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What To Wear In Singapore?

by XiaoBo 03 Nov 2023

Dressing in everyday situations  
Because of the weather, most of the time we wear t-shirts and jeans or shorts , Singapore clothes are mostly imported, the quality is very good, t-shirts are cotton-based, easy to absorb sweat and allow air to pass through.   
Dressing for the office   
Singapore belongs to a tropical climate, there are air conditioners everywhere, and the air conditioning temperature is particularly low, mostly again around 18 °, and does not turn off all year round, it is said that if the air conditioning is off, and then running will waste more energy.   
The office environment in Singapore is quite formal, so you should definitely keep a warm blazer and shirt in your office closet, for women, a poncho or cashmere sweater would also be a good choice. In some companies, due to the nature of the business, employees are required to wear shirts and ties, and shirts should be ironed and changed daily, not wrinkled.   
Dressing in public places   
Singaporeans love their air conditioners and sometimes malls, offices and subways are quite cold, so cold that you can see people wearing scarves and jackets indoors.   
Hence, the best way to dress up for the weekend is to always carry a small scarf and cardigan with you when you go to malls, restaurants and generally anywhere indoors. These clothing items are lightweight and thin, so they are easy to carry in your purse. Similarly, the movie theater is cold, so try to cover up there as well.   
However, if you spend the day in the park… wear as little clothing as possible and make sure it is made of cotton, linen or silk. It is warm and humid here, so it is good to be prepared for it. The weather in Singapore sometimes changes very quickly, just now it's sunny, in a moment it could be pouring rain, so an umbrella is a must for going out.   
Dress code for important ceremonies   
It's the same all over the world: on important ceremonial occasions such as wedding registration, annual company meetings, etc. Men, without exception, must wear a suit with a tie, a smooth and flat shirt, and women must wear formal professional clothes. . After the ceremony is more painful time, on the way home, you need to take off your jacket, otherwise you will sweat again, so men better bring a shoulder bag.   
Dressing for evening events in Singapore   
Finally, regardless of the evening occasion, you can't go wrong dressing up for it. Wear your cute cocktail dress to a trendy bar or an evening gown to a nightclub. Singaporeans know how to have a good time, and karaoke bars are especially popular. Dressing up for any occasion is a must, just remember the air conditioning.

Singapore Weather

The weather in Singapore is constant, and temperatures range from 30 to 35 °C (86-95 °F) during the day and about 25 °C (77 °F) at night. The humidity is high. For those who come from high latitudes, it is very hot here. You should carry tissues and an extra T-shirt.
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History of Singapore

According to authoritative politicians and economists, Singapore is a model state already living in the XXII century. And almost all of its achievements are connected with the name of one man – the father of reforms, the former Prime Minister of the country Lee Kuan Yew. 
Since the XIX century, Singapore has been a British colony, so the influence of Britain, its language and traditions are still felt here. Located on 63 islands, this state has almost no natural resources of its own – even drinking water and construction sand have to be bought from Malaysia and Indonesia.   
Nevertheless, Singapore is now a country of banks, skyscrapers, beautiful roads and the world's best taxation, education and health care systems. And the father of all this is Lee Kuan Yew, one of the creators of Singapore's "economic miracle."   
After graduating from university, Lee Kuan Yew returned to his homeland and began working in a law firm, learning legal wisdom. A diligent, good-hearted and stubborn young man was nothing like his father: rather, he was the embodiment of strong will, pragmatism and adherence to national traditions. Upon his return, Lee Kuan Yew joined the People's Action Party, became its General Secretary five years later and Prime Minister five years later.   
Many people think that young lawyers will build a social state, which is quite natural for Asian countries. At first he, apparently, did not know himself in which direction to move. But history made the choice for him - in 1965 Singapore, which at that time was part of the Federation of Malaysia, gained independence. The head of government had to solve many issues simultaneously, from water supply to the choice of political system.   
But Lee Kuan Yew began his reforms by inviting foreign companies to his country. Singapore needed investments, and for this purpose the Prime Minister did everything possible and impossible.   
The economic development strategy of Lee Kuan Yew's government was based on turning Singapore into a financial and trade center in Southeast Asia, as well as attracting foreign investors.   
A number of ministers and top officials found guilty of corruption were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, fled the country, or committed suicide (this was the case with the Minister of Social Development, caught on a bribe of 315 thousand dollars. Before handing him over to the prosecutor's office, the Prime Minister spoke to him face to face. After that, the corrupt minister went home and killed himself).   
As a result, Singapore (according to international ratings) became one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

Thus, the basis for the criminal prosecution of a police officer in 2006 was the fact of receiving bribes from foreigners who wanted to extend their stay in Singapore. He misled the Immigration Service by assuring it that foreigners were needed by the police as witnesses. Investigations revealed that the official helped 53 foreign women illegally extend their stay in Singapore. He was convicted and jailed for 4 years and was also fined $26,500. All foreigners involved in the crime were deported.   
In the 1960s and 1970s, the education system was reformed. Singapore had many different national schools, which were given uniform minimum standards. English was made compulsory in all schools and universities were converted to teaching in English. The government has spent large sums of money to educate Singaporean students in the best universities in the world.   
The government placed great importance to making the majority of the population homeowners. In the 1960s, a mortgage lending system was established, housing construction increased dramatically, and by 1996 only 9% of apartments were rented out and the rest were owner-occupied. What helps is the property tax, which is 3.7% of the potential rental price for a resident owner, and 10% for a rental property.
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Singapore Style Tips

1. Lightweight and breathable tops 
When buying tops, choose fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Cotton and linen are two lightweight natural textiles to look out for. Light-coloured, loose-fitting t-shirts, blouses, and button-downs are comfortable, reflecting sunlight and helping you stay cool. Polo shirts and short-sleeved button-downs can be the perfect combination of casual and smart.   
2. Comfortable yet demure bottoms 
In the backdrop of the Singapore Fashion Guide, it's important to ensure that your underwear is both comfortable and demure. Choose lightweight pants, sevens or skirts for optimal air circulation. However, when visiting religious buildings and temples, it is important to wear knee-length pants as a sign of respect. Skirts or maxi dresses are versatile solutions that fulfill the criteria of comfort and modesty in the given design context.   
3. Casual Style Dresses and Jumpsuits 
When choosing fashionable clothing for Singapore, dresses and jumpsuits are an excellent choice for the Singaporean climate. Look for styles made from breathable materials and consider creating a versatile collection that includes casual and slightly more elegant options for different occasions.   
4. Comfortable shoes for exploring 
For all your outings, comfortable shoes cannot be overlooked. Choose sandals, walking shoes or sneakers with good arch support and cushioning. Choose well ventilated shoes to prevent your feet from overheating. Keep in mind that you may encounter torrential downpours, so it's wise to choose waterproof options.   
5. Umbrellas and light jackets as rain gear 
The weather in Singapore is unpredictable and even on a sunny day, it can suddenly pour down. Be prepared to carry a compact travel umbrella with you. A lightweight raincoat or poncho will help you stay dry without adding bulk to your luggage.   
6. Balancing fashion with casual evening wear 
Make smart choices when transitioning from daytime adventures to nighttime activities while knowing the dress code in Singapore. Try to match outfits that strike a balance between formal and casual. Men can wear fitted shorts with a collared shirt or even a casual blazer for a sophisticated look. Meanwhile, women have many options, including stylish dresses, trendy tops and pants, or loose skirts.   
7. Cultural Sensitivity in Religious Places 
When choosing the best clothing for Singapore, it is important to prioritize respecting local customs and cultural norms, especially when visiting religious sites and temples. Men and women are encouraged to wear clothing that effectively covers the shoulders and knees. Scarves or shawls that can be elegantly draped over the shoulders are a practical way to easily adapt your clothing to these cultural sentiments.   
8. Consider local colors 
Explore the essence of Singapore's identity by wearing clothing that pays homage to the country's history, as outlined in the Singapore Fashion Guide. Transform it with elements such as batik patterns and a modern twist on traditional cheongsam garments. When used carefully, these original prints can become truly original forms of expression. Adding accessories such as personalized jewelry or regionally themed scarves will take your look to the next level.   
9. Create a versatile capsule closet 
If you want to take the stress out of packing, consider creating a capsule closet. Choose pieces that can be worn in different combinations. Keep the color palette limited so it matches well and is easy to coordinate. With our well-designed capsule outfits, you can be prepared for whatever experience Singapore has in store for you.
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