (1988) or the clothes of 3rd Bass in the video The Gas Face (1990).

And the emphasis of the oversized shirt of those years was on the shoulders. Oversize was created by the famous fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga. As a rule, things like this kind of tailoring are two or even three sizes larger than usual. In fact, the manufacture of such clothes is carried out by special technology, so you buy a thing of your size, but visually it looks bulky and baggy. For example, it can be a oversized shirt that looks like you borrowed it from a man's closet. The product facilitates the given figure, and does not visually add excess weight. Also, oversized shirt give their owners a sense of freedom, a sense of ease, and relaxation. Oversize enhances the length below the hips.

Thanks to this, oversized shirt allow you to "play" with levels and layers, creating expressive combinations and images. Sometimes oversize shirts use models in a couple of sizes of their usual, but they do not always "sit" well. Shirts that are originally designed as oversize are more likely to create a harmonious visual effect.

The main plus of oversized shirt is comfort. It doesn't pinch or rub anywhere. And certainly do not worry that if you gain weight, you will not be able to wear it. Such clothes can hide extra pounds or "interesting position." Yes, so successfully that up to the last months of pregnancy, girls can not draw attention to the roundness of the belly, skillfully masking it. Another obvious plus is the versatility of the model. Perfectly harmonizes with both the everyday image and the evening. Oversize shirts can be combined with a silk dress, and with a sweatshirt and pants.

In addition to simple oversized shirt , they are also popularly decorated. It can be lace, ruffles, ruffles, or textile inserts. Cool and stylish-looking shirts with lantern sleeves or designer solutions. There and asymmetrical floors, combined materials, and unusual sleeves.

Oversize has organically manifested itself in casual, business, and sporty styles. That's why you can find oversized bows both at Karl Lagerfeld and Adidas. Oversized shirt can give casualness, comfort, and maximum relaxation to almost every image. When skillfully combined with other elements of the closet, it will highlight the advantages and hide the shortcomings of both female and male figures. However, we must not forget that in the image of oversized shirt should be solo. Keep in mind that oversize can visually give more volume. If your goal is to look slimmer, you should be careful when choosing a look.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts?

Oversized shirt have long been at the top of trends in women's clothing and will not give up their positions: quite expected because they are so comfortable and stylish! Also with this item of closet, you can collect dozens of interesting images! We will tell you how and with what to wear an oversized shirt.

Roll up the sleeves
For decades, clothes have been sewn so that a person in them looks as slim as possible. Oversized shirt hide the figure, which many people may not like. But if you roll up the sleeves a bit, you'll see thin wrists that create a contrast between the volume of the shirt and the fragility of the wearer.

In layered sets
An oversized shirt is simply indispensable for composing layered looks. Here you just need to put it on top of a less warm and dense layer. For example, put it on your favorite T-shirt or, on the contrary, use it as a bottom with a nice sweater. No less spectacularly looks oversized shirt and in the company of another, but only denim. This look is very effective and fresh. Moreover, do not forget that you can experiment with the way the closet item is buttoned. So, you can unbutton the oversized shirt completely or leave it "hold" on a few buttons.

Wear an oversized shirt as a dress
If your oversized shirt is long enough and you urgently want to create a spicy outfit, then just wear it as a dress. In this case, instead of a baggy top, you will get a sexy mini dress, which can be complemented with any trendy shoes. Another interesting trick for an image with an oversize shirt is to put an ultra-short skirt on top. The main thing is that the mini should be contrasting, and the oversized shirt should look slightly out from under the hem.

Tuck it into jeans or a skirt – Tuck it in half
It's not new, but it's still a great way to make a look more relaxed and eye-catching at the same time: tuck your oversized shirt into jeans or a high-waisted skirt, leaving one side out. The buttons at the bottom should be removed. The most suitable oversized shirt materials for such a reception are calico, linen, silk, satin, or cotton.

Create daily looks with jeans And this is already a classic, which allows an ordinary outfit to look non-standard and fashionable. And it suits everyone without exception. Even women of older age. And if the oversized shirt seems to you that the outfit lacks something, we advise you to complement it with interesting contrasting accessories. The same handbag of bright color or original model. In addition, there is an option to fantasize about how to wear the oversized shirt. Let down the collar on one shoulder or tie the hollow of the shirt – you will always be able to attract attention. As far as denim pants are concerned, there are no restrictions. Even loose jeans are not under the taboo, because with them you can get such amazing relaxed images.

Wear an oversized shirt with shorts
For summer bows with shorts, oversized shirts are a great option. The voluminous cut of such shirts looks casual and relaxed – just what you need for a summer mood. In the city, you can wear them with comfortable cotton and linen shorts up to mid-thigh or with stylish bermudas. What to do with the shirt itself? Depending on the weather, styling can be different: a more open version with a top underneath is suitable for hot days (in this case, the oversized shirt will not only complement the image but also protect against the sun), for warm or cloudy – a version with a oversized shirt , the edges of which are tied into a knot.

By the way, with shorts and an oversized shirt, you can create sets for the beach, putting a swimsuit down. Then a bikini, bandeau, or other top from the swimsuit will serve as a replacement for a cropped top - and will also look stylish. For example, the beach is best suited to voluminous, but at the same time laconic in design shirts made of natural materials: the same cotton and linen. Walking by the sea, you can wear them together with a swimsuit instead of a cape – even without shorts.

Given that the oversized shirt, as a rule, is laconic, in the network it can not do without accessories. For example, you can complement the oversized shirt with a corset or belt, or a non-trivial belt base. And of course, where without accent jewelry on the neck? Unbuttoned the shirt slightly, the collar simply obliges their presence. So, a necklace in the form of a chain will look mega spectacular.
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