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The First GOELIA Global Flagship Store Launched in Sydney

09 Jan 2023

In the past 27 years, we have traveled to more than 30 countries and cities.
Traveling around the world, writing the story of GOELIA one after another.
In 2022, we embark on a new journey of CHENG, to write a new story with our world.

A starry meet under the Sydney Tower



The flagship store of The Great Wonderland theme is grand opening!
It is located in the most prosperous super-first-line CBD in Sydney – Pitt Street Mall.

The GOELIA store is directly under the Sydney Tower, adjacent to the world-famous Sydney Opera House.
Our flagship store starts a new chapter in fashion among the brightest cultural landmarks in Sydney.


The earth is round, so we will always meet eventually.
Our story begins when you are going to approach me.

‘The Universe’ is the check-in sign of our Sydney store.
We measure the world with steps, and never forget our original intention of producing sincere-hearted clothes.
No matter which side of the planet we are on, providing our fans with affordable high-quality products is always our original intention and determination.

October 26 is the first day of the soft opening of the Sydney store.
Both Chinese and local customers favored the outfits and brand vibe of GOELIA.
Goelians, bloggers, and our friends could not wait to check in and refresh their shopping experience in our store, unlocking The Wonderland and new items.

Pitt Street Mall

Meet you under The Sydney Tower
The New Fashion Journey Invitation

L00.62-64-65 MID City Center 197
Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000
02 9221 8884
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