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GOELIA 225 - New Lifestyle Advocator

by GLORIAGRAPHIC 14 Aug 2023

On Jun 30th, GOELIA 225, located at 225 Beijing Road in Guangzhou, celebrated its 14th anniversary with the launch of the Global Journey Map Series in its VIP exclusive space. On June 30th, GOELIA 225, situated at 225 Beijing Road in Guangzhou, celebrated its 14th anniversary by introducing the Global Journey Map Series in its VIP exclusive space. This iconic fashion establishment, nestled in the heart of Guangzhou, has been at the forefront of promoting GOELIA's natural, healthy, and high-quality fashion lifestyle for over a decade. It has consistently exemplified a commitment to this new lifestyle ethos and has even been recognized in the international magazine Wallpaper as a cultural landmark.

The building, situated in a traditional Lingnan arcade dating back to 1949, underwent a two-year renovation project to preserve its original appearance while reinforcing its structure and repairing weathered walls. GOELIA also sourced traditional floor tiles from around the world to maintain the arcade's authenticity, even traveling to Thailand for specialized bricks.

GOELIA 225 presents an exclusive shopping experience with camphor wood interiors on the second floor, promoting the development of young and female artists through exhibitions and cultural events, all in alignment with the promotion of GOELIA's natural, healthy, and high-quality new lifestyle. The store's seamless fusion of fashion and flowers, featuring its GOELIA Florist, enriches the shopping experience, offering customers both romantic flowers and a distinctive ambiance that perfectly complements the essence of this new lifestyle.

Additionally, the fourth floor serves as an exhibition hall for GOELIA's high-quality fabrics, showcasing their commitment to sustainable fashion. GOELIA 225 has become a Guangzhou landmark, embodying the fusion of cultural preservation and fashion, while consistently promoting natural, healthy, and high-quality living.

What is GOELIA 225?

Located at 225 Beijing Road, Guangzhou, GOELIA 225 represents the international living quality advocated by GOELIA, and keep injecting high-quality fashion new lifestyle into the traditional Lingnan arcade building. This architectural project has been selected in the "City Guide GUANGZHOU" section of the internationally renowned magazine Wallpaper, becoming a famous cultural landmark of Guangzhou.

With the concept of "Travel More Live More", GOELIA 225 builds an experience space combining GOELIA’s brand culture with forward-looking interior design, integrates the compound concepts of GOELIA CHENG-Fashion clothing, HEADY’s Wonderland, GOELIA Florist, and continues to convey a natural, healthy and high-quality fashion lifestyle.

Currently, the building comprises 5 floors, each meticulously dedicated to specific purposes, including a flower shop, shopping area, high-quality clothing exhibition space, and an exclusive VIP event venue, all tailored to embrace the essence of our new lifestyle concept.

New Lifestyle in Lingnan Culture Preservation

The traditional Lingnan arcade housing GOELIA 225 dates back to 1949. To ensure the arcade's original charm and preserve Lingnan culture, GOELIA embarked on a meticulous restoration project. Drawing inspiration from both domestic and international examples of old building preservation, this endeavor spanned over two years.

The restoration endeavor encompassed a thorough strengthening of the steel structure and cement columns, coupled with necessary repairs and waterproofing to combat the impacts of weathering on the walls. The overarching aim was to infuse a fresh perspective into this historic arcade, simultaneously preserving its genuine heritage. Through unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail, GOELIA effectively preserved the arcade's timeless character and cultural significance, ushering in a renewed chapter that aligns with the essence of our new lifestyle concept while ensuring its continued status as a cherished community landmark.

The Lingnan Arcade building, home to GOELIA 225, had suffered significant floor damage over the years. To honor its heritage and seek out the most authentic patterned floor tiles, GOELIA embarked on a global quest, ultimately making a special journey to Thailand to discover the traditional brick-firing process. These bricks were then meticulously applied to the shophouse's floors, resulting in a blend of local and exotic elements that harmoniously encapsulate our new lifestyle concept.

GOELIA's iconic tile pattern, a cherished emblem of the brand, has been seamlessly integrated into the store's overall image. This distinctive design motif has transcended its presence in the store, finding its way onto various items, including books, notepads, document bags, and other special brand merchandise. It has evolved into a signature pattern, representing GOELIA's commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Remarkably, this tile pattern has also become a hallmark of GOELIA's annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. During this cherished event, GOELIA crafts meticulously handmade lotus paste mooncakes, delicately adorned with this distinctive pattern. This culinary tradition further solidifies the tile's significance within the brand's identity. This creative fusion of the tile pattern exemplifies GOELIA's unwavering commitment to infusing artistry and tradition into every aspect of its offerings. It results in a cohesive and meaningful brand experience that resonates deeply with its customers and embodies the spirit of our new lifestyle concept.

Young & Female Artists Growth Supporting

On the second floor of GOELIA 225, walls and display shelves are made of camphor wood, matched with simple European-style lines. In order to maintain the warm and wet texture of the logs, they haven’t been painted, exuding the natural camphor wood breath, and can bring people a natural, relaxed, comfortable, and slow shopping experience.

Over its 14-year journey, GOELIA 225 has witnessed several transformative upgrades. Inspired by GOELIA's motto, "Travel More Live More," this space has evolved into a vibrant center of creativity and cultural interaction. It has proudly hosted over 80 exhibitions, book fairs, and cultural events, fostering the growth of talented female and young artists by offering them a platform to exhibit their work. This continuous evolution and dedication reflect GOELIA's commitment to our new lifestyle concept, enriching the lives of both the creators and the community it serves.

GOELIA 225 has emerged as a true landmark in Guangzhou, symbolizing the fusion of fashion, culture, and travel. It embodies GOELIA's commitment to fostering artistic expression and innovation within the community. By embracing its role as a cultural and artistic space, GOELIA 225 not only enriches the local cultural scene but also aligns itself with the brand's core values of exploration, creativity, and a zest for life. This multifaceted approach has solidified its reputation as a destination where fashion enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and travelers alike can converge to experience a vibrant blend of art and lifestyle.

New Lifestyle with Romance: Buy Clothes, Get Flowers

In 2006, GOELIA took the lead in bringing flowers into the fashion industry, which are selected globally and shipped to the store by air, providing women with the romantic experience of receiving free flowers when shopping. GOELIA Florist combines the soft, elegant and romantic characteristics of the brand, based on the natural origin of plants, and condensed into a unaffected flower style full of vitality.

GOELIA Florist goes beyond mere aesthetics; it encapsulates a romantic essence in everyday life, acting as a channel for self-expression and a medium to convey GOELIA's global inspirations. This floral sanctuary doesn't just enhance the visual appeal of spaces; it also enriches the emotional fabric of life. Flowers serve as the language through which emotions are articulated, fostering connections between individuals and elevating the overall quality of life. This harmonious integration embodies the core principles of our new lifestyle concept.

Beyond providing services for festivals, weddings, and special events, GOELIA's floral offerings aspire to adorn not just physical spaces but also women's hearts and their overall quality of life. By infusing their arrangements with symbolism, emotion, and the allure of wanderlust, GOELIA Florist fosters a deeper appreciation for the art of gifting and the power of nature's beauty. It's a testament to GOELIA's dedication to elevating the human experience, one bouquet at a time, and making life more vibrant, meaningful, and interconnected through the universal language of flowers.

Integration of Cultural Conservation and Fashion

GOELIA 225's fourth floor has undergone a transformation, now serving as an expansive exhibition hall. This space is dedicated to showcasing GOELIA's commitment to high-quality fabrics year-round, providing consumers with an immersive experience into the brand's genuine fashion aesthetics. The exhibition encompasses a diverse range of fabrics, including the highly sought-after Xiangyun Silk, luxurious mulberry silk, imported tri-acetate, and, come winter, an array of wool, cashmere, and goose down materials.

This thoughtfully curated showcase of premium fabrics not only showcases GOELIA's commitment to creating exceptional garments but also underscores its sustainable fashion principles. By spotlighting these high-quality materials, GOELIA reaffirms its dedication to responsible and eco-conscious fashion practices. It serves as a testament to their ongoing endeavor to seamlessly merge exquisite craftsmanship with a profound commitment to environmental stewardship. This ensures that every clothing piece not only looks good but also aligns with the values of modern, conscientious consumers, embodying the essence of our new lifestyle concept.
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