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How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans?

by LiWenshan 28 May 2024

Boyfriend jeans are a modern model with a low waistline and wide pants. They are ideal for everyday wear and casual looks. Boyfriend jeans came into fashion a few years ago, and they remain popular today. If you want to finally ditch the skinny but are not ready to give up your comfortable, versatile denim, boyfriend jeans are your option. Boyfriend jeans are tricky! It is necessary to choose the size very competently so that they do not make the figure bulky. And even more difficult - to make them fashionable this season images. When deciding what shoes to wear, jeans-boyfriends consider the peculiarities of the style of pants, weather conditions, and type of figure. The right combinations will help emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings, and mistakes will worsen the appearance, making the image ridiculous.

Their careless bagginess makes them look incredibly fresh, interesting and stylish. Learning how to properly wear and combine boyfriend jeans, you will fall in love with them forever! In recent times, boyfriend jeans have become part of the basic closet. You can find a lot of photos of them on the Internet. In women's closets, they came from men's closets, hence the name and cut. Not tight-leg, free, and suitable for girls with any figure, these jeans immediately won a place of honour in the closets of every fashionista.

Fashionable women's boyfriend jeans can make a mediocre lady a liberated woman. Emphasizing a woman's individuality can tear women's jeans with picturesque gaps. Choose jeans of your favourite colour, and create your ensemble of clothes and shoes. Don't overthink who boyfriend jeans go with. Boyfriend jeans can be worn by any woman who wants to create an individual style. Women's boyfriend jeans, made in a masculine style, are combined with different clothes and shoes. We will tell you how to create stylish bows with jeans. The competently chosen size of women's jeans contributes to the harmonization of the image. In the photo in our review, you can see what you can wear in boyfriend jeans in 2024.
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What are Boyfriend Jeans, & Why are They so Popular?

Boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting denim pants that fit at the hips or waist. Often, these jeans are also artificially aged. All to create the appearance of a girl who borrowed worn jeans from her boyfriend. Hence the name. Boyfriend jeans create a baggy silhouette due to the straight cut of the pants. Some models come with tucks, and others are shortened.

Denim pants-boyfriends in the usual form appeared in the early 2000s. Initially, they were created as an alternative to classic jeans, which were too strict and formal for some women. And now boyfriend jeans appeared on the scene. These jeans' names come from the English "boyfriend", which means "guy". They became popular due to their similarity to the pants usually worn by guys, hence their name. The medium fit, baggy cut at the hips and often shabby look give them an added appeal.

There are several reasons for the popularity of boyfriend pants. First, their comfort and convenience make them an ideal choice for everyday wear. They are perfect for creating a casual look, whether walking around town, meeting friends, or even a romantic evening out. Their comfortable cut makes boyfriend jeans ideal for active people, as they do not constrict movement.
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9 Ways to Style Boyfriend Jeans

Outfit 1: boyfriend jeans with a t-shirt or crop top
Casual option: this style of jeans looks harmonious with a basic grey or white T-shirt, knotted at the waist. A T-shirt with a print or inscription tucked into the jeans is perfect. A crop top for summer with these pants will help every day and for the event if you find an interesting cut or decor model top.

Outfit 2: boyfriend jeans with a blazer or an oversized jacket
For warm spring and summer, a fashionable accent to boyfriend jeans will be a shortened blazer or an oversized jacket. To avoid a baggy look, tame the jacket with a belted bag that emphasizes the waist.

Outfit 3: boyfriend jeans with a leather jacket
A leather jacket with skinny jeans is an option only for the slim. But "boyfriends" are suitable for any type of figure. They are wonderfully combined with this style of jacket. And you can diversify the image with eye-catching accessories: stoles, accent bags, shirts, tucked into jeans, decorated top inside, etc.

Outfit 4: boyfriend jeans in summer
In the hot season, layering and volume will not be completely comfortable. But even here, there is a way out - T-shirts that have a deliberately worn look, cotton shirts, and light blouses - all of which are acceptable in tandem with boyfriends. Semi-transparent tunics and cropped tops will not look bad. The latter is an ideal option for boyfriend jeans with an exaggerated waist. Do not forget about accessories. In the summer image, they play a leading role. Stylists in the question of what to wear jeans boyfriends in summer 2017 solidarity - it is best to pick up large and flashy options in ethno style. Not bad, but it will look good and have rocker attributes - spikes, leather bracelets, large chains, etc.

Outfit 5: boyfriend jeans in the fall
In anticipation of the fall season, it is worth considering and looking for options for the cold season. You can pick up oversized sweaters with a large knit for a warm fall. For cooler weather, wear voluminous sweatshirts and warm jackets. Leather or suede jacket, bomber, parka will be perfectly combined with boyfriends.

Outfit 6: boyfriend jeans with a shirt and blouse
A light feminine blouse (maybe lace) is the perfect companion for our boyfriend jeans. In this combination, we get a contrast of materials and outlines, and it always looks interesting. The blouse can be monochrome or with a bright print. The image for a party will turn out easily if the blouse is sewn from a dressy fabric, for example, a fabric with sequins or sequins. "Boyfriends" is a basic, simple model, which goes wonderfully in duet with any blouse and shirt: denim, plaid, etc. - all easily balanced by these jeans.

Outfit 7: casual weekend
On days when you want to keep a casual look but still look stylish, a pair of black boyfriend jeans will be the perfect choice. Pair them with a fitted t-shirt, tank top, and sneakers to create a comfortable yet chic look. Add a pop of colour with a bright handbag or a statement necklace. Choose a loose top and shoes without lacing for a more casual look. You can also spruce up your black boyfriend jeans by adding a blazer and heeled shoes. This outfit is perfect for brunch with girlfriends or going out for errands.

Outfit 8: office wear
Who says you can't wear your favourite boyfriend jeans to the office? With a few styling tricks, you can make them work-appropriate. Start by choosing a pair of black boyfriend jeans that fit well and aren't too shabby. Pair them with a blouse or button-down shirt, and add a blazer for a sophisticated look. Accessories play a key role in office wear. Choose classic pieces such as a watch, simple earrings and a leather bag. Complete the look with sleek shoes or loafers.

Outfit 9: night out
For a night out on the town, complement your black boyfriend jeans with a sexy top and heels. A lace bodysuit, cropped top or open-shouldered blouse will add elegance to your look. Choose strappy sandals or stiletto heels to elongate your legs. Complete the look with spectacular jewellery, a clutch and a bright lip colour. If you're feeling bold, wear a leather jacket to make the look more austere. This outfit is perfect for a night out with your other half or a bachelorette party.

Styling Tips on Boyfriend Jeans

1. Keep it simple
When choosing boyfriend jeans, it's important to keep it simple. You want to wear something that complements the pants without overwhelming them. A simple T-shirt or sweater will go well with boyfriend jeans.

2. Roll up the cuffs
One way to spruce up your boyfriend jeans is to turn up the cuffs. This will help emphasize your shoes and make the look more casual. You can roll them up as much as you want, depending on your preference.

3. Wear them
The fact that boyfriend jeans are considered casual doesn't mean you can't dress them up. You can wear a blazer or jacket, heeled shoes and spectacular jewellery. This look is perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion.

4. Choose a monochromatic look
Using one colour when choosing boyfriend jeans is a great way to create a sleek and modern look. This look works best with black or white, but you can also experiment with other colours.

5. Tuck in your shirt
Tucking in your shirt is another way to style your boyfriend jeans. This will help emphasize your waist and give you a more sophisticated look. A button-down shirt or blouse will go well with this look.
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