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What Is a Blouse?

by 顺之 聂 13 Oct 2023

In a modern woman's closet, many tops, tunics, shirts, and blouses, as a rule, act as the main items, confidently surpassing the popularity of dresses. This is easily explained by the greater variability of them.

Blouses and shirts are given a special place in women's closets, and there is hardly a representative of the fair sex who does not have at least one such product. Blouses and women's shirts – very combinatorial, and depending on the fabric and cut, with each of these things you can create a variety of images – from strict business, to romantic and airy. If you don't know what to choose to pair with a skirt, pants or shorts, choose a blouse – you won't make a mistake with it. This is the law of life, and this season is no exception. And sewing such products is a pleasure! Let's talk about what these two are made of and how they differ from each other.

As a rule, any upper garment made of light fabric we call a blouse, referring to this category, and summer tops without sleeves, and long tunics, falling well below the waist and even the line of the hips. Strictly speaking, blouse(from French "blouson" – jacket) is a short fitted shirt with sleeves, cuffs, collar, sewn of lighter fabric than the shirt, possibly decorated with decorative details. According to the generally accepted definition,it is a woman's outerwear made of thin fabric in the form of a short-fitting shirt, or a light jacket.

Traditional one have sleeves, collars, and cuffs. It is fastened with buttons, but there are models with an all-cropped bodice, in the form of tunics. When creating different styles, jewelry in the form of jabots, ruffles, ruffles, as well as applications is often used.
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Understanding the Difference Between a Blouse and a Shirt

In a woman's closet, most things have characteristic features and it is easy to define them: culottes are wide ankle-length pants, a bomber is a type of sports jacket borrowed from American youth, and so on down the list. But when it comes to office style, confusion begins. Isn't a blouse and a shirt the same thing? Of course not. Today we will explain what their main differences are.

Let's start with the historical origins of these two.

The shirt was once a typically masculine item of undergarment. It was indecent to flaunt it, and only the poorest people wore it as an outer garment. By the middle of the XIX century, much had changed.

In Italy, there were revolutionary events. One of the main leaders of the popular movement was Giuseppe Garibaldi. His red shirt became famous with him and began to enter the closet of men more and more often.

Already by the end of the century, the item of clothing of the strong half of humanity acquired a familiar look with a strict cut and a clasp plank in the front. The cuffs of the sleeves were starchy to increase rigidity. Collars were mostly removable, as they needed frequent washing.

The emergence of women's blouses is associated with the transformation of women's fashion in the 19th century. The long outfit increasingly began to be divided into independent skirts and bodices. They became particularly popular with the non-rich part of the population.

The term itself has a French origin and is associated with blue blouses of workers. In the beginning, practical clothing was popularized as an informal type of women's attire, and after the 1890s became part of the image of office workers everywhere.

In the 20th century, as fashionable clothing became the domain of the general population, blouse styles changed. At times, they became similar to shirts, absorbing elements of national dress. Synthetic fabrics began to be used for sewing along with natural fabrics.

For the sake of certainty, let's break down the characteristics by type of clothing. When compared, the differences are clearly visible.

An essential element of a man's closet, but it can also be a woman's;
are made of cotton or medium density blended fabrics;
The cut of the shirt is strict – there is necessarily a through buckle, stand collar, lapel, or stand proper and tight cuffs;
In the men's wardrobe there are common monotone colors, plaid, less often printed, and women's richer in coloristics.

Typically women's clothing;
They are almost always sewn from flowing fabrics that drape well to create a loose fitting garment such as silk;
They can be fitted or loose fitting, performed in a relatively strict style, or decorated with a variety of decorative elements;
They can be with hooks, buttons, ties, or no clasp at all, and the types of necklines and their design are worthy of a separate list;
And come in all possible colors and are not limited to the choice of pattern for the fabric.

Having understood the differences between a blouse and a shirt, it will now be easier to combine things with each other. The shirt gives a more conservative look, the only exception is the plaid "Canadian lumberjack shirt." It always gives a romantic touch to the look and is more suitable for informal gatherings.

What Is a Bow Blouse?

A blouse with a bow collar is a rather romantic style, which was invented by the famous Coco Chanel back in the fifties of the last century, and to this day remains quite relevant, especially when creating an outfit in the classic style.

It can be a tight-fitting figure or slightly fitted, with long sleeves, ending with a narrow cuff, or sleeveless. The long sleeve can be very narrow or wide. This blouse is worn as an off-the-shoulder, over a skirt or pants, and tucked inside, in any case, the model looks equally beautiful. The color of this style should be saturated, and bright, even if it is black or white, a woman in a blouse with a bow collar just has to be in the spotlight.

This piece with a bow is a great way to add a little femininity to your everyday image, especially if it involves a strict dress code. Such a thing, made of soft plastic fabrics, on the one hand, is suitable for any, even the most rigid style requirements. On the other - due to the bow and material looks delicate and refined. You can choose: wear a blouse in the tone of the suit or jacket or play on the contrast, choosing a darker or lighter version.

A shirt with a bow is the right thing to make a feminine accent in a look. If you like this idea, choose blouses in bright, sophisticated colors to combine with a skirt or pants or printed deisgn to combine with a jacket.

A very stylish piece, which is selected in tone with the suit or just for the rest of the clothes in the image. It is not necessary to completely hit the tone in tone. It is possible to use close shades or different saturation and brightness variants of the same color.

The traditional print for this model is peas. Small peas look more delicate and feminine. It is perfect for combination with classic pants, and, in contrast, with rougher textures such as leather or suede. attracts more attention. Large polka dots look more stylish. This print draws more attention to itself. It is great for combining with textured fabrics, particularly velvet or velour.

If you want to remove naivety from the image, do not tie the ribbons of the blouse on a lush bow. Choose a relaxed knot. And add trendy length pants to the look.

It can be tight-fitting or slightly fitted, with long sleeves ending in a narrow cuff, or sleeveless. The long sleeve can be very narrow or wide. This blouse is worn as an off-the-shoulder, over a skirt or pants, and tucked inside, in any case, the model looks equally beautiful. Colored disgn of this style should be saturated, and bright, even if it is black or white, a woman in a blouse with a collar-bantam simply must be in the spotlight. And, most importantly, such deisgn should be solid-colored because it is the bow that is its main decoration, and any drawings on the fabric will be superfluous.

What Is a Wrap-Front Blouse?

A blouse with a flap is a universal model that can emphasize the advantages of different types of figures. And such design is perfectly combined.

As well as similar cut dresses, shirt with a v-neck design from season to season appear on catwalks, in fresh collections, and in street style photos. The cut, in which the blouse shelves are crossed in front, forming a smell, has become one of the classic and most popular in modern fashion for a reason.

First, models with a design help to highlight the advantages and shortcomings of different types of figures. The model visually narrows the waist (this is especially important for figures of the "rectangle" type). V-neck not only allows you to show your collarbones and cleavage, but also makes the neck longer, and the whole figure adds slimness.

For those who have an inverted triangle figure, this blouse will help gently correct the width of the shoulders, so that the silhouette will look more proportional. And for those whose hips are wider than the shoulders, an "hourglass" blouse with a stocking will be suitable for creating images that can emphasize the femininity of the figure. The sleeves of them with a flare can be of any length, but the most effective three-quarter sleeves look slightly flared at the bottom. They reveal the wrists, adding tenderness and romanticism to a woman's image.

Sew blouses with a flap of soft elastic materials that are slightly stretchy, well wrapped, and soft to fit the figure. Most often it is chiffon, thin jersey, knitwear, as well as linen or cotton. As a rule, the models with a stock monochrome, because draping spoils any pattern, but there are multicolored models, usually with abstract patterns, and especially original, are considered two-color blouses with parts of the stock of different colors.

Secondly, skillfully cut it with a stocking – it is convenient. If the model is designed, and most importantly, planted on your figure, so that when you move the neckline does not risk opening too much, then in such a blouse you will feel no less comfortable than in spacious models of oversized, while not losing the opportunity to emphasize the figure. They with a reserve can be different, but they are always feminine, stylish, and practical. They can be worn at both a business meeting and a party. They are appropriate everywhere.

Are Blouses Versatile?

The advantage of blouses is their versatility. On the one hand, they can be part of a strict office outfit, giving the image of business seriousness and professionalism. On the other hand, they can transform and create a spectacular image for an evening out, adding sophistication and femininity.

The variety of styles and designs of these pieces allows each woman to find the option that suits her. From classic white models to bright floral patterns, it can be adapted to any mood and occasion.

In addition, blouses can be paired with different types of undergarments, from jeans and pants to skirts and shorts. This makes them an ideal choice for women with different body types and individual style preferences.
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