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How to Style Bootcut Jeans?

by LiWenshan 27 May 2024

The name "bootcut" comes from the past: the first records of this pants style first appeared in sources from 200 years ago, in the days of cowboys of the Wild West. The first word - "boot" - does not mean any boots, only those longer than the ankle. Looking at the model of bootcut jeans, we involuntarily remember the hippies and fun 60-70s of the 20th century. They did not wear flared pants except legless, so the model symbolises that era. Modern keisha pants are also tight around the hips and flared to the ankle, but the new fashionable word bootcut calls them. If you also want to plunge into stylish images with bootcut jeans - study the material, and you can easily make a closet based on them. Original, fresh, and, most importantly - they go to everyone!

Jeans are the foundation of a basic closet. We are sure you do not need to tell us that it is universal and indispensable. A competently selected model will be useful to you in almost any situation. Going to the office? Jeans with a jacket will help to make up an official but not too strict image. Are you invited to a party? Jeans and an accent top will make the outfit dressy. Planning a date? A checked blue pair and a romantic shirt will bail you out. Over the past few years, we've gotten so used to wide-leg jeans that many aren't ready to return to skinnies. But today, you don't have to change your favourite wide-leg and baggy jeans for something too tight. After all, in 2024, the cool bootcut model dominated the fashion scene. These slightly flared-from-the-knee denim pants will emphasize the hips and make your legs visually slimmer in the new season among the main trends in bootcut style. Our material tells you where to find bootcut jeans and how to wear bootcut jeans to look stylish this spring.
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Types of Bootcut Jeans

High-rise bootcut jeans
High-rise models have been a fashion trend in recent seasons. The cut of the pants is quite complex: the waistband is above the waistline and can even have a corset look. This is a great model of jeans for slim fashionistas. This style emphasizes the waist and visually lengthens the legs. The advantages of jeans are not limited to this:

- The high position of the waistband provides a slight tightening effect;
- Various braided belts and stylish leather belts emphasize the waistline.

Cropped tops and sweaters will exquisitely complement bootcut jeans. Such a closet is a great opportunity to demonstrate a slender figure. Of course, you can tuck shirts, golf sweaters, and T-shirts into pants. In combination with platform shoes, street-style images are created.

Low-waist bootcut jeans
Very feminine Low-rise models give fashionistas a sexy look. The pants' belt is about 10-15 cm below the waistline. A very low rise ("Brazilian" variant) looks somewhat extreme, with the jeans' waistband 20 cm below the waistline. Thanks to the cut's peculiarities, the female figure's exquisite smooth lines are emphasized. This model looks attractive on young, slender girls who do not have extra pounds in the waist or hips. Demonstrating a tightened body will help shorten tight-fitting tops. However, bootcut jeans are quite organically combined with shirts and spacious sweaters. To make the product more comfortable, manufacturers began to sew pants with a back part slightly higher than the front.

Bootcut jeans with scuffs
The clothing is made of denim, has a somewhat hooligan look, and gives scuffs. Such things are inappropriate in the office or at a business meeting. However, you can pay tribute to fashion on vacation or on a walk.

As a rule, scuffs are often created on the front of the pants. Small holes can be present on the back of the pants or pockets. This peculiar decor draws attention to specific areas of the figure. Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the physique and select the appropriate things:

- If the pelvis is quite wide, it is undesirable to wear bootcut jeans with scuffs on the back pockets;
- Owners of large legs (from hip to knee) are not recommended to try on jeans with scuffs in these places so as not to emphasize and visually increase the legs, which is far from perfect.

Fashionable pants, which scuffs cover the entire length of the pant leg, look harmoniously on girls with smooth, slender legs.

Stretchy bootcut jeans
Clothing denim with added elastane - salvation for lush fashionistas. The product's bootcut stretch perfectly sits on the figure. To get a stylish result, when choosing clothes, pay attention to some points:

- Softly encircle the legs. Bootcut jeans should only be in the upper part of the thighs;
- When buying things, you should consider that clothes sewn from ordinary denim are more wear-resistant and durable.

Denim with additives makes it easier to choose jeans with the right fit for both slim fashionistas and women in the body. A special advantage is that the fabric stretches when tightly fitted but does not sag over time.
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Outfit Ideas with Bootcut Jeans

How do you choose bootcut jeans to look slimmer and taller? We have already figured it out, and now let's deal with an equally important question: what to wear.

Outfit 1: bootcut jeans with a shorter coat
Long bootcut jeans are one of the most elegant models of jeans that can be found at all. Of course, their combination with a down jacket is quite acceptable, but boot cuts look many times more organic with a coat (or cape) of camel colour. For full harmony in the outfit, pick up heeled boots with a pointed toe and a laconic cross-body in the tone of the shoes.

Outfit 2: bootcut jeans with a vest
Pretty soon, the thermometer will steadily give out "plus", so we have already prepared our favourite vest for going out - and we advise you to do the same. It goes well with bootcut jeans. Look at the look above: the cropped vest and high-waisted jeans embody the rule of "perfect thirds": the look looks harmonious if divided into thirds. The vest takes one-third and the bootcut jeans two-thirds. That's how it all comes together! Let's complete the outfit with a warm sweater and a neck: it won't hurt to be insulated, just in case. Spring did not promise to be hot!

Outfit 3: bootcut jeans with a sheepskin coat
Whatever jeans you choose, denim is still denim, which means that your pants, in general, are perfect for basic things, for example, a classic sheepskin coat, which is among the top favourite outerwear of many fashionistas. Wear a sheepskin coat with bootcut jeans this season - you'll get a stylish combination. A brightly coloured long sleeve will dilute the look and make it more dressy.

Outfit 4: bootcut jeans with a shortened cardigan
How do you choose bootcut jeans that emphasize the advantages of the figure that has become clear, and what to do with the top? Here, too, let's not complicate our lives: choose a shortened cardigan and top, which, together with an exaggerated fit of pants, will emphasize the waist. To make the outfit more delicate (it's spring!), choose a jacket of a feminine silhouette according to your figure. If it emphasizes the shoulders, it's even better: jacket and bootcut with a clashing effect will make your figure look like an hourglass. And your waist will seem even narrower!

Outfit 5: bootcut jeans with a blazer
Dark jeans are quite capable of replacing classic pants in an office look. The same bootcut with a blazer and a white shirt can fit into the work dress code, especially if it is not strict. Match this duo with neat shoes like loafers or boots on kitten heels. By the way, fashion bloggers advise you to look at blazers made of leather; they are trendy. So, now it's time to apply the advice on choosing bootcut jeans models by the shape of the figure and realize the ideas of images in life. Catch a selection of current finds!

Outfit 6: bootcut jeans with a turtleneck
The most important thing is to emphasize the waistline. This will help to make the legs visually longer and the belly - smaller. Therefore, the best partners for bootcut jeans are thin turtlenecks and bodysuits, which can be tucked into jeans. The main thing is that the top tightly fits the silhouette and does not form folds. Another winning solution is to complement such a denim pair with a short blouse or jacket. By the way, if the shoulders of the product are accentuated, the waist will seem even thinner.

Outfit 7: bootcut jeans with accessories
When choosing accessories, it is allowed to be guided by personal preferences. In the warm season, wide multi-row or narrow gold/silver bracelets will emphasize the beauty of delicate wrists. Drawing attention to the graceful waistline will help with wide belts, which can be selected in the tone of the shoes. Complementing the images with bootcut jeans will help everyday bags of different sizes. Convenient for walks around the city and shopping spacious shoppers. A fashion trend - knitted bags, which will fit perfectly into the trends. Comfortable cross-bodies remain relevant.

Outfit 8: bootcut jeans with shoes
Stylists do not make any requirements for the choice of shoes. And indeed, books are organically combined with any model of shoes and boots. Of course, weather conditions play a determining role. But in the season, you can be capricious or experiment: bootcut jeans are easily tucked into the shins of boots. Fashionable models of shoes - products with straight wide shanks. Shoes on low heels are the best solution for winter, when there is a high probability of ice. Combining classic dark blue jeans and wedge boots will give a laconic image in warm fall or summer days. A cropped jacket and a briefcase bag will confirm the business mindset of the fashionista.
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