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Get The Color Trend In Winter With 9 Pieces

13 Feb 2023

The color is the same as the dessert, mobilizing our happiness factor.
GOELIA created new "Dopamine" looks for women according to the Pantone color trend this winter.

Lemon Meringue

Warm and healing lemon yellow has a delicate texture and a soft tone. Even if you don't have cold white skin, you can show a good temperament!

Precision quilted crimping of 90 white goose down. When you put it on, the sweetness will come to your face.

Hibiscus Orange

This color owns the sweetness of warm colors and the freshness of cold.

The orange color symbolizes the new power.
The silence of winter seems to be neutralized by it.

We give a warm atmosphere with colors.
And the coat is light and dynamic.
These macaron-colored outfits are of high quality.
Why not have a try?

Misty Jade

With a glance at the mist color, we can feel a sense of healing and calm.
This is the unique refreshing feeling of mint green.

Infused with bold-free fleece.
When you wear it, you can feel it's light and warm.
Green color lovers who don't like the over-mature style are recommended to choose this piece.

Glacier Lake

This season's special.
Mix the clear blue with a hint of gray, making the high-quality clothes in winter more advanced.
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