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The New French Style Guide

02 Feb 2023

French women are known for their sense of style and their ability to always look fabulous. There are images that many people have in their minds when it comes to French women and things that are invariably associated with them: an elegant trench coat, ballet flats, a feminine beret, a striped sweater... But is it really enough to buy all these things to master the secret of creating a French style guide, or is there something else important? And you might be wondering whether there is a French style guide for you, keep reading.

French style is subtle, feminine and at the same time extremely elegant. Classic French style clothing is loved for its naturalness and casual, flirty charm. What is its phenomenon, and why does it stand out so much among other fashion trends?

If you have only a faint idea about the effortless French style. Then in this article you will find all the necessary information about it. You'll learn the rules that French girls follow to achieve a casual and relaxed, but always have a effortless French chic look. In addition, you will be able to recreate a French woman's closet with the following lists of essential everyday items. Learn tips on how to use the techniques of a style that is back on the cusp of fashion! Here is the French style guide for you.

What Is French Style

Classic French style clothing is loved for its naturalness and casual, flirty charm. Are you wondering what the French style of fashion is based on? This is primarily a refusal to pursue trends in favor of timeless classics, a preference for natural feminine beauty and comfort, and a bit of retro straight from the atmospheric Parisian streets. The French style is the opposite of the eclectic style of American or Italian women. It is moderation, comfort, naturalness, and delicacy.

Effortless French style is first and foremost simple, comfortable and chic. It is an elegant and refined style that harmoniously combines classic closet, femininity, and the latest fashion trends, without forgetting about comfort and practicality. Parisians love to dress up but always prefer simplicity and comfort over trends, and therefore their closet consists mainly of basic things. And if you want to dress like French woman, remember to keep your look simple and clean. French women never go overboard and don't dress too dressy. Instead, they prefer simple, basic clothes with one stand-out detail, such as a scarf, a hat, or a chic pair of shoes.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about effortless French chic is the fine line between comfortable clothes and the incredible beauty of the outfits. You will not see a Frenchwoman in a mini skirt with stilettos, but even in loafers or ballet flats combined with jeans, she will look sexy and feminine. Also, the quality of fabrics: The best for Parisian chic are good expensive fabrics that will last for several seasons.

Effortless French style is subtle, feminine and at the same time extremely elegant. Parisian style is the style of confident, strong, seductive, and at the same time "airy", flirty, and romantic women.The main secret of the Parisian style lies in French women's self-love and total acceptance of their appearance. They turn their particularities into advantages, emphasizing them in every possible way with clothing and cosmetics. Self-confidence is in the air, so any image, even if not the most perfect, looks amazing on them.

How To Dress Like French Women

Here is our French style guide for you to dress chic at all times:

1. Easy carelessness
French women look as confident and relaxed as if they only took a couple of minutes to get dressed. This is their subtle charm and stylish carelessness. A slight mess on the head, open coat, and sleeves rolled down to the middle of the palm – an example of effortless French chic! It seems that their clothes, makeup, and hair look like they don't care about them and wore the first thing that caught their eye in the closet. However, this is far from true. Their clothes are perfectly matched and exude elegance, which is sometimes so lacking in many fashionistas. True Parisians are best at reflecting a casual effect on their clothes.

2. There is no such thing as too much oversize
You won't find tight pants or blouses in French lady closets that show all the curves. Instead, ladies from Paris and not only dress up in voluminous cloaks, cardigans, or dresses. They create a more expensive image, and they are comfortable to wear. The thing looks more chic if it is loose, not narrow. So, learn how to dress like French by getting a white shirt - preferably oversized, casual, and of natural fabric! A helpful tip from our French style guide: steal a white shirt from your boyfriend's wardrobe.

3. Go for neutral colors
Clothes of all colors of the rainbow – this is definitely not a part of the classic French style clothing Most girls on the streets of Paris can be found in black and white. Brown, grey, muted green – these are the colors you can easily find in any French style guide.

4. Stripes are the head of everything
Another tip from our French fashion style guide is stripes. The Breton stripe immediately comes to mind when it comes to Parisian chic. And it's no coincidence: in 1858, stripes of this color became part of the French navy uniform. Striped things were so loved by the locals that they became a trademark and a win-win option when there was "nothing to wear." They looked great on a woman of any age and fit almost any style.

French Style Guide: The Wardrobe Essentials

French women are recognized as the most elegant fashionistas in the world. How French women dress captivates with its special charm – femininity, sophistication, and charm. Classic French style clothing often includes neutral tones and classic colors such as black, white, gray, beige, and delicate pastel shades. A French woman's wardrobe is sure to include classic clothing items such as a white shirt, black pants, simple blouses, high-waisted jeans, and other "basics." In this French fashion style guide, we tell you what you must have if you want to replicate French fashion in your everyday style.

1. Buy Timeless High-quality
Favor high-quality fabrics (cotton, silk, wool , cashmere, etc.) that are versatile and will last a long time. The cashmere cardigan from GOELIA would be a great choice for your effortless French chic look during autumn.

2. Trench Coat
The main condition is to choose a model that suits you, in which you will be comfortable. It should give the impression that this trench coat was waiting at the store window just for you. The color range can be wide, GOELIA has a wide range of color collection for trench coat, but for the base, it is best to give preference to pastel shades. Beige is a classic color for a trench coat. If you want a piece of classic French style clothing, choose it.

Ideally made of expensive camel wool, "Mongolian cashmere". GOELIA offers a collection of cashmere coats, wool coats for you to complete the effortless French style during winter.  and Winters in Paris are not very evil, and warm camel wool reliably warms skinny Parisian asses. A chinelle coat, a voluminous coat, a straight cut – everyone chooses their own model.

4. Striped T-shirt
This is one of the most recognizable piece from any French style guide. Also, it is always one of GOELIA's the best seller. T-shirts with horizontal stripes go great with jeans, skirts and blazers. Do not buy bright T-shirts or T-shirts with prints. The effortless French style is about brevity and femininity, and these models don't show it in any way. Such an element of clothing can be worn every day, combining it with jeans, and pants. A striped shirt will fit under a jacket, coat, cardigan, etc.

5. White Shirt
French women usually prefer to wear simple but elegant blouses. This is the basic element that forms the image of a sexy intellectual from a french style guide . Silk, cotton, straight, fitted – depends on your figure and abilities, but without it, the image of a Parisian is not formed, no matter how hard you try.

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