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Why Ladies Wear Short Skirts?

by XiaoBo 08 Oct 2023

Girls in short skirts . This can be seen on our roads side by side. Some girls look beautiful in minis, others look ridiculous. But the question arises as to why they do it.What really motivates the girl when she chooses a short skirt? I will give you my arguments about why girls go in mini skirts.

1. To show off the perfect figure
Why else would you wear a short skirt if you didn't have that goal in mind? Girls who favor this piece of clothing are confident in their ideal figure.They want others to see what nature has so generously awarded them.

2. Demonstrate self-confidence
If a woman favored the mini, it means she is confident in herself.
An insecure girl will never feel comfortable in a short skirt. But a self-confident woman, ready for acquaintance, will always gladly demonstrate her character.

3. Increase the length of the legs and emphasize hips
Short skirts visually lengthen the legs. About this, it is not difficult to guess if you look around. Also, girls wearing minis become heels. And from this double effect is obtained. Visually lengthen the legs, and also when walking, nice swaying hips.You will definitely notice such a girl, and that's exactly what she wants.

5. In mini is cozy.
Mini skirts are comfortable to walk in the warm season.Everything is well ventilated, not hot, comfortable. Girls who appreciate mobility and mobility gladly wear this piece of clothing.

Wearing a short skirt these days is no longer a bad tone, as it used to be. Now this piece of clothing is worn everywhere. The main thing is to choose the right place where you will demonstrate your beauty. Mini skirts are like a breath of fresh air and motivation to lift your spirits!
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The History of Short Skirts

Short skirts are not the youngest fashion creation. It is commonly believed that skirts first became shorter in the 1960s, but in fact their history began much earlier.

The first mention of short skirts dates back to ancient Egypt - it was then that dancers and gymnasts began using short strips of fabric wrapped in the manner of a skirt, probably for greater comfort during movement.

Further short skirts were pushed into the background, and until the 1920s, women did not dare to show their legs. In the era of the "roaring twenties", skirts rose to fantastic heights for its time, but the shortest mini could only afford ballerinas and dancers in variety shows, in everyday life, women did not wear skirts above the knees. It was considered indecent, moreover, Coco Chanel herself said that knees are the most ugly part of a woman's body.

In the early 1960s, mini skirts went mainstream. The pioneers were Englishwoman Mary Quant and French designer André Courrèges, with the Frenchman being the first to launch a mini collection in 1961, but not to patent his invention. Mary Quant was designing clothes at the time and working in a boutique. There is a legend that she first came up with the idea to shorten skirts while cleaning, so it was easier to clean the floors. In this form, Mary was caught by an acquaintance and offered to launch short skirts on sale. In a few days, the collection appeared in the store and "London style" spilled out onto the streets. Model Twiggy with a fragile figure and alien appearance looked best in mini and her images became the best advertisement for short skirts.

A couple of years later, the minis conquered America. Style icon of the 60s Jacqueline Kennedy started wearing short skirts for important events and married for the second time in a mini. Even Queen Elizabeth II began to appear in shorter skirts and dresses in public. Thus, minis penetrated the conservative strata of society and became not only a feature of rebellious youth.

The idea of the mini was taken up by other designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Paco Rabban and Pierre Cardin willingly included mini skirts and dresses in their collections. Short skirts were adopted by feminists, considering them a symbol of women's liberation from moral prejudice.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the mini had another surge in popularity. Firstly, short skirts were actively used by pop stars, secondly, the short skirt was fixed in the uniform of cheerleader girls, and thirdly, after the release of the movie "Pretty Woman" (1990) starring Julia Roberts, the mini skirt and boots became a symbol of a sexually liberated girl. Now a short skirt is almost a must-have closet item. It can not only be made of fabric, there are many interesting models made of eco-leather, suede, decorated with embroidery or print. Thanks to the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s, women got an old closet item in a new way, which allows you to show slender legs and make the image feminine and daring at the same time.
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Short Skirts Are Easy To Mix And Match

Short skirt is back in fashion! You can boldly show off your gorgeous legs and still stay on the trend. year short skirt will be relevant both in spring and summer, and in cool fall and winter weather – a universal thing that should be in the closet of every stylish girl.

Denim skirts
This season's most popular are skirts made of classic blue, black and white denim. Denim skirts are perfectly combined with T-shirts, various tops or shirts. You can complement the image with a cardigan, bomber, short jacket or long plaid shirt.

With black skirts stylishly and elegantly looks monochrome outfit – total black, for a restrained image choose white or nude top.

Casual style: shirts, T-shirts, tops and pullovers.

To create a restrained image with a white denim skirt, choose blouses or T-shirts in pastel colors.

To create a more colorful outfit, choose a contrasting black top.

With what to wear, a denim skirt in the off-season and winter.

The most stylish and simple way is large knit sweaters or oversize sweatshirts. They can be tucked into the short skirt (relevant for girls of XS, S size), worn out or partially hide the edge under the skirt. The blue and black denim skirt is perfectly combined with long coats of brown, beige or olive color.

Also, with short leather jackets, colored fur coats and down jackets.

Leather skirts
A mini leather skirt will help create an attractive and sophisticated look for every day or a seductive and stylish look for a special occasion. In the 2023-2024 season, the classic fitted leather mini and flared sun skirt are on the trend. Both styles go equally well with fitted blouses and tops, as well as loose sweatshirts and sweaters.

Black leather skirt is an all-season model, it looks good in layered winter sets and is relevant in cool summer evenings. In the off-season, spring and fall, choose skirts of olive, burgundy and brown shades. Complement the image with a jacket or coat, jacket-kosukha, free sweater or cardigan. Create an ideal summer outfit with skirts in pastel colors: beige, pink, blue, yellow. For a chic winter look skirts of bright red and rich blue shades are suitable, high boots will perfectly complement the image.

Plaid skirts
Fashionable checkered pattern is in the trend for not the first season and in 2023-2024 designers will continue to please fashionistas with checkered skirts. In addition, there is a wide variety of prints to choose from. It can be small, large, oblique, asymmetrical plaid. It can be made in two restrained shades, or it can be colored and bright.

The plaid skirt is a bright, eye-catching item, so the other elements of the image should be neutral. The top should be restrained, so a frank neckline is excluded. But cropped tops are welcome. The ideal look for summer is a mini in a plaid, top or T-shirt. Complete the image with sandals or lacquered shoes without heels.

Shiny short skirts
The color of the season is metallic. A silver mini skirt will be the highlight of your look.

With a top and sneakers;
With a turtleneck and boots;
With a blouse or shirt and loafers;
With a T-shirt or sweatshirt and boots.

Short skirts with ruffles
An ideal summer outfit is a bright mini-skirt with flutes and a white top. This image will be combined with ballet flats, sandals, mules, as well as sports shoes: slipons, loafers and sneakers.

Autumn-winter option – wool skirt with a black turtleneck and a shortened jacket . You can use a knitted sweater, a shirt tucked inside.

Short skirts with trim
Creating interesting images with short skirts will allow you to decorate and trim fashionable skirts. Beautiful skirts from the collections of designers with lacing, ties, buttons, rivets and all kinds of decorative elements will look amazing.

Since the skirt with trim is a bright element of the image, the rest of the things should be restrained. In addition to lacing and ties, it is worth paying attention to fashionable styles with patch pockets in bright colors. With such a skirt, your look will be in the center of attention, attracting enthusiastic looks.

Suede short skirts
Suede skirts create an eye-catching and elegant look and have been trending for a number of seasons.
With a denim jacket, top or striped T-shirt. Complete the look with a small black handbag and a marvelous outfit is ready.
Light brown suede skirt with buttons perfectly combines with a vertical striped shirt. Complete the look with sunglasses, a black handbag and gold jewelry.
The black suede skirt looks elegant with a white shirt, black sunglasses, a dark brown leather bag and a classic watch.
Pink suede mini skirt looks very beautiful with a white top with open shoulders. Complete this outfit with a leather chain clutch and tall black suede boots.
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