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How to Style a Black Skirt?

by Shunzhi Nie 27 May 2024

Girls who like to look stylish are often interested in what to wear a black skirt with. After all, it can be found in almost any closet. Black skirts are the basis of any girl's closet, one of those things that are a kind of framework for the construction of many outfit looks. Depending on the style, it can be appropriate and at work, and on a date. Such a thing can afford a woman with any figure. However, even such monumental things are important to choose correctly - taking into account modern trends and features of the complexion. Short will suit beauties with perfect legs, and a maxi pleated black skirt will help hide the shortcomings.

Stylists do not get tired of repeating that there are no timeless classics, each fashionable season in its own way is beautiful and has its own features. However, when choosing a skirt in 2024, you should take black skirts into account. The distinctive feature of this piece of clothing is the possibility of creating a win-win outfit in a matter of minutes. Deceptive simplicity hides its practicality and versatility, making it easy to pair with various tops for any style. But not everyone knows how to choose and style a black skirt with other clothes. Let's take a closer look at how you can style different black skirts in 2024.

How to Style Black Mini Skirts?

Black mini skirts are the most ordinary model, without any decorative elements or complicated cut. What could be more boring? But at the same time, competently combining the elements of the outfit, the same skirt can be used, without exaggeration, in all styles - from prim classics to relaxed boho or sexy club.

In recent fashion shows, the rebellious grunge style reigned supreme with black and white colors, leather, arrows, sloppy styling, and flat shoes. If you're excited about the return of the early noughties, you know that the must-have style is the black trapeze mini skirt. This win-win closet item will bail you out wherever you go. Let's see how to style a short skirt with other modern trends in mind.

With a colored shirt and a knitted vest
Modern designers love to mix and match styles, trends, and entire eras. Why not make a bold mini from the times of the early noughties with a colorful shirt and knit vest work in one set? The preppy look of a knitted vest with a black mini skirt takes us back to the times of the distant 70s with their spontaneity and freedom. There is nothing in common with school uniforms, especially with the addition of the same Chelsea boots.

Leather skirt looks
A leather black mini skirt is a bold choice that will add to your boldness. Both smooth and textured leather materials are relevant this season. They can be either in a classic straight cut or in high-waisted, flared, or asymmetrical versions. Combination with a voluminous sweater or an elegant blouse will make the image as harmonious as possible.

Go for the classic casual
This is the simplest combination, but it works every time and it's very easy to replicate. All you need is a white shirt, your favorite black mini skirt, and actual sneakers such as Samba from Adidas.

With an oversized jacket
To create a dynamic look, you should consider combining a black skirt with an oversized jacket. This is the perfect combination for cooler days when you want to look stylish and elegant. Whether you choose a leather jacket or a classic one, your look will not go unnoticed. In the cold season, you can complete the bow with tall black boots, while in spring you can wear your favorite sneakers for a more comfortable walking experience.
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How to Wear a Long Black Skirt?

With the help of a long black skirt you can create images in different styles: both strict and extravagant. This closet item belongs to the basic things that every girl should have. Maxi length and black color are able to disguise the shortcomings of the figure (excess weight, insufficiently flat legs). A long model slims and visually makes you look taller.

A-line skirt
A black A-line skirt is allowed to combine with a tight top. You can take a bright T-shirt (for example, with an unusual mustard print) and tucked into the bottom. You can also wear a white blouse or T-shirt. Such images are allowed to dilute bright accessories, shoes with heels, and small handbags. For a wide model use a dark turtleneck and, a brown short jacket.

The lush facade is obtained thanks to layering or tulle. This helps to give an airy look. The main thing when combining a black puffy skirt is to choose a tight top. Otherwise, the bow will become baggy. A lush model looks good with a sweater of asymmetrical shape. With such a skirt you can create an image both for everyday life and for a festive event.
Here are some outfit ideas with a puffy black long skirt:
tulle puffy model, white T-shirt, shoulder bag;
black V-neck T-shirt, stiletto sandals, light chiffon skirt;
warm asymmetrical bottom, dark low-top boots, light brown sweater, large belt, and knitted scarf.

Pleated black skirt
A pleated skirt can have a different cut. It can be a model-sun, half-sun, trapeze, wide, straight. In any case, the top should be tight, so as not to oversaturate the image. It looks interesting bow with a black and white sweater, denim jacket, knitted hat and scarf, voluminous bag. It is allowed to wear a leather jacket, white shirt, and tight top under the folded style.

How to Style Black Pencil Skirt Outfit in 2024?

The pencil skirt is a refined and unfading classic, which has preserved the classic silhouette to this day. Modern fashion trends give the opportunity to wear different length options, and the variety of fabrics used and interesting twists have long taken this part of the closet away from officiousness. If earlier samples were used exclusively for work, presentations, and business meetings, now the skirt is used as a capsule element of any ensemble. Her elegant form is complemented by all sorts of flounces, folds, bows, and other decorative elements.

Black color is noble and laconic, it organically coexists with different styles. It emphasizes the advantages of the female figure and is suitable for all women, from young girls to ladies of elegant age. A variant of a narrow skirt in black color will impeccably fit into the closet. It can be safely combined with blouses, shoes, tops, and jewelry. Attention to detail will create a unique image for going out.

Let's tell you what to wear a black pencil skirt with. With a black pencil skirt, you can wear a top of different shades.

White top. A classic of the genre for all times. Optimally suited for office, and business meetings.
Gray shade. You can wear gray shirts and turtlenecks for work. And gray sweaters (including those with colored prints) for more versatile everyday use.
Pastel colors. Such blouses will give femininity and soften the strictness of the black thing.
Bright colors. Lift the mood, emphasizing the saturation of the set. Red, yellow, coral, and blue jackets, blouses, and tops will come together with a black silhouette in a great ensemble.

Elegant: with a slim-fit jacket and classic shoes
Let's start with a classic and very elegant option: a black midi-length pencil skirt and a black fitted jacket. This set will allow you to show your figure in the most favorable light! Complete it perfectly with classic heeled shoes and a blouse.

Strictly: with a black jacket and a white blouse or shirt
In our list of images, a black pencil skirt can not do without the traditional for the office dress code option with a white blouse or shirt and a jacket in a masculine style. By the way, on the basis of this set can be made up and others, for example, replacing the shirt with a T-shirt or sweatshirt and picking up shoes on a flat heel.

Bright detail: with a black jacket and a top in a rich color
If you want to add brightness to a set of black pencil skirts and a black classic jacket, try a top with them in a rich, eye-catching color. The effect can be enhanced with a bag and shoes.

Spectacular: with a jacket with an unusual cut
A perfect illustration of how perfectly a black pencil skirt can be used as a companion for the most unusual things. No matter how original the cut of your jacket is, this skirt will harmoniously complement the image, making it complete without being overloaded.

Noticeable: with a spectacular blouse
The same can be said about choosing a blouse for a set with a black pencil skirt. Experiment with shapes, materials, colors, and prints. This black pencil skirt will help to implement the most daring and unusual ideas.

Modern: with a top and shoes in the spirit of the latest trends
Despite its classic cut and the most universal of colors, the black pencil skirt can be used in bright images in the spirit of modern trends. Try it on with the latest shoes and tops: this skirt can certainly complement original sets.
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How to Wear a Black Skirt in Summer?

Usually, we try to wear light or bright colors in summer. But situations are different - who has a dress code, who has a love affair with black color? And after all really, a summer skirt can also be black, who said it's boring? Black in summer looks no less cool than in all other seasons. And it is not necessarily hot in it.

You could choose black skirts that are made from silk, or high-quality cotton to avoid being hot in the summertime. Thin wool, by the way, can also work. Flax - a great material, but for the base, still unlikely to be suitable, as very much it wrinkles.

If relevance is important to you, and to be honest, it is important to everyone, then pencil skirts of knee length should be put aside for now, and pay attention to midi length skirts: A-silhouette, or pencils. And wear it with whatever you want, even with a solid-colored shirt - you know it can easily turn from office wear into street style!

Roll up the sleeves, tuck only in the front or on one side, and you're already a street fashion star. But we remember about tops, including linen, T-shirts, and even tank tops with wide straps. And to them, denim jackets, silk bombers, sports sweatshirts - and then no one will ever reproach you that your beautiful black summer skirt suddenly looks boring or office. At the same time, she also knows how to be the office.
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