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What Is Chic Style?

by LiWenshan 13 Nov 2023

Since the beginning of human civilization, there has been a constant effort to look better. Different styles in fashion have always gone through countless changes. With the increasing number of innovations, changes in fashion trends and styles have also been fleeting. Chic style is not just about putting on beautiful clothes, but the art of creating a complete look that expresses your personality and catches the eyes of others. It is an unwavering desire to look elegant and flawless regardless of the place and situation. There is no such thing as chic style in clothing. To look chic means to be well and expensively dressed, tasteful, and without the slightest pretension to the quality of each item in the wardrobe. In each particular style of clothing, there are certainly some things that can be categorized as "chic". If you disassemble each of them in detail, then it is necessarily possible to distinguish exactly chic clothing. Chic style makes you feel convenient and comfortable and does not require a large financial outlay. In today's busy pace of life, this style is just right for a walk, a picnic, a date, and a friendly party.

Continuing the theme of styles in clothes, I want to start by reminding you that the essence of working on your style is not in selecting a ready-made scheme once and for all. Finding the right algorithm is only half a job. Then you need to become an artist and learn to draw: to mix different colors, textures, and volumes, creating new pictures. Knowing what the elements of styles carry and what is encoded in them, you will be able to change the composition, putting new meanings into it. Chic style, as such, in clothes does not exist. To look chic means to be well and expensively dressed, tastefully and without the slightest pretension to the quality of each item in the wardrobe. However, the question "What does it mean chic everywhere?" requires a deeper parsing. So, the basic principle of style is harmony. Harmony in colors, shapes, textures, and accessories. It is important to be able to combine elements of the wardrobe so that they complement each other and create a whole image. There should be a measure for everything - neither too bright nor too modest.
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The Origins of Chic Style

Founded in 1600, the old French term chicanery was the first and original reference to chic. By definition, chicanery means legal nags and sophisms. In other words, it is used to refer to arguing or raising objections over a trifling matter. Although it has nothing to do with style, some articles say that this is where the word "chic" originated, so it must be true, right? Perhaps more plausibly, some associate chic with the German word Schick, meaning skill or tact. Either way, you have a new amusement, perhaps a fact, that you can surprise all your friends with at parties. The definition and use of chic continued to evolve in France and England in art and fashion. By 1887, the word chic was being used in publications to describe anything. Everything from clothing to architecture looked chic. Over time, the word "chic" evolved and became popular worldwide. Used to describe social events, people, ways, and styles of dressing, chic has taken a place in the vocabulary of the English language. With elegance and sophistication, chic is used as a descriptor of many people, places, and things. Many attributes may be chic, but none is more popular than elegant style. Whether in the wardrobe or on the runway, chic style is paramount.

Types of Chic Style

Boho-chic style is one of the boho trends, which is characterized by a special extravagance of images. Boho-chic style differs from the classic boho by using luxury elements – fur, chiffon, and all kinds of bows. Boho chic style is free, reflecting unity with nature image, while attracting attention with its sophistication and refinement. Boho chic style is an independent image that shows a fusion with ecology while attracting attention with its uniqueness and uniqueness. For example, a free-cut boho style dress with a leather belt emphasized waist, a leather jacket. Bohemian style is often chosen by people from the world of art. To create images suitable for comfortable and practical things-free styles. Also, boho is characterized by the use of natural fabrics and layering in clothing, the predominance of pastel or noble tones, and a variety of prints. Bright accessories will help to set accents.

Urban chic
Urban chic style is a combination of traditional clothes with stylish details. For example, traditional pants with a stylish blouse or pencil skirt, an office blouse, and a trendy trench coat. Urban chic in clothing is the ability to make fashionable, concise bows, which will not be provocative, but from this will not become less sophisticated. Urban chic style in clothes is the ability to create stylish, harmonious images that will not "shout", but will not become less luxurious. The main feature of urban style is the absence of any restrictions. You can choose clothes based on your preferences and the mood of the day. In this case, do not chase the most fashionable trends, because urban style is a way to show your individuality and character. Absolute freedom of choice allows you to create your unique image and emphasize your uniqueness. Urban chic style is for people who understand what is modest and chic at the same time, what is "luxury for yourself". It is a combination of classics and ultra-fashionable trendy things. Only we use them gracefully, delicately, and without pretentiousness. It is sometimes confused with casual and sports. These are style trends that have lightness, democracy, naturalness, convenience, and comfort.

Sport chic
Sport chic style is about soft looks that remain comfortable, but don't look sporty. Sport chic style for ladies implies the use of quality sports-type outfits with a clear silhouette, and traditional clothing details - coats and trench coats, high loafers, and traditional shirts. Sport chic style in women's clothing is freedom for creativity and imagination, allowing you to look chic and comfortable. Initially, this original direction was created by combining two branches of fashion – sporty and glamorous. To date, designers have made some adjustments, dividing the wardrobe by the purpose of the city, outdoor recreation, clubs, parties, and others. The main advantage of such clothing is the ability to combine all the details, creating original and different images. In addition, in this case, there are also unusual mixes in ensembles with other styles.

Top Things to Do in Sport Chic Style:
1. Sweatshirt in sport chic style. One of the most popular items of clothing is a warm sweatshirt made of soft baize, often complemented with a hood. The addition will be a cutout on the back, decorated with sequins or rhinestones.

2. Stylish jacket in a sporty chic style. The most popular variant of the jacket is a practical and stylish bomber. An oversized model or an elongated cut with bright trim and jewelry is a fashionable solution.

3. T-shirt. Unlike the simple styles of casual and sport, models of sport chic style are characterized by a more colorful design. However, in combination with other items of clothing of unusual cut can be used as simple oversized T-shirts.

4. Accessories. These outfits often include beautiful and stylish accessories. Some of the most popular are jewelry and costume jewelry, large sunglasses, scarves, and more.

5. Sporty and elegant suit. Women's jumpsuit sport chic style is characterized not only by a beautiful, feminine cut and the presence of accessories but also by a non-standard selection of materials. Designers of such styles offer beautiful flowing silk, satin, and velvet. Stylish products can be worn not only with sneakers but also with classic shoes.

6. Elegant dresses in sport chic style. In recent seasons, designers have been experimenting with classic and romantic styles, creating them from practical and comfortable materials. For example, narrow boxers made of baize or jersey have become fashionable. In vogue are sporty and elegant oversized dresses in 2019. Such products are represented by stylish trapezes, neat polo shirts, and comfortable T-shirts.

7. Elegant pants in sport chic style. Stylish joggers have become a fashion trend in recent seasons. Distinctive features are a cuff on the ankle and an elastic waistband. Such pants look great with a short top, a simple T-shirt, a hoodie, or a bomber. Complementing the image can be a romantic blouse, high heels, or wedges. Another stylish choice will be striped sports pants. These models are represented by a wide cut of flying fabrics.

8. Elegant skirts in sport chic style. Stylish skirts are presented in short and moderate length, which speaks of the convenience and practicality of such clothes. The most fashionable are still knitted boxers and trapeze skirts made of dense material. The significant-finish will be contrasting stripes, exaggerated or low waist, pleated folds, and cut at the bottom.

Shabby chic
Dressing in the shabby chic style means skillfully combining modern and "antique" items of clothing and jewelry. The term "shabby chic dress" means dressing in vintage, often layered clothing that exudes femininity and romanticism. Shabby chic style is a versatile clothing trend that combines elements of retro, classic, romantic, and luxury. Clothing in this style is calm, not defiant, or romantic, but this does not prevent making the image chic and refined. This is a kind of antipode to modern business fashion and strict laconic lines. A little naivety, memories of a bygone childhood, forgotten values, and playing dolls. Shabby chic style in clothes for those who want to express femininity and love for history. Simple techniques, vintage accessories, and a soft color palette will create a shabby look not old-fashioned, but sharply fashionable. Overall, the look should be very feminine and peaceful. This does not mean that the girl looks old-fashioned and dressed up in things from her grandmother's trunk. To wear clothes with elements of "shabby", it is an art. The main feeling that should accompany your exit is absolute self-confidence.

What Is a Chic Style in Clothes?

Since chic style is not a separate direction of style, instead of a classic selection of things for a standard wardrobe, we will demonstrate what clothes can be in the style of chic.

-Dresses. The little black dress is always a classic and looks exquisite. It is suitable for walks, work, and business meetings – you just need to intelligently choose something on the legs and accessories. For a restrained bow, you should choose monochrome options, and if you want to attract attention, then with a floral pattern or ethnic print. Shirt dresses of various lengths – only here do you need to emphasize the waist and add accessories.

- Skirts . Pencil skirt is an indispensable element for chic style, when you need a business look. It can be completed with a modern fashionable shirt, and then the perfect bow in the style of urban chic will be formed. Sun skirt or bell skirt is also one of the classic options, which is perfect for business, walking, and romantic bow.

-Pants. They can be chosen for chic style - from the classics of a straight cut with arrows to the common palazzo. It is important when choosing to pay attention to the single load of the option - everything should be in moderation, with no excessive jewelry and trim. Pants should sit evenly, highlighting the advantages and carefully masking the disadvantages.
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