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How to Wear Turtleneck?

by 顺之 聂 03 Oct 2023

In cold autumn and winter times, turtleneck replaces our basic T-shirts and becomes the perfect bottom layer under jackets , cardigans, shirts, and vests. Of course, it is warm and practical, but is it stylish? You may doubt this many times and wonder how to wear a turtleneck with other items in your closet. But, most likely, such doubts are in vain! Turtleneck – a mandatory base that should be in the closet of every fashionista. Yes, a turtleneck, which refers to the basic elements of the closet, will not only protect you from the cold but may well become a detail of a stylish outfit.

Stylists have long convinced us that the "basic wardrobe", which would be ideal for all women, does not exist. We all have different daily routines, work, hobbies, and therefore clothes that correspond to our weekdays and weekends, can't be unified. Someone likes sporty style, someone likes elegant, someone likes black or white. However, there is a thing that will definitely fit perfectly into the closets of different directions: from business dress code to sports style. Of course, about the turtleneck.

This piece is the basis of a basic laconic image, a connecting element in a bright bold outfit, a delicate addition to a feminine elegant look. Turtleneck will help you create an interesting office or casual look in the style of office, streetwear, smart casual, or urban chic. Everything seems clear with a turtleneck, but the devil is always in the details. It's easy to mix with many things no matter what style of dress you follow. But how to wear a woman's turtleneck correctly, so that it looks harmonious with the rest of your clothes? Find out next.

What is a Turtleneck?

A turtleneck is a thin, tight sweater or sweatshirt with a collar that covers the neck. The history of the turtleneck dates back to the 15th century. But its ascent, so to speak, on the podium and in the everyday closet began at the end of the 19th century.

At the end of the 19th century, science and technology developed by leaps and bounds, there were apparatuses for scuba diving and, in fact, divers. So the turtleneck was just part of their equipment. Divers needed warm, tight-fitting underwear that could easily be put on under a diving suit. So the ordinary sweater had a high neck, which could be wrapped several times, protecting the neck and chin from contact with the metal suit. At the beginning of the twentieth century, comfortable turtlenecks began to be worn by wrestlers. They also became popular among pilots: a warm tight-fitting sweater with a high neck protected from cold and wind in the open cockpit of an airplane. The pilots and their assistants wore a leather jacket over the turtleneck.

Following the pilots, the British and French road racers noticed the comfortable type of sweater. The turtleneck protected them from the wind and contact with the cold car helmet. As a civilian garment, the turtleneck first appeared in Paris In World War II, they were included in the military uniforms of submarines, pilots, and infantrymen of many nations. For the fact that the turtleneck became so popular, we must thank Pierre Cardin. It was the famous French couturier who first brought this piece of clothing to the catwalk. It was 1959 and a collection of pret-a-porter, that is, ready-to-wear clothes - by the way, the first such collection for Cardin, who until then had only done couture, high fashion. There were a lot of turtlenecks in the collection — mostly black, both men's and women's.

The turtleneck is one of the few items of clothing, the cut of which has not changed much since its appearance. For fifty years, designers all over the world have been using them in their collections, varying in color, decor, fabrics, sleeve length, and neck height, and using them in different sets. Synthetic materials popular in the 70's have been replaced in recent years by natural materials – silk, jersey, wool, cashmere, and others.

"Dolcevita" is the name of a turtleneck in Italy. It means "sweet life." The name has an interesting history: it appeared after Federico Fellini's film "La Dolce Vita" (1960). The main character of the film, a socialite, writer, and journalist Marcello, played by Mastroianni, in the movie turtlenecks especially did not wear turtlenecks. And he wore a dark neckerchief, from afar resembling the collar of a turtleneck worn under a shirt. So by association, the turtleneck was given that name.And in some five or ten years, it has already become a sign of minimalist elegance. They have become a favorite element of clothing, they just had to be in the closet of every fashionista or fashionista. Turtlenecks were favored by the most famous representatives of Bohemia and culture.

Outfit Ideas with a Turtleneck

A modern fashionista's closet wouldn't be complete if it did not have a turtleneck. Girls often wonder what can be worn with a turtleneck, and how to create stylish combinations. The advantage of turtleneck is that it is the main base, which can be put on with all clothes and create completely different bows. From jeans-boyfriends or skinny to leather skirts and even dresses. Let's take a closer look at the advice of clothing designers on what it is more appropriate to wear a turtleneck with.

Style turtleneck with a shirt The way borrowed from the fashionistas of the 70s, today looks incredibly fresh and stylish. Stylish layered option for fall weather – a thin turtleneck with a button-down shirt. Some girls still doubt whether to wear a turtleneck under a shirt. However, such a trend is loved by fashionistas, and they actively use this combination.

How to wear a turtleneck under a white shirt? Particularly popular white shirts for men's cuts emphasize the beauty of women's curves. Such a model can be worn with a white turtleneck with a long collar which contrast to create a black/grey piece. Tuck both the shirt and the turtleneck into straight-cut jeans, or pants with an exaggerated waist, and pick up rough leather boots or high-heeled loafers. Accessories will help to diversify the image. Such an outfit – in the best traditions of casual style.

It is worth talking about how to wear a woman's turtleneck with a shirt. Look out for laconic monochrome models – this applies to both turtleneck and shirts. The ideal option would be a white shirt – how to wear a white shirt with a turtleneck we have already considered. Incredibly gentle will look pastel shades, delicate blue and light pink. Choose a thin piece, a mid-length skirt of flowing fabrics, or straight-cut pants. For a layered look, choose a kombucha, an oversized denim jacket, a leather sheepskin jacket, a beautiful feminine chain bag, and comfortable shoes/boots. Note that the shirt can be buttoned up with a few buttons or simply tucked into an undergarment. For a layered look, you can also button up the shirt completely, but wear a turtleneck with it!

Office look
Businesswomen who combine a busy work schedule with cocktail parties and meetings with companions prefer a strict office style. The tandem of turtleneck and midi skirt is a win-win option for all occasions. A turtleneck perfectly completes skirts of different styles. A jacket plus turtleneck is the perfect combination for workdays in the cold season.

The color palette of turtlenecks has no limitations, as well as the material from which they are made. Tight-knit turtlenecks of different shades are very popular. It remains only to complement the image with narrow pants or jeans and your favorite shoes with heels.

The image in caramel shades will look very effective in business casual style. White pants and turtlenecks are complemented by a straight jacket, sneakers, a trendy saddle bag, and a large chain - we will get an outfit in the spirit of the latest trends. The black total look will also look interesting if you choose everything in different textures: they are made of wool, jeans, cotton jacket, boots, and bag made of embossed leather.

Turtlenecks with miniskirts
Bold slender girls can afford a turtleneck combination with a mini-skirt. For dates, choose feminine skirts (or you can replace them with culottes or capri pants), which will create a beautiful and warm tandem with a turtleneck. This variant of the outfit is incredibly fashionable in the current season. A knitted turtleneck , tight fitting the upper part of the body, in tandem with a shortened flared skirt, will perfectly emphasize the advantages of the figure. Footwear can be chosen depending on the image and mood. In fall and winter, any skirt, from mini to midi, looks great with high boots. You can add a long scarf or a bag of unusual shapes to the image. Do not forget about the difference in textures, so that the outfits are not boring. For example, a smooth woolen turtleneck is matched with a corduroy or satin plissé skirt. Leather shoes of contrasting colors and jewelry will help to set accents.

Turtleneck with jeans
You can't think of a more popular and basic combination than a turtleneck with jeans. Girls have already become a tradition such a combination as blue/blue straight jeans with a medium waist and a black turtleneck with a collar. However, this is far from the only combination that will make you look stylish and beautiful.

Girls often do not know what jeans to wear a turtleneck of bright colors, so that it look harmonious together. Do not be afraid to experiment, try unusual combinations of clothes to find exactly what you need. You can wear ordinary straight black jeans, but you can also pick up blue jeans a few sizes bigger, whitened denim with decorative buttons, jeans warren, and designers. Such images look rebellious, dazzling, and irresistible.

With a sleeveless dress
Another way to wear a turtleneck is in combination with a sleeveless dress. There are many models of sleeveless dresses, but it can not be said that they all look perfect with turtlenecks. Many girls sundresses give a special tenderness, femininity, and attractiveness. Significantly more spectacular look models of sundress business style. For some reason, for many, this clothing is considered an exclusively summer element of the closet. However, wearing a sundress with a turtleneck can create not only summer but also a stylish fall/winter look.

How to Wear Necklaces with Turtlenecks?

A turtleneck goes with any bottom – skirt, pants, jeans. But what about jewelry? Many fashion bloggers around the world say that women's wool sweaters with a high neck in combination with such jewelry can transform the winter image, highlighting it in the monotonous range.

A necklace over a turtleneck is an easy way to add glamor to a fall look. The length of the jewelry can be different. The classic solution is a 45-50 cm long necklace ending in the center of the chest: it lies 3-5 cm below the base of the neckline, draws attention to the neckline area, and visually adds volume to it. The wide and massive necklace is suitable for a solid-coloured turtleneck with a thin knit fabric. A sweater with a large knit will look good thin necklace with a small decorative element. With a small decorative element. It will not get lost in the fabric of the sweater, but will not overload the set.

A well-chosen brooch will turn a turtleneck into a luxurious outfit. It can be placed on the collar or at level of the collarbone. It is important to take into account several conditions:

The weight of jewelry
The brooch should not be too heavy, otherwise it will pull the collar down.

The lock
Only jewelry with safe locks that won't scratch the skin is suitable. Stiffness of the collar The soft knitted collar does not hold its shape well, so the brooch will be invisible.
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