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How to Style a Crop Blazer?

by XiaoBo 04 Oct 2023

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend clearly didn't own a blazer . Crop Blazers, arguably much more affordable than sparkling rock (depending on the brand, of course), are a closet staple that can take you from sporty to office to off-duty to casual once you put them on. Buying my first blazer (a classic cropped black jacket with solid silver buttons on the lapel) expanded my entire closet. And learned that there are different types of blazers that you can try on and sew outfits with? Well, that admittedly put my bank account in jeopardy.

So what makes crop blazers so awesome? Firstly, their versatility, but it's not just the fact that blazers can complement a wide variety of outfits that makes them so appealing. It's the fact that there is a different type of blazer for almost every fashion vocabulary. "Every blazer represents individuality," confirmed celebrity stylist and fashion expert Cindy Conroy. Therefore, when buying this piece of clothing, it is important to ask yourself: "Who do I want to be today?" and proceed from there.

Crop blazers have become a new trend for spring-summer 2024. As the name suggests, the length of such a jacket ends above the waistline. This thing looks very stylish and feminine. It combines the features of sharp-fashioned and classic style. In the article we will tell you how and with what you can combine a shortened blazer.

A crop blazer can be combined with different things, from casual jeans to feminine skirts. Fashionable and spectacular additions will decorate even the simplest and modest jacket. But it is important to observe the rule – to create a beautiful silhouette, the rest of the clothes should be quite narrow and restrained. With a shortened blazer it is poorly combined baggy things and oversize.

The Different Kinds of Blazers

Next I'm going to introduce nine types of blazers, including the crop blazer, and how to wear them.

Traditional blazer

What it is: The classic blazer is "the centerpiece of any good closet." They are characterized by their elongated silhouette and structured shape. Although they resemble a strict suit jacket, they can be worn both dressy and casual. In terms of length, they reach the hips, and in terms of color palette, the options are endless.

How to style: There are several ways you can style a traditional blazer, but keep in mind that the style of any blazer (or any article of clothing, for that matter) should reflect your personal sense of style. For a classic, neat look, celebrity stylist Lindsay Flores tells InStyle that you can't go wrong wearing a blazer with a crisp button-down neckline, jeans, and layered necklaces. However, if you're hoping to strike a balance between sexy and elegant, we suggest a combo of a long-sleeved mesh T-shirt and leather pants.

Crop blazer

What it is: A crop blazer is the shorter counterpart to the traditional blazer. Figure-hugging and sewn with minimal fabric, it makes up for the lack of material in street style.

How to style: If you can find a skirt that fits, we suggest you wear a cropped blazer with it. All heads will turn when you step out on the sidewalk. But if you prefer a casual look, we recommend wearing a cropped blazer over a T-shirt tucked into cropped, high-waisted jeans, and then completing the look with boots.

Oversized blazer

What it is: The oversize blazer (also called the boyfriend blazer), a stark contrast to the cropped blazer, is exactly what its name suggests – an extra-long, roomy version of the traditional blazer. The oversized, broad-shouldered blazer is masculine in style and can be found sitting nicely in both men's and women's departments.

How to style: To create a stylish street-style look, you can pair an oversize blazer with a corset-style top (a la Bridgerton), wide-leg pants, and eye-catching accessories such as a solid necklace. If your style is more modeling-oriented, we recommend wearing an oversize blazer over a sweatshirt with pants and sneakers. Check out Hailey Bieber for inspiration.

Blazer cape
What it is: It is like "the sexy sister of the traditional casual look" thanks to its not-so-thin slit sleeves and outlined shoulders. "It adds an artistic touch of confidence."

How to style: While we'd recommend pairing a slit jacket with a pair of stretch leggings to emphasize subtle sex appeal, there are many ways to style a blazer-cape. For example, wear a layered bandeau top and palazzo pants underneath to seduce "Gone with the Wind," or present the jacket over a tight-fitting shirt with loose cropped jeans and heeled shoes or boots.

Waterfall blazer

What it is: One of this writer's personal favorites, the waterfall blazer has lapels that flare beautifully around the chest and drape, becoming less showy along the length of the jacket.

How to style it: a waterfall blazer is a statement in itself. To accentuate the blazer, Flores suggests wearing it over tight or loose-fitting pants before buttoning the waistband or leaving the blazer open.

A blazer with a peplum

What it is: This piece's claim to fame is the voluminous flounce at the waist, which gives its wearer an hourglass-like figure.

How to style: Basque blazers have a lot of, well, peplum, so keep that in mind when styling. A basque blazer paired with jeans and pointy heels is "both sophisticated and casual feminine." Pairing it with a skirt is also a great choice.

Double-breasted blazer

What it is: The double-breasted blazer has the structure of a traditional blazer, but with a twist. "The double-breasted blazer is a game changer with buttons", the blazer will have not one, but two parallel rows of buttons with wide overlapping front lapels.

How to style: It's easy to adapt the blazer for formal wear, but some people agree that the double-breasted blazer was made for street style. Some people would choose to pair the blazer with high-waisted cotton shorts for a casual combination, while others would pick a vintage T-shirt and jeans.

Blazer Dress

What It Is: A one-piece ensemble, blazer dresses are quintessential casual wear. These strict menswear-inspired dresses with a feminine touch can be worn at the office, on a date, or out to dinner with friends. Some are belted or cinched at the waist, while necklines are now more common than ever. Other styles include tuxedo length and tailored.

How to style: I love blazer dresses with high-heeled booties, but the shoe choices are really wide. Heels, ballet flats, sneakers – take your pick. Your shoes should match the overall vibe you want to exude.

Blazer with belt

What it is: For a cinched waist and a sharp, fitted look, there is the belted blazer. This variation of the blazer blazer is essentially a classic style with a belt thrown on top, this layered detail adds instant chic.

How to style: A belted blazer with a flirty sheer dress and "larger than life" drop earrings will further enhance the style. The outfit requires great shoes to complete the look.

Tips For How To Dress Crop Blazers

Here are 5 tips for how to dress crop blazers.

1. With fabric pants

Combine a cropped blazer with fabric pants. If you are creating a look for the office, complete it with heeled shoes or elegant sandals. The short length of the jacket gives a more modern look to the classic business style.

If your office adopts a strict business style, then choose a short blazer and black pants. Complete the set with a white blouse and classic loafer shoes.

To create a casual look, combine a cropped blazer and fabric pants with comfortable sneakers or loafers.

2. With high-waisted pants

You can combine a cropped blazer with high-waisted pants. Unlike the classic long jacket, short models emphasize the waist and create a feminine image. You can combine a blazer with both classic length pants and shortened models.

The white crop blazer is perfect for summer. It can be combined with pants in the brightest shades of yellow, green and neon pink. You will create a colorful summer look.

3. With a mini skirt

You can combine a cropped blazer with a mini skirt. This will allow you to create a vintage look from the 1990s, which is back in fashion this season.

You can create a monochromatic look by matching the mini skirt to color of the blazer, or choose things of different shades that complement each other. The combination of two types of shortened clothing visually elongates the figure.

4. With jeans

A crop blazer and jeans are a stylish combination of spring and summer. A short blazer goes well with most denim pants – from classic straight to skinny. To beautifully emphasize the waist, the blazer should end not below the waistband of jeans.

Such an outfit always attracts attention. It is combined with both rough boots and heeled shoes.

5. With an elegant jumpsuit

A cropped jacket can be combined with almost anything you have in your closet. Try pairing it with an elegant jumpsuit. In the photo below you can see a graceful blazer that ends with a belt at the waist. It goes perfectly with a black satin jumpsuit.

Such an outfit is perfect for formal events. This image will be even more attractive if the top and bottom contrast with each other.

Crop blazer harmonizes with the basic things of a woman's closet. It makes the silhouette more graceful and brings a touch of elegance to the image.
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