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Get The Winter Color Trend With 9 Pieces

13 Feb 2023

Through in-depth research and analysis of Pantone color trends this winter, GOELIA has created a series of exciting new "dopamine" styles for women based on winter color trends. The colors of the pieces are inspired by delicious desserts such as brioche, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and hazelnut lattes. These warm, bright, vibrant, and cheerful colors instantly mobilize our inner joy and excitement, bringing a touch of vitality and warmth to the cold winter.

Whether it is combined with daily casual wear or party wear, these dopamine-style clothes can add a fashionable and pleasant atmosphere to women and dispel the grayness of winter. Whether you love eye-catching bright yellow, warm orange-red, or soft pink-purple, GOELIA's nine new clothing items will allow you to continue to shine on the winter fashion scene, exude your unique fashionable charm, and show off your relaxed, happy, and comfortable attitude to life. So let’s take a look at these amazing 9 pieces of winter!

Winter Color trend 1 :Lemon Meringue

Let's focus on the first piece of clothing. Warm and healing lemon meringue tone, soft and gentle, radiating sunny vitality, will make you feel relaxed and happy. This down garment is made of fine fabric that is soft and comfortable to the touch. When you put it on, you feel like you are being enveloped in a warm embrace. Whether your skin tone is cool or warm, the down garment will hold up well and emphasize your unique charm.

And you won't have to worry about matching in your daily life. Whether pants or a skirt, it will be a good outfit. You can create a variety of fashionable and attractive looks. And this down garment is suitable for many occasions. Whether it is a formal event or a casual date, this lemon meringue piece will make you look bright, giving you confidence and a good temperament. So dare to make it an indispensable fashion item in your closet!

There is also a long down garment in the same lemon meringue color. This down garment is filled with quality white goose down, thick and warm. Compared to duck down, white goose down is warmer and odorless. With a fluffy and soft touch, it is as comfortable as wrapping yourself in a blanket, allowing you to feel unmatched warmth even on the coldest winter days. Its lemon meringue hue makes people feel lively, bright, and sunny, adding vitality on cloudy winter days and keeping them energized and energized throughout the day.

In addition, its long design is more fashionable and tolerant while increasing warmth. No matter you have thick legs, wide hips, or big butt, it will hide defects well and optimize body proportions. This lemon meringue down garment also features windproof and waterproof fabric that keeps you dry even in bad weather such as rain. It can be paired with a long skirt and boots to create a nice atmosphere or jeans and sneakers to emphasize a casual atmosphere. It adapts to different styles on different occasions, taking comfort into account while keeping fashionable. Definitely an indispensable piece in your winter closet!

Winter Color Trend 2:Hibiscus Orange

Now let's turn our attention to this hibiscus orange coat. This coat is made of double-sided fabric, is comfortable, and has a good texture. With a simple design and neat cut, it provides great inclusiveness. Besides, the waist belt can be customized according to personal needs. You can adjust it according to your preferences: loosen it to emphasize your casual style or tighten it to emphasize your waistline, optimizing the waist ratio and better accentuating women's elegant curves. It is a fashion icon in winter.

In addition, its length is very nice, allowing you to resist the cold while adding a sense of fashion. Its color is the highlight of winter, giving you a bright and warm feeling, whether it is casual wear or special occasions. This hibiscus orange coat can attract the crowd's attention to you, exude unique charm, and give you confidence and strength. As for matching, you don't need to worry about it being difficult to match: a pair of elegant and sophisticated high-heeled shoes or boots can add zest to your outfit and create a fashionable, personalized, and sophisticated style.

Look, this is another hibiscus orange piece, a hibiscus orange short down garment. Down garments are indispensable in winter, and this hibiscus orange down garment uses hibiscus orange as its main color, creating a bright and vibrant atmosphere and adding more color to winter. It is stuffed with quality goose down, making it softer and warmer. Most importantly, it is warmer yet lightweight and not thick. Combined with the short design, it is more fashionable, versatile, and unrestricted.

Not only that, the zipper design on the front makes it easy to put on and take off. Pulling the zipper protects you from the cold and keeps you warm, and pulling the zipper down to reveal the inner layer adds a sense of layering and enhances the look. Paired with jeans and riding boots, whether for casual activities or outdoor travel, this hibiscus orange down garment that combines practicality, warmth, lightness, and fashion will satisfy you, aren't you excited?

Don't want it to be too thick? Have we introduced too many down garments? Let's take a look at this grapefruit-colored sweater: it's softer than orange and not as bright as orange, but still bright and delicate. This sweater is made of a soft and fine wool fabric that is pleasant to the touch and warm to wear. Its simple design and loose fit make it easy for anyone to manage, regardless of physique.

Additionally, you don't need to worry about fit issues. This sweater can be worn alone in fall combined with white pants for a simple commute or combined with short skirts and long boots for a delicate and cute look. It can also be worn as an inner layer with a scarf or hat to accentuate the trendiness and layering of your outfit in winter. It is definitely an indispensable item to accompany you in the fall and winter seasons.

Winter Color Trend 3:Misty Jade

Misty Jade is also a color trend. Its green color is a soft green, a green that is not blinding and makes people feel comfortable, gentle, and warm. The short misty jade down garment will also be a good choice in winter. If you don't like bright colors such as orange or lemon yellow, then the down garment with gentle tones will definitely suit you.

It is filled with quality goose down, warmer, odorless, fluffy, and soft, comparable in comfort to a blanket, allowing you to feel unmatched warmth even on the coldest winter days. Most importantly, it is warmer and lighter yet not thick, and combined with the short design, it is more fashionable and versatile with no restriction on movement. Combine it with jeans and knight boots to emphasize your stylish style. Combine it with a dress or short skirt to instantly emphasize your delicate temperament. It can add zest to your outfit on different occasions and styles.

In addition to the short misty jade down garment, GOELIA has also designed a long down garment in the same color, which is also filled with white goose down to provide warmth. In addition to being soft and comfortable to the touch, it has a wide pocket. Compared to the usual small pockets, the large pocket holds more things such as cell phones, wallets, lipsticks, and powders. You don't need to carry the bag when you go outside, freeing your hands.

Its length reaches your knees, making it more frost-resistant and warmer than a short down garment. Its outer fabric is also made of waterproof or windproof material, which is easier to care for. In cold winter or wet weather, this down garment will keep you warm and comfortable. At the same time, the misty jade tone makes people feel fresh, giving them spring vigor and vitality even in cold winter.

The next one is also a long down garment, with the same white goose down filling, the same softness, comfort, and lightness, but its green color is lighter than the previous one, and it also comes with a hood for the cold, windy weather. It will not freeze your ears and will keep you warm even without a scarf. Don't worry about the combination of the long down garment: it can be paired with a white or beige beret and short boots, as in the picture, to emphasize your tenderness.

Winter Color Trend 4:Glacier Lake

How about this glacier lake blue coat? Is the color unique? It is made of high-quality woolen fabric, soft and delicate, warm and dense. The glacier lake blue tone gives people a feeling of intellectuality, calmness, and elegance. If you are worried that the coat will look bloated, having a belt can have a certain effect of flattering the waistline and showing the graceful curves of the body. Tightening the belt can improve a person's mental state while wearing a loose belt can also create a feeling of laziness. Paired with wool pants or jeans, this glacier lake blue coat will enhance the fashionability of your outfit.
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