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What to Wear in Europe?

by LiWenshan 21 Jun 2024

They say you can tell where a person is from just by their appearance alone. This is not about national appearance features but about dressing, using makeup and communicating with others. Styles of the inhabitants of Europe and our girls, as a rule, are very different. Even if we wear the same or similar closet items or accessories, their integration into images can look very different. For example, most Russian girls constantly strive to look 100%. Therefore, even when going to the store to buy bread, they do full makeup and wear heels. And how does a typical European girl look and dress?

It's not enough to have current items in your closet; knowing exactly how to wear them is important. Let's learn from the Europeans and eradicate outdated habits. Europeans seem to be known for their exquisite taste in clothing, and good reason! They tend to dress in upscale, stylish clothes that will make other simple styles look gray and boring. Spring is just around the corner, so it's the perfect time to travel! In Europe, this time of year is the most comfortable weather for walking - not cold and not hot, the sun is shining, everything is blooming, and the leaves on the trees are blossoming. Every girl wants to look beautiful and stylish in the many photos taken against the background of attractions. Comfort is also very important when traveling. How do we combine all this? Let's understand.
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What to Wear in Europe: 9 Ways to Dress More with European Style When in Europe

Little or no makeup
Bright makeup on European women can be seen only at evening events. In ordinary life, they practically do not paint (only if makeup is not an obligatory part of individual style) and ,generally do not consider makeup a mandatory daily routine. For them, their comfort is much more important than the opinion of others (including men) and how they look in their eyes.

Don't be shy about showing off your legs
French and Italian women love to wear stylish tights in polka dots with patterns in barely noticeable mesh. Even in winter, European women wear skirts with tights and put warm stockings on top. Tights give even a simple image of femininity and sophistication.

Shoes are predominantly flat shoes
The European closet always has a place for classic stiletto-heeled loafers. However, seeing fashionistas in stilettos on the streets of European cities is difficult. The whole point is that many areas are paved stones, some streets are very narrow, and in the fall - slippery, so moving on heels is uncomfortable. High-heeled shoes are an option for a special occasion: to get to a cafe close to home, where a meeting is scheduled. In summer, sandals on wedges are popular. They are more comfortable than high-heeled shoes. As for everyday shoes, then preference is given to loafers, ballet flats, sneakers, sneakers, boots, and Chelsea.

Experiment with shawls and scarves
Another detail of the European style is that it is worth adopting. European women love to wear voluminous and plaid scarves in the fall and spring and summer - scarves that can tie very beautifully.

Try on a classic beige trench coat
An item that is adored by women all over Europe. An absolute favorite is Burberry's beige raincoat with a plaid lining. Many people go to Italy to find vintage models. But you don't have to chase after a cult cloak, as enough analogs are available from other brands. The main thing is the basic color (beige, dark blue, black), the presence of a belt and the absence of shouting decorative elements.

An abundance of baggy things
In their style, European girls are more focused on personal comfort, so they can often be found, for example, in gray baggy hoodies and joggers. Relaxed silhouettes, natural fabrics, laconic minimalist design, and high-quality materials are what girls in the West appreciate in clothes. They will not buy an uncomfortable bandage dress to surprise some men or girlfriends.

Do not give up jeans
Jeans are the basis of the basic European closet. They can be easily combined with sweaters, t-shirts, tops, blouses and most types of outerwear. The most popular models are skinny and slim. As for colors and decor, the most popular are gray, black, and dark blue jeans without scuffs, holes, or embroidery. In spring and summer, many wear bright red, burgundy, dark green jeans.

Do not trump brands
Both men and women in Europe do not like to flaunt the level of their wealth. For example, there is a widespread practice of creating shoes and clothes to order. At first glance, a girl can wear quite ordinary boots, but these shoes can cost 1000 euros and more because they are made to individual measurements from the best materials. No monograms, logos, emblems.

Don't care about styling/hairstyling every day
As with makeup, daily styling is not something Western women will spend much time on in the morning. Head clean - that's it, ready to go out. Slight carelessness, natural curls and waves, strands sticking out in different directions do not scare European women.
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What Not to Wear in Europe?

1. high heels
For the sake of interest, I decided once to count women (not tourists) in heels in Italy in a small town in the suburbs of Milan. During the day, I saw only one middle-aged Italian woman in boots with a thick heel of 5 cm. What heels will not wear for sure? They are transparent heels.

2. rhinestones and other sequins
Europeans are unlikely to wear things decorated with rhinestones. Rhinestones can be only on a T-shirt but not on a coat, jacket, shoes, skirt, etc. Rhinestones, in the opinion of Europeans, are vulgar.

3. clothing made of lurex
Clothing made of metalized fabric can be used only at the disco. Wear such on the street generally a means standing out from the crowd. In Europe, you don't stand out. In Italy, if you wear just a white coat and heels, they may start to loudly discuss your appearance.

4. they don't wear natural fur
The ideas of conscious consumption, eco-friendly and ethical fashion have been more accepted in Europe than in our country (we are just getting on this path). For them, wearing natural fur has a bad taste and is a sign of cruelty. Why wear the skin of a killed animal if there are now many alternatives to real fur that are not inferior to it both externally and practically (and also warms well)? We should take an example from European girls, especially since natural fur has long gone out of fashion.

5. Gold and other jewelry in large quantities
In Europe, this is not common. Gold jewelry should be few and far between. Costume jewelry and jewelry made of stones are often used.

How to Pack Light and Fashionable for Europe?

How can you not bring jeans with you on a trip to Europe? Jeans are a versatile item in our capsule closet. If you don't want to worry every day about what to wear on your way out, jeans will help you solve that problem. Loose jeans or trendy flared jeans are good choices. You can choose a solid-colored blouse or an elegant blouse for the upper body. For footwear, it is best to choose sporty shoes so you can stroll Europe's streets in peace.

Many European cities, such as Paris, Venice, and Switzerland, are full of romance and humanistic feelings. We can also prepare some dresses, especially maxi dresses to match this atmosphere. For example, a suspender print dress is suitable for enjoying the sun and having freedom on vacation in Nice, France. As shoes, you can choose flat-soled ballet flats in which you will feel free and romantic even if you want to stroll around the night city. You can wear a light shirt to avoid the temperature difference between day and night.

Trench coat
If you plan to go to Europe in the fall and winter, how can you not put a trench coat in your suitcase? A trench coat is very functional. It repels rain, keeps you warm and protects you from the wind. In addition, the design of a trench coat is very elegant, and you will not be rude wherever you go in Europe or abroad. You can wear a black sweater under the trenchcoat or choose straight pants in black or khaki.

What Accessories to Pack?

Most of our favorite European countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Italy, and France, have a lot of sunshine, especially in the summertime. Considering how much time you will spend in the sun, you will need sunglasses. You should pick up fashionable but not too expensive sunglasses, as they are often the first victims of traveling and often break. Therefore, don't forget to bring a hard case to help protect them in your bag. In most European summer resorts, you can buy a decent pair of sunglasses from a street vendor.

Crossbody bag
The crossbody bag is one of the most popular models. It is great for walking around European cities, it will fit all the essentials for a girl, and it will free your hands, and you will not be constrained in movement. Choose models with a wide belt; they are more versatile and comfortable.

Silk scarf
Silk scarves look very beautiful in spring and summer. They can be tied around the neck, on the hair instead of a hairpin, on the hand or the bag. When used this way, a silk scarf will become an original detail of your outfit.
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