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What Is a Blazer?

by XiaoBo 06 Oct 2023

A blazer is a jacket that resembles a blazer but is made more casually. Although people wear blazers as part of formal wear, they are not part of a suit. Sport jackets tend to go well with fabrics of solid colors. Blazers originated from a jacket that was created by members of a rowing club. Some sport jackets still have metal navy buttons to reflect their nautical origins. Sometimes sport jackets are also used as part of a uniform: for example, blazers in school, club or university uniforms. This type of blazer usually has a badge sewn into their breast pockets.

Blazers can be single-breasted or double-breasted. However, the blazers we wear in uniform are usually single-breasted. Sport jackets also have patch pockets, unlike other types of jackets.

Blazers are worn with different types of clothing, such as simple t-shirts or classic shirts and ties. Women also wear them in blouses and dresses. Sport jackets are also worn with different types of pants, from jeans to classic linen or cotton pants and also worn with chinos. The best thing about blazers is that you can wear them in both elegant casual and formal styles.
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The History of Blazer

On a trip around the world, I would only take three things with me: a blue blazer, gray flannel pants and a black tie. -Pierre Cardin

The main main difference between a blazer and a blazer is that, for the most part, a blazer is a more business-like style, while a blazer is less formal, it can even be referred to things that have a slightly sporty undertone.

The blazer first appeared in Great Britain, its predecessor in its time was a uniformed navy tunic, so until now this type of clothing is often associated with the marine theme. Such a jacket is not part of a suit, has patch pockets without a flap and can be either double-breasted or single-breasted. Blazer buttons are copper, brass, silver, gold, they are arranged in one or two rows.

In the 50s of the twentieth century blazers became popular among owners of expensive yachts and their guests and became a mandatory attribute of yacht style. But in the 1960s striped single-breasted blazers with one row of buttons were worn mainly by British fashionistas. Such models appeared in public and the leaders of the British rock band "The Who", "The Rolling Stones", "The Beatles", "The Animals".

FUN FACT: Did you know that in private clubs and prestigious universities, it is customary to cast buttons on blazers with heraldic insignia and anchors on plain blazers?

Hard to believe, but Queen Victoria, after visiting a frigate called the Blazer in 1837, was delighted with the sailors' uniforms, which consisted of elegant dark blue double-breasted wool jackets with white and blue vertical stripes and gilded buttons. She subsequently ordered exactly the same uniforms to be made for the crews of other British ships.

One of the mandatory rules for international tennis or cricket tournaments is that the captain must have a captain's

A blazer with the team logo, which he must wear, at least for the toss.

Nowadays, the classic blazer remains part of the uniform. It can be seen on airline employees, employees of large hotels and fashionable department stores, as well as members of some sports clubs.

Members of certain sports clubs. This detail of closet is actual for businessmen and participants of business negotiations.

"Stylized" blazer can be worn "and in feast and peace". Combine it with jeans and straight pants. An elongated blazer - tailcoat combines well with a maxi skirt. The black blazer looks great with a cocktail dress or translucent blouse. The long blazer is good with sneakers and a maxi-skirt with sporty cuts.

What’s The Difference Between a Jacket and a Blazer

Due to the emergence of new fashion, people like to try on different styles of clothing made from different fabrics such as cotton and linen for summer and wool and leather for winter.

Jackets and jackets are two separate ensembles that add beauty to any simple dress.

A jacket is part of the formal uniform at work or at a professional conference. On the other hand, people wear jackets to complement their casual wear.

Fabrics such as velvet, tweed, denim and tartan, among others, can be used to make both garments. In addition, blazers and jackets make us look beautiful and comfortable when worn with holiday wear.

The difference between a blazer and a jacket is that a blazer is a formal top that is favored for work and meetings. On the other hand, a jacket is adorned as a masquerade on solid-colored dresses in summer or with casual clothes to keep warm in winter.

A blazer is somewhat similar to a jacket and was first introduced in the mid 1900s. It was previously worn at the Lady Margaret Boat Club (LMBC) in England.

In today's offices, the blazer is worn with a formal cape. shirt as part of the uniform to add a professional look.

Waist-length clothing is known as "jacket", a word derived from the French language. This garment comes in several designs and lengths.

Sometimes the jacket is worn to appear attractive and sometimes it is worn to keep warm when it is quite cold outside. It is a fashionable outfit these days.

The main differences between a blazer and a jacket are as follows:

- Blazer is formal wear worn with school uniforms, company uniforms or high ranking officer uniforms. Jackets, on the other hand, are part of an informal dress code.

- The blazer appeared in the 19th century, while the blazer originated in France during the Middle Ages.

- The sleeves of a blazer reach wrists of the wearer, while a jacket may have full sleeves or no sleeves at all.

- The jacket's collar consists of notched or pointed lapels sewn inward to keep it straight at the V-shaped neck. On the other hand, the neck of the jacket is either round or V-shaped.

- The jacket is medium length, ending at the waist. The length of the jacket, on the other hand, varies (shortened, mid-waist or to the knees).
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Different Types of Blazer

Next, I will introduce eight types of blazer so that you can know which one is suitable for you.

This classic model comes cropped, mid-length or lower and comes with two buttons. It will look best on young girls. Under the blazer, jeans or pants are better suited. Wear shirts, T-shirts and blouses under a double-breasted jacket.

Such a blazer is suitable for office style. The classic model looks feminine and elegant. The peculiarity of such tailoring: a row of buttons is on one side. Most often, the image with a black single-breasted jacket is complemented by the following bottom:
- shorts-bermudas;
- skinny jeans;
- miniskirt.

Straight cut
This classic type assumes a straight cut, where there is no accent on the waist. It is best worn open. Suitable for formal and informal meetings. Designers advise combining the blazer with cropped pants or boyfriend jeans. Classic shoes or sneakers complement the fashionable image. As the bottom layer, choose a blouse, top or T-shirt.

Fitted model
Black fitted blazer is sewn in different variations. Such models are short, medium or long. The main emphasis is on the waist. For this model, classic fabric is used. Jackets with a bright print look original. Choose a special and unusual ornament – it will act as the main accent of the image.

Oversized models are the main trend. The combination of a blazer with jeans or straight pants will be a winner. Shorts are also suitable if you want to try something new. Do not choose a voluminous bottom: if you want to wear a skirt or dress, mini style is the best option. The fabric of the blazer depends on the season: it can be wool or dense knitwear. The coloring is different. This image is fashionable and practical, but stylists do not recommend it to large women, as it can highlight shortcomings.

With a Basque
Basque blazer made of jerseys is preferred by thin girls, because it perfectly emphasizes their slenderness. The uniqueness of the model is the presence of a narrow or wide ruffle, which emphasizes the waist. Basque more often reaches the middle of the thighs or closes them. The blazer is suitable for strict pants or pencil skirts. Regardless of the fabric of the product and print, it looks fashionable and dazzling. Complementing the blazer should be classic jewelry. Such an image is suitable for a business meeting, and for a romantic date.

Baseball uniform type
Jacket-jacket made of durable fabric with a double-breasted collar has a loose fit and patch pockets. The main materials for manufacturing: tweed, suede, eco-leather. Blazers make different styles and styles, they differ in color and decoration, can be fitted or cut straight. The length and collar are different. Blazer is suitable for a student, and for an office worker. Such an image will fit well with a classic skirt or straight pants.

A classic model without buttons and zippers. Blazers are sewn from different fabrics – they are selected taking into account the season. As a basis, it can be knitwear, wool, tweed. The model is universal and looks good with almost all variants of the bottom. When choosing a top, it is necessary to start from the season. Summer models are with patterns and look with solid-colored tops or blouses, winter models (made of dense fabric) are better combined with turtlenecks and thick shirts.
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