Chic= elements from {Nature + Civilization}

GOELIA's viewpoint of fashion is a philosophy that the brand has been practicing since its founding in 1995.

Nature and civilization are the backbones of GOELIA's commitment to her dreams. It is also the driving force behind GOELIA's travel to share her experiences with the beautiful world, from creating Cheng-Yi to opening Heady Wonderland.


Located at 225 Beijing Road, Guangzhou, China. The project was completed on June 30, 2009.

GOELIA 225 represents the international quality of life advocated by GOELIA to display a high-quality and fashionable lifestyle in Lingnan, Guangzhou.

More than just a store

The project was included in the ‘City Guide GUANGZHOU’, an internationally renowned magazine named ‘Wallpaper’.

GOELIA 225 was upgraded several times and is a fashion and cultural landmark in Guangzhou, China.

GOELIA Journey Museum

GOELIA Journey Museum is a composite concept consisting of multiple themed spaces and 27 years of "CHENG" fashion culture (NATURE+CIVILIZATION=FASHION) to enrich the viewpoint of GOELIA. The museum is located at the headquarters of GOELIA and opened on 30 June 2022.
GOELIA’s journey museum “HEADY WONDERLAND” consists of “HEADY LIGHTHOUSE”, “HEADY GALLERY” and new artworks displaying the ‘Starry Sea’ and ‘Garden of Eden’ that are open for everyone to enjoy.
In GOELIA VIEWPOINT journey museum, GOELIA display 10 pieces of precious and meaningful artworks to share GOELIA brand story and growth journey
Take a look at ten meaningful artworks that tells the story of GOELIA’s journey at GOELIA VIEWPOINT.