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A Sino-French Cross-cultural Dialogue in GOELIA 225

by Lillian Lei 13 Nov 2023

Embark on a journey through the vibrant intersection of French finesse and Chinese innovation as we delve into the Sino-French Fashion Dialogue event held at GOELIA 225 in Guangzhou. This blog unveils the profound dialogues, cultural exchange, and visionary insights shared during this Sino-French cross-cultural exploration, providing a glimpse into the challenges, opportunities, and transformative narratives that shape the dynamic world of fashion.

In the vibrant city of Guangzhou, the Sino-French Fashion Dialogue event unfolded at the exquisite GOELIA 225 on November 9, 2023, serving as a crucial junction for the Sino-French fashion dialogue. Against the backdrop of pressing social and environmental challenges within the global fashion industry, this gathering brought together visionaries and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to deliberate on the evolution of fashion and strategies to navigate the ever-changing world.

Fashion, a universal language transcending borders, has become a focal point for addressing the shared concerns of both France and China. The event, organized by the French Consulate in Guangzhou, exemplified the collaborative spirit fostering innovative solutions. The presence of esteemed guests such as French Consul General Sylvain FOURRIEREand GOELIA Founder Gordon underscored the significance of this cross-cultural dialogue.

As the curtains lifted on this fashion symposium, participants were immersed in a tapestry of ideas, insights, and experiences, collectively weaving the narrative of a progressive and collaborative future for the fashion industry. Now, let's delve into the intricacies of this impactful event and the influential voices that shaped its discourse.

From Challenges to Opportunities: Illuminating the Path Forward

The French Consulate in Guangzhou, known for its commitment to cultural exchange, took the lead in orchestrating this momentous occasion. GOELIA 225, situated within the historical Lingnan Arcade, provided a fitting backdrop for this convergence of French and Chinese fashion influences. The venue's blend of tradition and modernity set the stage for a dynamic exchange of ideas and a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry woven by both nations.

The contemporary fashion landscape faces multifaceted challenges, from sustainability concerns to changing consumer behaviors. Recognizing this, the Sino-French Fashion Dialogue event aimed to not only address these challenges but also illuminate the opportunities embedded within them. As the fashion industry seeks innovative pathways forward, this dialogue became a pivotal moment to redefine the narrative, fostering collaboration and shared visions between two influential players in the global fashion arena.

This event was not merely a conference but a catalyst for change, inviting participants to contribute to a collective vision for a more sustainable and culturally enriched fashion future. The subsequent sections will delve into the key highlights, discussions, and influential personalities that graced this platform, shaping the discourse on the challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry.

Sino-French Voices: Key Highlights and Influential Personalities

Xie Ting, a senior officer at Business France China, assumed the role of the discussion's moderator, steering the conversation through the intricacies of Sino-French fashion collaboration. With over a decade of experience in fostering cultural and business exchange between the two nations, Xie Ting brought a wealth of knowledge and a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in such collaborations. Her adept moderation ensured a fluid and insightful dialogue, setting the stage for an engaging exploration of the fashion landscape.

Speaker 1 - Sophie Kurkdjian: Academic and Curatorial Contributions

Sophie Kurkdjian, the founder and curator of the fashion platform Culture(s) de Mode, provided a unique perspective at the event through a live online connection. As a scholar leading the "History and Fashion" seminar at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Kurkdjian has made significant contributions to contemporary history research in fashion. Her role as an exhibition curator, particularly in Paris and New York, showcased her commitment to bridging the academic and creative realms of the fashion world.

Speaker 2 - Cindy Ge: Design Journey and GOELIA's 2024 Spring Collection

Cindy Ge, the Design Manager of GOELIA's LUXURY collection, shared her insights into the creative process and the impact of cultural exchange on design. A graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Ge has been mentored by renowned fashion masters like Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

She provided a glimpse into GOELIA's design journey, recounting the team's inspirational visit to France in July and their meticulous market research, culminating in the conceptualization of the 2024 Spring Collection. Ge's narrative added a tangible dimension to the event, showcasing the practical implications of Sino-French collaboration.

Speaker 3 - Jin Hui: Commitment to Traditional Chinese Fashion Innovation

Jin Hui, the Dean and Professor at the School of Arts, South China Agricultural University, brought a deep-rooted commitment to the innovation and promotion of traditional Chinese fashion. As a recognized figure in the industry, Ms. Jin Hui's accolades include being named one of China's top ten fashion designers and serving as a vice president of the Guangdong Provincial Fashion Designers Association. Her insights and contributions have significantly advanced the internationalization and modernization of Chinese traditional clothing. In the dialogue, Ms. Jin Hui shared her experiences and strategies for preserving and innovating within the rich tapestry of Chinese fashion.

Culture(s) de Mode and GOELIA: Background Insights

In 2018, Sophie Kurkdjian joined forces with the French Ministry of Culture to establish the Culture(s) de Mode, a research platform and network for fashion researchers, designers, museum curators, archivists, journalists, and students. This collaborative initiative aimed to bring together diverse voices from the fashion industry to explore themes such as research, cultural heritage, and sustainable development. With over 350 members, Culture(s) de Mode became a vibrant hub fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and shaping the discourse on French fashion research.

Culture(s) de Mode stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in the fashion industry. Comprising members from various backgrounds, including academia, design, and curation, the network serves as a melting pot of ideas and perspectives. Through collective efforts, Culture(s) de Mode has contributed to the broader understanding of French fashion, transcending traditional boundaries and embracing the dynamic evolution of the industry. The platform reflects the commitment to nurturing a community that values research, cultural preservation, and sustainable development.

Founded in 1995, GOELIA has evolved into a brand synonymous with integrity and quality in the realm of fashion. The brand's philosophy revolves around discovering high-quality products from around the world, selecting premium natural fabrics globally, and crafting designs that withstand the test of time. With a commitment to honest pricing and a vision encapsulated in the mantra “Travel more, Live more”, GOELIA has embarked on a two-decade-long journey, exploring over 30 countries and cities. This extensive global exploration has not only influenced their designs but also injected a continuous stream of inspiration and vitality into the brand.

“Travel more, Live more” encapsulates GOELIA's belief that travel is the essence of living a beautiful life. This philosophy underpins the brand's commitment to providing consumers with a higher quality of life through fashion that is both accessible and elegant. Over the past two decades, GOELIA's global journey has been marked by a dedication to discovering the intersection of nature and civilization, sharing a fashion lifestyle that reflects the beauty derived from both.

Shaping the Future of Sino-French Fashion Collaboration

As the Sino-French Fashion Dialogue event concluded, it left in its wake a trail of profound insights into the challenges and opportunities confronting the fashion industry. The discussions, led by a diverse panel of experts, highlighted the shared concerns of France and China in navigating a rapidly changing global landscape. From sustainability imperatives to the evolution of consumer behaviors, the event served as a crucible for understanding the multifaceted nature of challenges faced by the fashion ecosystem.

The impact of the Sino-French cross-cultural dialogue reverberates beyond the confines of GOELIA 225. The exchange of ideas, experiences, and visions for the future has laid a solid foundation for the continued collaboration between the two nations in the fashion realm. The collective commitment to addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities signals a promising trajectory for the future of Sino-French fashion discourse.

Participants and observers alike are now invited to reflect on the transformative power of cultural exchange within the fashion industry. The event prompted a reevaluation of traditional narratives and encouraged stakeholders to embrace innovative solutions. The rich tapestry of insights offered by speakers and the dynamic exchange of ideas have set a precedent for a more inclusive, sustainable, and culturally enriched approach to fashion.

As we look ahead, the collaborative initiatives sparked by the Sino-French Fashion Dialogue event are poised to shape the future landscape of Sino-French fashion fusion. The intersections of Culture(s) de Mode and GOELIA, as well as the perspectives shared by key speakers, underscore the potential for continued innovation, mutual understanding, and creative synergies. The road ahead holds exciting prospects for the evolution of a fashion landscape that transcends borders and celebrates the diversity and richness of cultural influences.

In conclusion, the Sino-French cross-cultural dialogue at GOELIA 225 has not only illuminated the challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry but has also set a precedent for collaborative, forward-thinking solutions. The event stands as a testament to the power of cultural exchange in shaping a more sustainable, inclusive, and inspiring future for the global fashion community.
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