Ever since 1995, Goelia has been motivated by the curiosity to incorporate elegance, gentleness, and romantic auras into daily fashion for women who love to travel and enjoy life.

"CHENG" Fashion

With over 20 years of experience traveling in more than 30 cities, the tour of ‘CHENG’ has discovered the best quality fabrics from all over the world.

GOELIA has launched 5 different series for different occasions. Customers of different ages can choose the right products and enjoy the best value from their money.

High-quality Fabrics and Accessories

Acetic acid fabric, four-way stretch fabric, mulberry silk, wool, cashmere, cotton

Cashmere, wool, 90% white goose down, DuPont three-proof fabric


Heady is the endearing koala of GOELIA, and it has been accompanying the brand since 2010 throughout the global tour. Heady is found in comics, animations, merchandise, and premiums exclusive to GOELIA. Let us discover the novelty and beauty of the world with GOELIA.


Embrace nature, sky, and sea with GOELIA’s theme stores over 10,000 sq. ft. and discover the concept of “Chic = Nature + Civilization” and be part of the journey to creating an ‘Oasis in the City’.

GOELIA’s wonderland is a space integrated with culture, joy and adventure, a fascinating and unique landmark in the urban area. Let us slow down and enjoy a walk in GOELIA’s wonderland to find balance in fast-paced city life.