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How Women's Blazer Should Fit?

by 姚思曼 13 Oct 2023

If you have a stylish women's dress blazer in your closet, it is a real salvation for different situations. It is boldly put on with a cocktail dress, jeans, office clothes – there are many options. From such a neighborhood wins any image. But it is provided that the thing sits well and correctly. It's not enough just to get a trendy blazer. A fashionista needs to understand the peculiarities of proper fit to stay on the trend. In the 80's blazers were worn open, being a few sizes larger than necessary. In the 90's blazer fashion was characterized by sexy fit and shortening.

Blazer – one of the key elements of the closet, especially loved by stylists. It is with the help of shoulder products that you can set the right silhouette and correct it. But despite all the pluses, girls with non-ideal proportions neglect to wear blazers. They hide excess weight or other imaginary imperfections behind dimensionless things that do not correct the figure. This is a fundamentally wrong approach. A blazer is suitable for everyone, and with a competent choice, it will become a wand when you need to make the right impression.

Types Of Blazers

Double-breasted Blazer

The main distinguishing feature of this variation of the blazer is the two rows of buttons and the overlapping hemline. A row of buttons is not used, it merely superficially repeats the British Navy uniform. The lower floor is cinched with a jigger (inner button). The double-breasted blazer is usually part of a suit. Today, it is rarely seen in the eyes of everyday people, but such a blazer will add elegance and nobility. Both men's blazers and women's blazers are double-breasted.

Single-breasted Blazer

The variety with a row of buttons and narrow lapels is called a single-breasted blazer. This type has from 1 to 3 buttons in a row, very rarely they can be 4. Important rule: the bottom button of a single-breasted blazer remains unbuttoned (if it is the only button, it is always buttoned). A single-breasted blazer is more democratic than a double-breasted blazer because sometimes it can be worn unbuttoned. It is also called an "American" blazer.


The main features of a classic women's blazer are considered to be a strict fit and a single button as a fastener. On the basis of the "classic" fashion designers carry out a huge number of experiments, year after year, changing the length of lapels and their shape, the degree of blazer fit, the shape and size of pockets, and many other parameters.

Straight Cut

A rectangle is what comes to mind when you try to associate a straight women dress blazer with a geometric shape. Don't think, however, that straight-cut blazers do not look elegant: in fact, on their basis, quite feminine and impressive bows can be created. Straight-cut models are especially suitable for owners of lush figures: such a cut can hide the shortcomings of the waist.


As for elegant and feminine models with stockings, they do not have a clasp as such but are usually complete with a special belt. A triangular neckline and favorable emphasis on the waistline will perfectly suit the owners of figures like "hourglass".


A characteristic feature of the tuxedo is the trimming of lapels, sometimes buttons, with satin, grosgrain, or silk. This is due to its origin. The tuxedo was originally a blazer used in smoking rooms. It was made of soft fabrics (corduroy, velvet) that absorbed smoke, and slip lapels were introduced to make it more convenient to shake ashes off cigars. When leaving the smoking room, the blazer was removed and left there.

There is also a story behind the origin of the name tuxedo. Millionaire James Potter appeared at the New York club "Tuxedo" in an informal blazer with satin lapels. Since then, such a blazer has been referred to as such. Now between these concepts, tuxedo and tuxedo, there is no difference. Wear a tuxedo with a dress shirt, bow tie, and strict shoes. The color of the blazer for formal receptions is almost always black.

Sophisticated Cuts

Complex cut styles include ultra-trendy jackets with Givenchy zippers on the sleeves, ruffles and draperies from Christopher John Rogers, and piquant blazers, revealing the body of Victoria Beckham and Off-White.

Fashions with an interesting cut attract attention, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to make friends with other clothes from the closet. There is a risk that such a jacket will be dusted on the mezzanine, never in the light.

How To Choose The Best Blazer For Your Body Type?

Choosing the right women's dress blazer for your body type can make a big difference in how you look and feel. Whether you have a slim figure, a pear-shaped body, or an athletic build, there are blazers out there that can flatter your shape and enhance your style. Here are some tips on how to choose the best blazer for your body type.

Apple Type Figure

The apple type of figure is characterized by slender legs, a voluminous bust, and a weakly expressed waist. With the help of a properly selected blazer, you can visually correct it. To do this, you should choose a long model of single-breasted blazer with one button. So we emphasize the slimness of the legs and hide the extra volume at the waist. Avoid overfitting and shortening blazers, taking the eye away from the problem area.

Pear Type Figure

The peculiarities of the pear-type figure are in the narrow shoulders, pronounced waist, and wide hips. When choosing a blazer, you should avoid products that end on the large part of the hips. Our task is to shift the horizontal cut line above or below the waist. To do this, give preference to shorter models that emphasize a narrow waist. Blazers for the pear figure are widely represented by the fashion house Chanel. Alternatively, go for a longer straight-cut model, below the hips.

Rectangle Shape

The rectangle shape is characterized by an approximate equality in the volume of the chest, waist, and hips. To give a more feminine shape, choose a fitted blazer with basque and shaped shoulders. A belt to accentuate the waist will be appropriate.

Inverted Triangle Shape

An inverted triangle is wide shoulders with narrow hips and a weak waist. To visually reduce shoulders, straight cut blazers that end at the hip line are suitable.

Patch pockets, basque, and print at the bottom of the blazer will be particularly suitable for the figure of an inverted triangle. So you can balance the top and bottom, making the image more harmonious.

Hourglass Figure

For the lucky owners of the hourglass figure, there are no prohibitions in the selection of blazer styles. Try picking up a blazer with a complex cut or textured fabric and you will definitely not go unnoticed.
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How Do You Know If A Blazer Fits Right?

A blazer is a universal piece of wardrobe. We combine such clothes with a variety of looks. That's why it is so important to choose a women's dress blazer that is the right size, comfortable, practical, and has a perfect fit. In this case, the blazer will become your fashion wand. So how do you assess if it fits?

Side seams – they are in every blazer, and should be approximately in the middle of the shoulder, where the arm joins the collarbone. This is the first thing you need to look at to make sure you don't miss a size. If it is higher, the blazer is small, if it is lower, large.

Button tension – When you fasten the button on the blazer, make sure there is no tension near it. If there are, the blazer is small. We recommend that you choose a blazer that is so minimal in size that there is no tension. If you initially choose a larger product, you risk looking bulkier and more massive. If you have a good figure, the blazer size will emphasize it perfectly. But it is much more important to correctly select the size of excessively thin girls and, conversely, ladies with a lush physique.

The length of the blazer – it partially or completely covers the buttocks. The right fit will help to balance the proportions of the body. Harmoniousness is considered when the bottom edge of the blazer divides the distance from the collar to the floor by about half. But also there are elongated styles. Here, it is important to remember that such models visually shorten the legs. So it is better to look under the heel. Shorter blazers are worn with skirts, and longer - with pants.

The length of the sleeves – ideal ends just above the joint of the thumb when the hands are lowered down. Golden Rule: When you put your hands down, your wrist should be closed.

Width - the blazer should fit snugly into the body, emphasizing the waist and hips, but not tightening them. Nowadays, oversized models are popular. Therefore, feel free to experiment and follow the trend, but remember the peculiarities of your figure.

Shoulders and collars – the fabric should not be twisted in the area of shoulders and sleeves - there folds occur most often. The collar should fit neatly around the neck.

Chest – ideally, the blazer fits the chest in the middle, and then sits more loosely, but does not stick out. If the fit in the chest is a problem when choosing a blazer, go for a version without buttons.
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