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Which Dress Is Suitable For Slim Girl?

by 姚思曼 30 Sep 2023

As practice shows, not only plus-size girls face the problem of "what to wear", but also very thin girls. The idea that everything fits slim girls turns out to be fundamentally wrong – many things on them dangle and fall off their shoulders or hips unsightly.

It may seem that there is no problem with how to dress slim girls: all models on the catwalks are slim, and most of the fair sex dream of losing weight. But in fact, skinny girls may have trouble finding the right clothes to suit their body type. For example, they may feel self-conscious about their skinny legs or sharp knees and shoulders. However, they can address these concerns by making thoughtful choices when putting together their outfits.

In this blog, we will explore various ways to dress slim girls to help them embrace their unique body shape and attend occasions with confidence and elegance.

If You Are Skinny What Kinds Of Dresses, Tops and Trousers Should You Wear?

Trousers: Legs with excessive thinness are almost the most problematic area, especially for taller beauties. Of course, you can't go for skinnies, which completely repeat the natural shape. With very wide pants like palazzo, you should be very careful. Palazzos made of relatively thin fabric will give the impression of the absence of legs in the pants, and wide pants made of dense material will strongly contrast with the upper part of the silhouette. Excellent fit pants kargo with numerous patch pockets, mom jeans with horizontal gaps, banana pants with draperies in the upper part. These models create volume in the thighs. You can also try options with a basque, hiding the protruding bones of the pelvis. Women's pants and jeans for slim girls, hiding thinness, should not be shortened, so that thin ankles do not catch the eye. You can wear sports pants with elastic cuffs. To visually enlarge your buttocks, look for models with patch pockets and flaps in the back.

Dresses: Women with very skinny legs should prefer dresses made of soft, smooth-fitting materials. The following dresses might be suitable for you:

1. Basic dress. Versatile straight-cut dress for everyday wear, comfortable, convenient, and beautifully sitting - a thing necessary in any closet. The color is predominantly gray, dark blue, or melange. Also, such dresses look great in the color of Bordeaux, wet asphalt, and melted milk. The ideal length is midi.

2. Dress with a puffy tutu skirt made of tulle or any other material. Suitable length – maxi, up to the knees, or just above the knees.

3. Tulip dress. Very romantic dress, smoothly emphasizing the waist and giving the hips volume. This model will look great on thin girls of any height. Suitable length – midi. Vintage dresses. Vintage classic retro dresses in small polka dots or monochrome with a highlighted waist also perfectly harmonize with the skinny type of physique. The appropriate length is a little below or above the knees.

Tops: Fashionable voluminous sleeves can make a bulky full figure, but look very graceful on fragile women. Skinny girls who prefer to dress in such feminine outfits as blouses with flutes or ruffles look very cute and romantic. However, it is important to take into account that too large ruffles can, on the contrary, emphasize the excessive thinness of the body. Tight T-shirts with straps make skinny shoulders and bulging collarbones more noticeable, and spacious T-shirts made of thin jerseys lie beautifully on the body, emphasizing bulges and hiding thinness. Oversized clothes will help to add volume to the figure if it is properly selected. Harmoniously looks like a combination of free things and clothes on the figure. Owners of beautiful chests can wear narrow T-shirts paired with loose pants, and girls with rounded hips combine a wide top with straight or skinny jeans.
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Can You Recommend Any Accessories That Can Help Make You Look Fuller Figured?

Belt:If your figure is moderately slim, use medium-width belts in bright, saturated colors. If you are very thin, you can afford the most original, intricate belts. Neck scarf:Neck scarves are very suitable for you because they visually add volume to the figure. But if you have very thin arms, opt for a small scarf tied around the neck, so as not to create a sharp contrast.

Large bracelets:Colorful wooden or metal bracelets also add volume. If you want to stand out from the crowd or just add zest to a colorless inexpressive outfit, wear several bracelets on the wrist at once as it is customary in ethnic style. If your wrists are too thin, such jewelry can also be worn because it creates a combination of fragile defenselessness and strength at the same time. Be careful with the amount of accessories, you don't want to go into hip-hop style.

Ballet flats:Ballet flats visually trim the silhouette and can be worn even if you have a large foot size. If you are small in stature, choose heeled ballet flats. These shoes are allowed to be worn with almost anything, especially favorable they look like jeans or shortened black pants in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

What Kinds Of Fabrics Are Most Flattering When You Are Slim?

The materials used to make these dresses can be very different but must be of high quality, not too dense or heavy. It is important to make sure that the available folds are beautifully and gently draped, and accordingly, the fabric should be plastic and quite thin: silk, or jersey of various kinds. And now fabrics that make you look fat: velvet, corduroy, plush, thick wool, light denim, coarse knit knitwear, metallic colored fabrics, coarse knit fabrics.

Go Bold And Bright

Black is a slimming color, so skinny girls should avoid it, or wear it in combination with spacious light or printed things. Delicate pastel colors, on the contrary, will give the figure the desired volume. Shiny fabrics also help to visually increase weight. For example, a thin pleated skirt with glitter at a length in the middle of the calf or below will give the silhouette the right roundness and add femininity.

More info. A multi-layered ensemble of light things, close in color and tone, will add volume to the figure without weighing it down, and a tight monochrome outfit will emphasize its thinness.Prints and bright patches on pants – a stylish trend that hasn't gone out of fashion for several years, ideal for slim girls. Unlike most, they can afford mottled jeans or pants, not afraid that the legs will look too full. In addition, the contrasting pattern "blurs" the contours of the body, visually hiding skinny legs and protruding knees.

Bustier With Cups

One of the most feminine and sexy variations of the dress, in which the chest stands out against the background of a thin waist and fragile shoulders. For this style, there are complex cutouts and special materials to mix corsets and bras. It is they that make the waist of women more refined and favourably emphasize the breasts.

What Clothes NOT To Wear?

1.You definitely do not fit culottes, as well as capri pants to the middle of the calf.

2.Wear straight-cut pants made of dense fabrics, they should not encircle the hips tightly, but should not be frankly great for you.

3.Most open dresses are taboo, especially if you are tall.

4.Avoid mini lengths and bandeau tops, as well as dresses and sundresses with thin straps.

5.Top with American armhole: If your arms are very thin, this is not the best option. In this case, wear 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve, or lantern tops. Also, forget about thin straps if you have fragile shoulders with protruding bones.

6.Deep V-neck: It will only emphasize an overly elongated silhouette. Instead, wear round or square necklines. What you can afford with a V-neck is a sweater worn over a bare body or a white top. Also, avoid long accessories around the neck.

7.Short, wide skirt: When you wear it, you may emphasize the excessive thinness of your legs. If you like light skirts, opt for longer models.

A lot of amazingly beautiful dresses can be safely worn, with a thin figure, because the right models will make the girl even more beautiful, and her figure is flawless.
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