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What Dress Style Suits Me?

by 姚思曼 29 Sep 2023

One and the same thing will look different for everyone, including dress style. Even a white T-shirt and blue jeans - a universal, seemingly universal combination won't adorn everyone. To make the outfit look winning, you will have to adjust its style. It's all about balance, according to the designers.

All women can be considered perfectionists when it comes to their appearance. Rarely, one of them doesn't want to become the pinnacle of perfection and the ideal of beauty. A figure is an object of close attention, most fiercely subjected to relentless attempts to improve and "polish". Although it has long been known that there are different types of figures, how a woman looks depends largely on how well she picked up the right clothes for her type of physique. To look stylish and elegant, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with diets, endless exercises, or worse, trying to correct perceived shortcomings through surgery. Today I want to talk about how to determine your body type and find what dress style suits you.

The Five Most Common Body Types

Beauty lies in uniqueness. Anyone can be beautiful, regardless of shape, size, and other characteristics. Studies have shown that women's figures can be classified according to some common features, although, of course, each of them is unique. However, any individual woman can be classified according to her physical characteristics.

Hourglass - The Soft Femininity Of Harmony

The hourglass body type includes women who have shoulders and hips that are about the same width, but whose waist is noticeably narrower. They prefer to emphasize the waist by creating curves between the breasts and hips. If you want to know if you belong to this category, check that your figure matches the following characteristics:

1.A well-defined waist

2.Rounded hips

3.Wide pelvis

4.Chest and hips of the same volume

5. When you gain weight, fat is evenly distributed throughout your body.

Rectangle - Slimness And Universal Beauty

It is a type of figure for women who do not have a clear waist and hip line. Their hips and shoulders are about the same width. Women with this type of figure are often athletic. Here are some of the most common features of this type of figure:

1.Small chest circumference

2.Straight shoulders

3.Excess weight accumulates mainly in the upper back.

4.No clearly defined waistline

5. Hips are about the same width as shoulders.

Pear - Defiant Attractiveness Of Proportions

This type of body is also known as a "triangle." In contrast to the "inverted triangle," it is the opposite: the shoulders are usually narrower than the hips. Here are some of the main characteristics of this type of figure:

1.When gaining mass, excess weight is concentrated on the hips and buttocks.

2.The upper part of the body looks skinny

3.Clearly defined waist

4.Wide hips

5. Voluminous buttocks

Inverted Triangle - Rare And Athletic.

"Inverted triangle" is a type of figure characterized by a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders. To see if you have this type of figure, measure your shoulders and hips. If your shoulders are wider than your pelvis, then this is your body type. Women with an inverted triangle figure are characterized by the following features:

1.Excess weight accumulates mainly in the abdomen and upper body area.

2.Hips tend to be narrower, while the chest and shoulders are wider.

3.Slender legs

4. Broad chest, shoulders and back

Apple - The Beauty Of Rubensian Disproportions.

The next type of figure is the "apple" or "oval." Women with this type of body have large breasts, a noticeable abdomen, and wide hips. Excess weight accumulates mainly in the chest and abdomen, and the legs remain thin.The owners of the "oval" type of figure are usually characterized by these characteristics:

1.Breast, waist, and hips of approximately the same volume

2.Lush shape

3.No waistline

4.Rounded shoulders

5. Fairly thin legs compared to the rest of the body

How To Determine Your Body Shape – With Measurements

Body type does not depend on weight. Even with weight gain, bone structure and proportions will remain the same. Therefore, specific figures in determining your type do not matter. The difference between indicators is important. In order to find out what type of figure you have, you need to measure several parameters with the help of a centimeter. Shoulder width: From the corner of the shoulder to the other corner in a relaxed state. To make the measurement accurate, you can lean your back against the wall and spread your shoulders.

Breast volume: As a rule, for this purpose, measure the circumference of the breast at its highest point. In women, this point will be near the nipples.

Waist circumference: The point just above the navel, where the narrowest part of the abdomen is located. When measuring, you should relax and try not to pull your stomach in.

Hip volume: The measurement is also taken at the widest part of the thighs. If you compare the hips with the shoulders, then the resulting coverage can be divided by 2.

Decipher the results:

Shoulders are wider than hips – "inverted triangle"

The hips are wider than the shoulders – "pear"

The hips were equal to the chest – probably an "hourglass" or "rectangle"

The waist is more than 25 cm smaller than the hips – "hourglass"

waist not much smaller than hips – "rectangle"

The waist is almost equal to the hips – "apple"

Dressing Each Body Type

Knowing the type of your figure is useful, as it helps you choose the right clothes and feel confident in them. Let's define the style of dress that suits you.

Dresses For Hourglass Shape

The main task of clothing for women with an hourglass physique is to create harmony between top and bottom, emphasizing the advantages of their owner. Almost all styles are suitable for such ladies. However, it is worth excluding those who hide the beauty of the lines of their body – models of oversized, straight-cut, baggy clothes.

For the owners of the figure type "hourglass" fit almost all styles of clothing, among the clothing items for the figure type "hourglass" should be present:

1.High-waist jeans and pants

2.Fitted models

3.Trapeze skirts, pencil skirts, sun skirts

4.Tight dresses

5.Fit also fitted jackets and turtlenecks. Decorate these lady's dresses and tops with a round or V-neck.

In the closet of the lady "X" should be fitted, tight things that successfully emphasize the harmony of the silhouette.

Ladies who have a type of "hourglass" figure, what to wear – there are no problems. It is worth avoiding only pronounced cells and stripes in prints. Excluding from the closet boyfriends, dresses with a low waist and heavy fabrics will always look great.

Dresses For Rectangle Shape

"Rectangle" refers to a balanced figure type, with the only difference being that the waist is either weak or absent. Shoulders may be slightly prominent, but do not create an obvious imbalance. The essence of this type of correction is to visually create a thinner waist.

The first method of correction is to play on contrasts. If you combine narrow waist pants with a puffy thigh and tuck into them a loose shirt, then as a result of the sharp contrast of volume, the waist will look narrower.

The second way is to create a waist with the help of constructive elements, such as undercut barrels, draperies, oblique cuts, etc. It is recommended to wear tucked-in tops with a slight overhang at the waist, without emphasizing their width.

Dresses For Pear Shape

Women "pears" should try to use clothing to draw attention away from the pelvic area, emphasizing the waist and breasts to visually lengthen their hips. It is important to balance proportions and emphasize the upper body. Some experts recommend creating layers on top by choosing structured clothing in the shoulder area and a color that will make the waist and chest more visible.

To make your slim waist look spectacular, try to make your lower body less prominent. Choose dark and neutral clothing, and wear slightly flared or wide pants. They will help balance the silhouette.

Women with a pear-shaped figure should first emphasize the waist, so klesh skirts and flared dresses are a win-win. Don't be intimidated by ruffles and layers. Experiment with different jackets, coats, and tops, try different looks. You should try to balance your upper and lower body.

Dresses For Inverted triangle Shape

It is logical that choosing clothes for this type of figure is necessary to visually narrow the upper part and give volume to the lower part.

To visually narrow the shoulders, raglan sleeves can be used. It is good if the seamline is highlighted by a contrasting color. Great fit products with long sleeves, or with sleeves made of thin material. Models with deep cutouts on the shoulders, with a narrow low neckline, with a triangular or U-shaped neckline – what you need. Cutouts on the sleeves also draw attention away from the broad shoulders.

Another important rule: black top, white bottom! I think everything is clear here: dark color at the top will visually narrow your shoulders, and light color at the bottom will widen your narrow hips.

As for skirts, it is better to choose trapeze skirts, sun skirts, or pleated skirts. Girls with a triangular figure can wear almost any style of pants, shorts, or Capri. A special effect will give pants a clash.

Dresses For Apple Shape

Whether the outfit chosen by the lady will be stylish depends largely on whether she knows how to pick up clothes according to the type of woman's figure. The main purpose of closet items for such ladies is to demonstrate slender legs and beautiful breasts. It is also important to visually lengthen the silhouette, creating a waist and hiding the tummy.

With the help of toilet articles, a lady with a T-silhouette should demonstrate slender legs, and visually create a waist, if the definition of the type of figure is made correctly, with these tasks perfectly cope:

1.Dresses - barrel, with exaggerated waist, with draping

2.Classic pants

3.Skirts - tulip, A-silhouette

Stylish looking ladies in single-breasted jackets and cardigans. Fashion magazines presented photos of styles and how to dress for the type of figure "apple".

Straight classic pants and long jackets with a belt highlight the waist and hide disharmony with the lower part of the body type "apple".Ladies with an "apple" constitution will look harmonious if they are removed from the closet of narrow pants, skirts, and tight clothes. Do not choose clothing with large prints. Unacceptable jeans with a fit on the hips, things in the lingerie style.
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