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GOELIA 28th Brand Anniversary

20 Mar 2023

The benchmark brand in women's fashion: GOELIA , celebrated its 28th brand anniversary on February 28, 2023, in Guangzhou, China.

GOELIA as a women's clothing brand was established in Guangzhou, China, in 1995. Throughout all these years, it has not only been the leader in the Chinese women fashion industry, but also stand for elegance, stylish and confidence. Of course GOELIA wanted to celebrate this milestone in its journey, recognizing all the important achievements and the progress made thus far. On the same day, GOELIA hosted a celebrative concert for its loyal super-fans along with a set of brand tour events at its headquarter in Guangzhou, while offering great brunch to every guest who came to the celebration.

During the brand anniversary celebration, GOELIA shared its initial vision of making clothes with every guest who came to the 28th brand anniversary celebration, the vision that is inspired by the themes of travel and brand new journey. This vision captures both a sincere commitment to quality and clothing aesthetic as a benchmark women clothing brand. In addition to the promotion happened online, GOELIA also prepared a series of events offline celebratory events.

GOELIA: Only Focus On One Brand For 28 Years

During the brand anniversary celebration, GOELIA opened up its brand museum to all the visitors as a part of the brand tour. Covering more than 50,000 square meters of the headquarters campus, as a fundamental part of the culture, GOELIA Museum can be divided into ten exhibition areas, including our collections of clothing, fashion art, travel footprint from over 30 countries and cities and nature exploration from 1995 to the present. These museums witness the development of GOELIA as a clothing brand in the women's clothing market and the accumulation of its brand culture.

Over 28 years, GOELIA went through different stages in its journey. From a little start-up that is specialized in wholesale clothing fabric in Guangzhou Baima costume market to deeply rooted in consumers' mind, and then from the Chinese mainland market to the international market now.

Nowadays, GOELIA has more than 200 flagship stores with a Heady Wonderland theme. These stores are located in the most welcomed shopping malls in China's first-tire cities, and usually with a commercial space that is more than 1,000 square meters. In 2022, we opened our first global flagship store on Pitt Street, Sydney which has the highest commercial value in the southern hemisphere, located under the Sydney Tower. This grand opening also marked our brand new journey of global expansion.

In a journey that is full of changes and challenges, GOELIA has always moved forward steadily with its own pace. The founder of GOELIA explained the reason behind this during his talk on the brand anniversary events. 'In the past 28 years, we have been rooted in the women's wear industry, always insisting on only one brand and doing everything with our best. I believe that persistence can create miracles. As a Chinese enterprise, we have the world's best technology, the most stable foundation, and the most hardworking craftsmen and employees. The textile industry will be one of the most competitive industries supporting Chinese brands stepping onto the world stage. Our vision is to enable global consumers to enjoy better clothing quality with less expenditure.'

Sowing Romance For 28 Years

GOELIA, founded in 1995, has been providing consumers with the highest quality lifestyle experience through the finest products, the most creative global discovery and the most trendy value of fashion and art.

Our world discovery journey has lasted for over 20 years now, and we advocate a sustainable brand concept of 'nature + civilization = fashion'. As a brand committed to social responsibility at all time, GOELIA actively participates in the conservation of the world's nature environment. As a part of the brand anniversary ideas, we cooperated with great international teams to build an urban oasis in the most bustling commercial district in cities both in mainland China and abroad. This includes The Heady Wonderland themed stores and GOELIA florist flower shops. We put the starry sky, forests and gardens in the city center. GOELIA was the pioneer in the retail market: providing the experience of shopping in an oxygen-rich space in the city, offering a complimentary flower bouquet. These approaches opened up a new model of romantic consumption.We have continued to operate the GOELIA 225 lifestyle aesthetics museum since 2009. We have supported artists from various fields to hold nearly 100 fashion and art exhibitions, and encouraging consumers to embrace diverse fashion choices and adopt sustainable, quality-driven lifestyles.

Nowadays, many commercial brands would try to increase their visibility in the market and attract customers' attention by announcing celebrity as the brand ambassadors. Regarding this, GOELIA has a totally different strategy and point of view. Over the years, our marketing strategies has diverged from the majority of the clothing brand in China, since we have continued to decrease the spending on the marketing to attract customers, instead, we chose to dedicated more on the product quality itself, while deeply cultivating content in fashion, art and cultural innovation. The 28 years of building the brand GOELIA is more like a journey to plant dreams and sow romance. An abundance of young artists and consumers who love and enjoy life has grown up with our brand at the same time. They have more delicate thinking and new answers to travelling, fashion and artistic life.

Nowadays, many commercial brands obtain voice and traffic through a large number of celebrity endorsements. In this regard, GOELIA has always been very restrained. Over the years, we have continued to decline marketing tactics of creating momentum. We focus more on product quality and deeply cultivating content in fashion, art and cultural innovation. The 28 years of the brand building of GOELIA is more like a journey to plant dreams and sow romance. An abundance of young artists and consumers who love life has grown up with our brand. They have more delicate thinking and new answers to travelling, fashion and artistic life.

From 28th Brand Anniversary To Infinity

The concept of "From 28 to infinity" was introduced on the brand anniversary events. If you rotate the Arabic number 8 90 degrees, what will you see? You can get the infinite sign ∞. During the talk, our founder Mr. Woo said, 'Our goal is to build GOELIA into a century-old brand in the world, and we believe in the infinite possibilities of the future.'

'Deeply cultivating the domestic market and set sail overseas' is our core business strategy in recent years. Apart from a online store that ship wordwide, we have strategically planned our flagship stores in core countries and some major cities around the world. Mr Gordon Woo, the founder of GOELIA, introduced in an exclusive interview at this brand anniversary event, ' When a brand step onto the global stage, there is more than the product or technology. A brand expand its business to overseas means the export of a type of culture and even the lifestyle at the same time. People might found that there are not many Chinese brands in Western clothing market. Based on people's previous understanding about the fashion business, they are more likely to purchase high-end men's clothing that are made in Italy, high-end women's outfits from France, and fast fashion brands from Spain. But now, it is time to challenge and change people's stereotype about the clothing industry. Through our global expansion, I hope that consumers can discover the advantages of Chinese brands. Our Chinese brand do have premium quality with a reasonable price and high efficiency .'

GOELIA shall begin the journey with the new brand mission, vision and all the great moments.
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