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What Color Clothes Should I wear?

by 姚思曼 01 Oct 2023

Have you ever wondered why in most stores clothes are hung by color, a friend's cute scarf makes your face look pale and tired, or the exact same shade of lipstick as a famous actress turns you into a vampire?

It's all about color type, that is, the combination of natural eye, hair, and skin tones, as well as the clarity, brightness, and contrast of facial features. These characteristics, considered together, create a general color background of appearance. This background (color type) either blends harmoniously with the colors around it or brings a cacophony to your image.

Only women who do not know how to dress are afraid of bright colors. How to pick up the color clothes based on the color type of appearance? Is it possible to look convincingly sexy and yet not vulgar, skillfully selecting the right colors? How to determine your seasonal appearance? Let's find out what's going on.
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What Is Color Analysis And Why Should You Use It?

Color Analysis is the process of examining an individual's natural coloration. It is based on the analysis of skin, eye, and hair color and includes the identification of shades that best suit individual coloring. Based on the results, color combinations for clothing, makeup, and accessories are selected. The theory of color analysis teaches that certain colors can emphasize or, on the contrary, distract attention from certain features of the figure and facial features. Unsuitable shades can make a person pale, reveal an uneven complexion, and emphasize wrinkles. The right colors have the opposite effect.So why should we use it:

1.Enhance overall appearance: By wearing colors that match their natural features, individuals can enhance their skin tone, make their eyes look brighter and their hair look healthier. This creates a more vibrant and sophisticated appearance.

2.Save time and money: Through color analysis, individuals can confidently purchase clothing that suits their skin tone and avoid buying clothing that does not. This saves time trying on tons of items and money wasted on rarely worn clothing.

3.Increased Self-Esteem: When individuals wear colors that accentuate their natural beauty, they typically feel more confident and at ease. This increased self-esteem can have a positive impact on all aspects of life.

4.To ensure a consistent and versatile wardrobe, color analysis can guide individuals in choosing the most flattering color clothes: By identifying the colors that work best for an individual, color analysis can provide guidance in building a versatile wardrobe in which garments can be easily mixed and matched. This can lead to a more consistent and functional wardrobe.

5.Guidance on Makeup and Hair Choices: Knowing which colors are best suited to an individual's skin tone can help in choosing makeup shades that enhance natural beauty and in selecting hair colors that match skin tone and eye color.

Overall, color analysis is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their personal style and appearance by choosing colors that make them look their best.

Determining Your Skin Tone

Selecting one of the four options by seasonal classification will only take a couple of minutes.

1.Cool or warm

To see which tone is predominant, look inside your arm from elbow to palm, where veins show through. If they have a blue hue, you belong to the cold color type, if green, to the warm one. The second way: stand in front of a mirror in good natural light and bring a white napkin to your face. On its background clearly visible skin tone. In the cold color type, the undertones will be pink, and in the warm yellow.

Stylists also advise you to pay attention to jewelry made of the most popular metals – gold and silver. If you are more suitable for the first, on the background, the skin does not become faded and gray, refer to the warm color type. When silver harmonizes with the natural shade of the face or wrist, you are inherently cold shades.

2.Contrast or softness

Are your hair and eyes actively visually prominent on your face, or not very different from your skin tone? Muted color types are characterized by the harmony of all visible shades. For contrast, brightness, and saturation.

3.Spring, summer, fall, winter

Compare the results to determine your color type:

Summer: muted and cool

Fall: contrasting and warm

Winter: contrasting and cool

Spring: muted and warm shades
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What Clothes Colors Will Look Best On Me?

Once you decide on the type of appearance, move on to the basic stylistic rules that will help to emphasize and enhance natural beauty. If you follow the recommendations for each color type, you can create a suitable image, in which the original combines even what is considered incompatible.


Everything is light. The thinnest, as if transparent skin, very light. Usually natural blondes with flaxen hair or light blonde, warm shades, eyelashes and eyebrows are the same. Lips have a natural pale color and weakly outlined, not too visible and look delicate. A sure sign of the "spring" type - freckles and the ability for five minutes to "burn" on the beach or even during a walk around the city. The iris is usually light, brown-eyed simply no. Often girls of this type are prone to a gentle blush. In a word - Angel.

What colors of clothing suitable for light skin "spring" girls? Preference should be given to gentle and warm shades of pastel colors, very good salmon, apricot, peach, orange. Blondes also go blue-blue gamma - do not forget about it, but you should not be carried away by cold tones.


The most common cold color type in our region! The skin is pigmented better and already has a pronounced shade, unlike the "spring" type, and the tan on the skin lays down well. Differences within the color type are quite large: there are ash blondes and russet, shades and slightly brown, but always in the cast of hair there is a cold ash tone. Skin ranges from porcelain-milk to ruddy or yellowish. Eyes are usually gray with the addition of blue and green, in some cases - walnut color. A sure sign of cold "summer" - a dim iris.

What color clothes to wear "summer"? When choosing outfits "summer" can safely recommend a pastel range of not only warm, but also cold tones. For this color type is not very suitable aggressive, bright colors, it is better to choose a restrained range. Combinations of dominant gray with bright accents, black and white gamma look great.The following are the more recommended shades: gray shades, violet shades, and pink shades.
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With the diagnosis of "autumn" you need to be more careful. For example, the owner of any red hair will immediately want to attribute herself to the "autumn" color type, but this is not a fact! Of course, red hair color - the main and true sign of the autumn color type, but also - skin with a pronounced warm shade, bright brown or green eyes, outlined lips. If the skin is swarthy, what color clothes to choose? Cold blue and blue, black should be excluded from the closet, from related to blue leave only purple. Choose natural warm colors, saturated or not very. For example, red-brown, chocolate, beige with gold. Bright pink tones are also to the face of "autumn". Green in all its richness is a wonderful partner of the autumn color type!The following are the more recommended shades maroon, orange shades, yellow tones (excluding bright yellow), and warm green tones.


This color type is defined quite simply: high contrast between skin tone and hair tone. Usually they are dark-haired girls, from searing blonde to dark blonde, but the face is light, the skin is porcelain with a blue cast. As a rule, brown-eyed, but not necessarily: there may be another color of the iris, the main thing - very bright and saturated.

All the riot of bright colors - at the service of "winter". Both cold and warm colors are suitable, and you can go easy on the saturation. Pastel colors should be worn only as a last resort.

How do you know what color clothes are right for you? Only by trial and error. You need to forget about stereotypes and habits, pay less attention to the advice of girlfriends and fantasies of fashion bloggers. Having found your palette, you will find inner and outer harmony or at least come close to it. Isn't it worth the effort?
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