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Meet our washable wool and say goodbye to troublesome dry cleaning

11 Jan 2023

Not friendly to the skin and complicated care may be the common impression of wool.
GOELIA washable wool series, easy care for your wool coat start from today!

Not every kind of wool can be selected as GOELIA washable wool.

Merino wool is selected from the cold regions of southern latitude, with an average diameter of less than 18 microns, and is known as one of the finest wool in the world.

With the pace of the season change, we could feel a gust of wind and encounter snow in the winter.
And add new scenery to our quality lives.


simplifying and aesthetics sculpt by elegant lines.

Sophisticated craftsmanship, beautiful lines, delicate sewing skills, every detail is carefully considered is carefully considered in the producing process, and the soft wool also shows crisp fit.

With stable washing process, and tailoring, wrinkle-free, the sense of luxurious lasts forever.

With advanced equipment and technology, each merino wool yarn is processed, descaled, and finished to improve shrinkage stability.

Keep the comfort and warmth of the fabric itself, and the washable function is upgraded, you don’t have to go to dry cleaners for it, rub and wash quickly, open a new chapter of easy care.

Once you wear washable wool, you will fall in love with it. From material selection and tailoring to washing process, it fits your needs very well.
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