With over 2000 years of history, Xiang Yun Silk is part of China’s intangible cultural heritage. Made from 100% mulberry silk, Xiang Yun Silk is dyed with the juice of the Scoparia plant and washed in river mud.

All products are made using the ancient method of "Washing three times, boiling nine times and sun drying 18 times”. This time-honored process naturally creates cracks and lustrous colors, making each fabric unique.

Produced with the finest craftsmanship, every inch of Xiang Yun Silk is an inch of gold, a part of China’s intangible cultural heritage worn with pride.

Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk is very precious, a silkworm only produces silk once in a lifetime, contains a variety of amino acids, known as the second "skin".

Superior moisture absorption, low friction, skin-friendly and comfortable, As light as the wind, as soft as water, as shiny as diamond.


Tri-acetate fabric is made from the natural wood pulp of trees. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Triacetate fabric is soft, resists wrinkles, hangs well with good absorbency, is washable, and is quick to dry.

Bright and lustrous, it is known as the "silk" of easy care, a high-quality fabric used by many luxury brands.
Draping is used in the sample development process from designing to patterning and establishing the final sample.
After nearly a hundred alterations, ‘Cheng Yi' was born.


GOELIA has been practicing the aesthetics of female clothes (CHENG-YI) for 29 years and has always insisted on providing superior dresses that never go out of style.

GOELIA hopes that high quality will reduce the frequency of changing and discarding clothes. It also encourages and appeals to the public to use eco-friendly bags instead of paper bags to reduce the burden of environmental protection.

“One small step in saving, one giant leap in environmental protection”. Eventually, this protection will achieve a larger green field.