How to wash and care for GOOSE DOWN

* Hand wash with water temperature no hotter than 40°C.
* Do not bleach or tumble dry.
* Hang to dry in a shady place.
* Do not iron or dry clean.
* Avoid soaking to prevent color fading and transfer.
* When drying, do not put heavy objects on the down garment.
* Wash light and dark-colored garments separately.
* After drying, gently beat the garment to make the down fluffy and evenly distributed.


Wash Less, Wear More

Always keep in mind that it’s best to wash your clothes as little as possible. Washing your clothes too often can have a negative impact on their quality while putting pressure on both the environment and your wallet.

Choose Eco-Friendly Products

To protect both your garments and the environment, opt for eco-friendly laundry products and avoid bleach and softeners. Eco-friendly detergents are just as effective as their conventional counterparts but come with the benefit of being free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Bleach can be damaging to fabrics, while softeners cover your garments in a thin film that can impede positive attributes such as breathability and moisture absorbency.

Dry Garments Naturally

Line drying will prevent your clothes from withering or shrinking each time it's sent to get dried, and it will also save you the cost of re-purchasing them over time. The wind and sun work together to create the ultimate all-natural dryer for freshly cleaned laundry and can provide you with freshly air-dried clothes, complete with a bright, sunny smell.

Wash Mindfully

Always pay attention to the individual care labels inside your garments but aim to wash your clothing at low temperatures (max. 30°C) or cold. Make sure to always fill your washing machine to avoid wasting water and energy but don’t overfill as heavy loads can cause friction and result in poorly washed or worn-out garments. Don’t forget to also sort your clothes according to their care requirements. Separate light from darker colors, while being mindful of different fabrics.