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3 Collections Dressing Guide for Romantic Autumn Fashion

by 蔡梦诗 25 Aug 2023

Autumn is always gentle and romantic. With the advent of fall, GOELIA has a lot of new arrivals to welcome this comfortable and expectant season. Among them, the new products in the Relax Collection are dedicated to bringing you a different dressing guide in autumn, so that you can enjoy superior quality with the best pricing. There are delicate and good-looking dresses, cozy and sophisticated jackets, and so on in this collection, with many styles for you to choose from.

In order for you to dress comfortably and sweetly in the fall, there is a dressing guide waiting for you to check. Come and see how the clothes from the Relax Collection create a romantic autumn fashion.

Dressing Guide 1: Classic and Sophisticated Channel-Inspired Design

Channel-inspired outfits can be said to be a timeless classic. Even in the fall, it can maintain its own characteristics and stand out among many styles. GOELIA's new products have lots of channel-inspired design items, each of which is very versatile and fashionable, and are fall items that many people can't refuse.

The first dress is made from woolen tweed fabric, which is warm and textured. The A-line silhouette is inclusive, and when paired with a slim waist belt, it effectively accentuates the waist-to-hip ratio. Its gold buttons embellish this dress nicely, making it classy and sophisticated in an understated way. You can wear it to go shopping or out on a date and it will leave a great impression.
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With a timeless and durable design, complemented by silver buttons, the jacket is exquisite and high-end. A cozy and breathable white tie shirt and a black pleated mesh skirt with sequins are recommended to pair with this particular jacket, which will brighten up your entire autumn whether you wear it out for a commute or for an appointment.

The third piece is a super cute and elegant dress. It is made from a wool-blended tweed fabric, which is a wearable and comfortable A-line fit. It has a round collar and a black removable bowknot that is the highlight of this dress. You can decide whether to use this bow or not depending on your preference, satisfying your needs for various dressing styles. But no matter which choice you make, this dress will give you a comfortable wearing experience.

Dressing Guide 2: Princess-Like and Comfortable Velvet Dress

Velvet is a really great fabric for fall. Not only does it feel nice and warm, but it also creates a sweet vibe easily. Not to mention that dresses made of velvet, are simply a must-have item for autumn romance.

The first new arrival could be an indispensable item for princess-like outfits in autumn. The V-neck design of this black velvet dress effectively flatters the shoulder and necklines. Moreover, the pearl decoration on the collar and the sparkling design on the dress make people seem to be under the starry sky, which is beautiful and dreamy.
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The second is a red velvet dress, which also has a removable bowknot at the collar and supports a wide range of style options. The red color is very brightening and can perfectly enhance the skin tone. The velvet dress is like a delicate red velvet cake, and the cream-colored bowknot looks like the decoration on the cake. When you put it on, you will be surrounded by a sweet atmosphere.

If you love both lace and velvet, then the third two-piece set is perfect for you. It consists of a beige lace top and a black spaghetti-strap velvet dress. The white dots on the velvet skirt perfectly echo the print of the lace top, making them a great combo. Exuding an elegant and romantic vibe, the combination of these two items will surely bring you a unique experience this autumn.

Dressing Guide 3: Stylish and Versatile Outerwear

How can autumn be without jackets? As the autumn breeze turns chilly, it's time to bring them out. GOELIA offers many different jackets to enrich your fall, each with comfortable fabrics and premium cuts.

The first jacket is made of goat leather. It has a beautiful texture and a smooth and natural luster, all of which set it apart from other jackets of the same style. At the same time, it has a certain degree of elasticity, so that it is not hard to wear and impossible to make you feel uncomfortable. Its round collar makes it look appropriate and designed. As you wear it for a longer period of time, you will like it more and more.

Don't you have a knitted tweed short jacket in your wardrobe? Then don't miss out on this piece. The subtle shimmer of the fabric adds an elegant touch and a sense of sophistication. Moreover, the low-saturated color gives you a gentle and relaxed look, and the straight fit will make you appear slimmer and taller. All you need is a pair of jeans and you'll be warm enough to go out.

The third jacket is made from faux suede, providing comfort and a glossy appearance. It has a classic lapel collar, paired with a warm khaki color that goes well with autumn, making your whole body look energetic. In addition, the jacket is so simple that it looks very clean and doesn't have a single extra part, which makes it compatible with many clothing items for various occasions.

Are there any of the above outfits that tickle your fancy? We sincerely invite you to spend an unforgettable autumn with GOELIA!
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