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How Many Dresses Should I Own?

by 姚思曼 25 Sep 2023

Before determining the optimal number of dresses, answer the following questions: What is your preferred style of dress? What is your main occupation? Do you get out of the house often? How active are you? Do you enjoy wearing dresses?

In recent years, women's fashion has turned 180 degrees. Today, girls are comfortable wearing tracksuits, hoodies, leggings, and jeans even for important events. Clothes and the right style govern our standard of living. Remember the phrase: "Meet by clothes, see you off by your mind." In childhood, many mothers laid down to us that every girl should love to wear dresses and feel confident and beautiful. This is often confirmed in practice: by putting on a beautiful dress, we often feel more confident. However, do we need armfuls of new dresses every season? And it also happens that you have a lot of dresses, but you always say, "There's nothing to wear!"

From an early age, every girl dreams of a fabulous and chic princess dress, growing up, such dresses are filled with the whole closet. So that your closet is no longer bursting with uselessly bought outfits that you will never wear, learn how many dresses should be in the ladies' closet!

Factors to Consider When Determining How Many Dresses You Want to Buy at Once

Your lifestyle: if you work in an office, you can choose a more professional style, such as a dress that is a bit slimmer. If you like casual activities, you can choose maxi dresses and so on. In short, depending on your lifestyle and needs, you can choose a diverse range of dresses that will be able to fulfill the needs of dressing for different occasions. Most importantly, focus on quality and comfort when purchasing dresses to ensure the quality and wearability of your skirts.

Your budget: first, determine the total budget you are willing to spend on the dress, which is based on your financial situation and your needs. Then, create a shopping plan that specifies the type and number of pieces you want to buy and allocate the total budget. If you have a smaller budget, and don't always focus on high-end brands, you can be a mid-range store to look at, you can also look for sales and discounts, and compare the prices of different stores.

Climate and seasons: choose suitable fabrics and lengths according to different seasons and climates, for example, you can choose thin and refreshing short skirts in summer and thick and warm long dresses in winter. In addition, you can also choose suitable dress styles and colors according to your personal preferences and aesthetic concepts.

Your impulse: admit that at least once in your life you made an ill-considered purchase, and sometimes you regret what you did, and the item was just gathering dust on the shelf but never finding its use. Give yourself time. Imagine you see an item you really like and immediately want to buy it. Don't be in a hurry! Give yourself at least 24 hours to think about your future purchase. The thing is that many stores use a number of tricks: for example, beautiful displays, relaxing music, and sometimes even enticing fragrances. All these things work on your instincts to make you buy the item as soon as possible. If after 24 hours you are still firmly convinced of your decision, you can go ahead and take it!
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How Many Clothes Do I Need Minimalist?

When we think about our closet, we often feel like we don't have enough stuff and want to replenish it with new acquisitions. Minimalism is a philosophy of life that seeks to simplify and reduce everything unnecessary. The "less is better" approach usually refers to the number of things in our closet. But just how many things do you need to be the perfect minimalist?

What is a must-have in everyone's closet? In the closet of any person should be basic things - these are those things that fit almost any outfit and are the basis of the closet. Some of the basic items include:

1. White shirt – it can be combined with jeans, skirt, pants, and even a dress, creating different images.

2. Jeans – a versatile thing that can be used to create both casual and office images.

3. A classic dress is an option for formal events and parties. It should be the right size and classic cut.

4. Black pants - they can replace a skirt and can be used for both casual wear and formal events.

5. Black skirt - also a universal thing that can be combined with various blouses and shirts.

It is important to remember that the closet should not only be universal, but also correspond to the individual preferences and style of each person.

How Many Dresses Should A Woman Own?

There is no fixed answer to this question because every woman has a different lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences. However, in general, women can buy dresses according to their needs and preferences. Some may need more dresses for different occasions, while others may only need some classic styles of dresses. Now that you know a few things to consider, here are some general guidelines for how many dresses you should own:

Everyday Dress For Versatile And Practical Wear

It should be not just versatile, but comfortable and practical dress in which you can go to work, go shopping, or run to a friend for tea. It is best to choose from natural soft fabrics, such as cotton, jersey, or fine wool. The length is classic - up to the line of the kneecap. Refuse motley colors and an abundance of decorative elements, and complement the dress with accessories and other clothing details.

Evening Dress For Gala Events

There are at least five occasions in a year when a gala evening is planned. And in that case, you should be a real queen. Dresses are one of the most important elements of a woman's closet, especially when it comes to gala and evening events. It's important to choose the right style and fabric to emphasize your individuality and meet the dress code of the event. One of the most popular styles of dresses for gala and evening events is the peplum. It's perfect for creating a graceful and romantic look and also works well for hiding flaws in the figure. The style and fabric of such a dress depends on the event and preferences of each woman.

Accessories to create different looks. Accessories are an important part of any look. They can emphasize your style and personality, as well as make your outfit more interesting and colorful. However, it is important to remember that the dress is for gala and evening events. It is better to choose a high-quality fabric so that the image looks elegant and reveals all the advantages of your figure. Also, do not forget about the combination of colors and clothing elements.

Little black dress - A Timeless Classic

It is an undeniable classic in every woman's closet. And having bought it once, it will serve you for tens of years! Therefore, do not be stingy and immediately buy a dress of quality noble material. You will wear it on special and solemn occasions – at weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other events. The dress is combined with absolutely any accessories, but it is best to stop at a pearl thread, a hat, loafer shoes, and a fitted jacket. Framework and boundaries when choosing a black dress are absent.

The main thing is to like the material, the style, and the trim. But remember: a little black dress should be basic. This means no unnecessary details, ruffles and rhinestones. Everything is as simple and concise as possible, so you can mix it with other elements of clothing and make a variety of looks.
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Business Dress For Professional Situations

In business situations, it is very important to look appropriate, so the choice of dresses should be particularly careful and conscious. Unlike casual options, business dresses should be classic and elegant. Preference is better to give strict models with a moderate length - to the knees or just below. Shades should be muted and neutral, such as grey, black, beige, navy blue, and white. Dresses with prints and bright colors are best left for other occasions. The midi dress is the perfect choice to create an elegant and feminine look. It is perfect for business meetings and interviews, as well as for evening outings. evening outings. It is especially important to keep an eye on the material. Your choice should be on quality fabrics such as wool, cotton, and linen.

Special Dress For Dating And Romantic Occasions

Sometimes there comes a moment when a representative of delicate sex wants to look simply stunning, and it is at this point suitable for a special dress. It can be worn on a date, a party, a romantic evening, or other events. For example, a bandage dress with an open back, cutouts, neckline, tight silhouette, or decorative fabric is ideal.

Experimental dress for showcasing a new side of your style

A dress that is completely out of character with your style, in order to present yourself in society from a new side. But there is no need to go to extremes and approach the choice of a new update reasonably. For example, it may be new to your color, style, or the presence of decorative elements (if you adhere to a restrained classic style). Complete the image with new details – bright massive jewelry, stylish hairstyle, makeup, and people around you will see a whole new person!

Finally, every woman needs a different dress in her window according to her personal preferences and needs. Whether you want to create an everyday casual, business formal, or romantic image of a woman, the right choice of dresses will allow you to confidently present yourself in a variety of situations. Why don't you follow the advice we've provided to equip your window with a few different styles of dresses to make your wardrobe perfect?
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