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How to Wash Silk Scarf?

by 顺之 聂 28 Sep 2023

A woman must have a stylish and elegant silk scarf in her closet. One can also emphasize personality with a scarf or a chic stole. The fashion for our accessories came from the distant past and probably will never fade away. Silk scarf is an indispensable part of any woman's closet. Different colors and sizes, styles are designed to draw attention and emphasize the virtues of their owner. The accessory does not have to be worn around the neck, you can tie on the head or make it as a fashionable belt, as well as model a pareo or top . Flowing pleasant to the touch fabric is perfect for wearing in summer and warm in winter. Thanks to such properties, silk scarf has conquered the world.

Silk is one of the favorite materials of many people. But you see people wear silk scarf quite rarely, because they usually don't know how to handle it well and how to wash it appropriately : after washing it almost always loses its original appearance. A stunning silk scarf may be expensive, but it can be worn for decades. Hermès vintage silk scarves, with their hand-rolled and stitched edges and various motifs - from equestrian sports to vintage maps - are still a must-have for anyone with an eye for fashion. Natural silk is prized for its durability. Each owner of a wonderful thing wants it to serve and please the mistress for a long time. However, they will last long only if you take care of them properly. To do this, there are several tips for caring for silk scarf.

Can Silk Scarves be Washed?

Clothing made of silk is the embodiment of grace and tenderness. It is not without reason that we use the metaphor "soft as silk" when we want to convey the softness of something and the pleasantness of touching it. In silk scarf we often feel pleasantly light and airy ourselves. But the way to care for silk is not easy. It's no secret that this material requires special care and does not tolerate rough treatment. Have you ever wondered that can silk scarves be wash or how to take care of it if there is dirt on it ?

Very often the manufacturer puts a mark on such products that they can not be washed, and only dry cleaning is allowed. If there is no such mark, then you can wash by hand and even in an washing machine. You can proceed to washing only after you make sure that the manufacturer does not prohibit it. Otherwise, an expensive item can be spoiled.

What if there is a dry cleaning only mark on your silk scarf? You should go to a specialized institution, where the thing will be cleaned without the use of water and traditional detergents. But there are situations when there is no time or money for dry cleaning, and then you have to cope with the problem with improvised means. The question arises: is it possible to wash silk scarf with your own hands without spoiling its properties? Let's try to understand in which cases washing is allowed and how to properly carry it out.

Can Silk be Washed in the Washing Machine?

It is not recommended to wash silk scarf in a washing machine, even in a gentle mode, as it can damage the structure of the fabric. You can, of course, give the silk scarf to a dry cleaner, but it is quite risky. The thing is that some of the elements used in dry cleaning to remove contaminants may have an undesirable effect on the fabric.

How to Hand Wash a Silk Scarf

The most important rule when washing silk is that it should not be washed in a washing machine, but by hand. Only this will provide the silk scarf with sufficient safety.

Silk scarf is better to wash in a sink filled with water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius (as silk is afraid of high temperatures) . Also, you should remember that silk does not absorb water and you should be very delicate while washing. It is categorically not recommended to wash and intensively rub the silk scarf , which is quite possible with other fabrics. Silk is washed by kneading it in water, taking your time and without excessive force.

Use special products for washing silk, such as gentle liquid detergents, mild laundry detergents, and in extreme cases, baby shampoos or pH-neutral shampoos will do. Pour water into a basin, add a couple drops (you don't need a lot) of detergent, and shake it until it foams. Only then dip the silk scarf into the water.

In order to preserve the brightness of the color, after washing, it is recommended to add a little vinegar to the cold water when rinsing, which will freshen the colors of the silk scarf, and to combat static electricity you can add an anti-static softener. It is also important not to overdo the amount of product and dilute it in the water with care.

For silk, as for any other fabric, rinsing is important. This should be done immediately after washing with plenty of water. Ideally, the water temperature should be the same as that in which the washing was done, or rinse in cold water. It is best to repeat the rinse several times, again following the recommendation not to rub the silk scarf or crumple it hard in your hands.

Treating Stains on Silk Scarves

A silk scarf looks elegant and distinctive enough, and this natural fabric is less likely to cause allergies for people. However, any item can eventually get stains during our daily use. Removing stains from silk can be quite challenging sometimes. There are many time-tested folk remedies that allow you to gently and qualitatively remove stains from silk scarf without damaging the material. Preliminary it is necessary to determine the type of contamination in order to correctly select the method of its elimination.

Traces of sweat
Soak a cotton pad in alcohol and dipping movements pass over the place of contamination. Do not wet the silk scarf itself - on dry. To remove these stains from white silk, then to the previous procedure to add rinsing the fabric in water with vinegar, as well as you can use ammonia or hydrogen peroxide! This care for the snow-white and flowery look of your clothes.

Perfume stains
To remove perfume stains on silk scarf, a cotton swab is dipped in technical ethyl alcohol, and then gently apply the liquid to the contamination.

Traces of alcohol, coffee and tea.
A thin layer of glycerin is applied for 30 minutes to the clothes. Next, it is washed off with cool water, and then wash the thing together with a means for silk.

Blood stains
To remove blood stains, a thick gruel of potato starch is applied to the silk scarf, and after the remedy dries, it is shaken off and the thing is washed in any permissible way.

Traces are treated with turpentine, left for a while, and then wash the silk scarf. It is also allowed to use a remedy prepared from mustard powder. It will also remove grease stain from silk scarf.

To remove traces of oil, it is recommended to use baby powder. Thanks to the smallest structure, it deeply penetrates into the material. The means sprinkle the stain, and after twenty minutes shake it off.

Usually after the procedure does not even require washing. If there are traces of decorative cosmetics left on things, they can be removed by washing with observance of all recommendations for the care of silk.

Remove greasy stains from cosmetic products on silk scarf or bedding can be a mixture of ammonia and technical ethyl alcohol.

If there are oil traces of lipstick on the silk scarf, they from the underside of the fabric are treated with medical alcohol, preliminarily from the outside put a white cloth with high absorbent properties or a solid-colored paper towel.

Stains from juice and berries can be effectively removed by such means as a 10% solution of vinegar or vodka mixed in equal parts with glycerin.

Take out traces of grass at home from silk scarf can be mixed peroxide with ammonia. If the silk scarf were carelessly spilled red wine, it immediately needs to be sprinkled with ordinary kitchen salt, and then wait a while and shake it off.

To remove traces of champagne or white wine, they are better first treated with glycerin, and then the thing is thoroughly washed, following the recommendations for the care of the material. Stains silk scarf that is made of artificial silk can be removed with vinegar, lemon, oxalic acid, acetone, hydrogen peroxide. Preliminary remedy is tested on a small inconspicuous area to make sure that it will not spoil the fabric.

How to Dry Silk?

As we have already said, it is in the wet state that silk is maximally vulnerable, so the drying of the fabric should be taken no less seriously, so as not to deform the thing. Drying silk scarf should be as gentle as washing. Squeezing and drying silk scarf in the washing machine is strictly forbidden. Do not wring out clothes.

Silk scarf should not be hung on thin clotheslines, and certainly not fastened with clothespins, as this method of drying leaves marks that cannot be removed. Of course, in some cases it is acceptable to use a thick rope, but it is better to hang on hangers, or spread clothes on a horizontal surface, having previously prepared a place. A successful solution for the substrate will be terry cloth, well absorbing moisture. Dry silk scarf should be away from heating elements, accelerate the drying process with a hair dryer is also impossible. Sunlight has a detrimental effect on the color of the product, so block its access to the wet thing.
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