Established on 10 October 2021, GOELIA opened a new ‘space’ boutique store, invented by Japanese space designers, with more than 13,000 sq. ft.

Night in Kangaroo Island

Video Installation by Georg Lendorff

Night in Kangaroo Island, established with immersive video and sound, invites visitors to walk into a volume of light to experience a unique dreamlike feeling and a change in perception of time and space.

The installation is part of an ongoing project by Swiss artist, Georg Lendorff. It was displayed in Milan, Italy during Design Week 2019 and was nominated for the prestigious Frame Awards 2020.

“I love the strong and timeless beauty of the sea and landscapes at night. It is my aim to create similar emotions with abstract images, with light, colors, movements and a mix of electronic and instrumental sounds.” Georg Lendorff

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