Goelia Design

A female clothing brand offering superior quality with the best pricing. Founded in 1995, with headquarters established on February 28, 1998. GOELIA has been traveling across the world for over 20 years.

The design concept formed by the fusion of "nature" and "civilization" has won several international design awards:
2012-2013 ——Asia Pacific Property Awards“BEST OFFICE INTERIOR”, jointly awarded by RICS and HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.
2014 ——"Successful Design Award”.
2022——GOELIA journey museum opened on 30 June.

Supply Chain

GOELIA has been investing in in-house R&D since the beginning. Under a comprehensive quality management system, refinements of patterns and crafts are incorporated in the early stages of design to ensure products are comfortable and pretty when worn.

Outstanding supply chains and advanced equipment have enhanced the flexibility of the in-house production line. GOELIA only works with top-of-the-league suppliers to ensure her speedy response to market changes which will not compromise product quality.

Technical Team led by modéliste master from Paris

With 20 years of experience in Paris, Prof. Sun has led different teams of modélistes in luxury brands. Prof. Sun is working with GOELIA’s technical team to create and refine garment patterns to complement oriental beauty.


For the past 20 years, GOELIA has been sharing the beauty of nature and culture in more than 30 cities around the world, carrying out the brand vision of "Travel More Live More".

GOELIA shares its fascinating world experiences through its exciting magazines by working closely with supermodels and master photography teams. The magazines include New York Testament, Paris New Love, Milan New Life, Monte, London New Trend Love, Milan New Life, etc.


Embrace nature, sky, and sea with GOELIA’s theme stores over 10,000 sq. ft. and discover the concept of “Chic = Nature + Civilization” and be part of the journey to creating an "Oasis in the City".

Each store has a different design, and each one is well worth a visit. GOELIA has become a popular landmark in the urban shopping district.

Slow down in GOELIA's natural wonderland and enjoy the beauty. Let us balance the busy and fast-paced lifestyle.


To serve our customers from all over the world, we launched the international trademark “GOELIA” on 1 September 2022 (“GOELIA” and “GLORIA” are both our brand names).