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What Is a Midi Dress?

by XiaoBo 27 Sep 2023

In fashion, the terms "maxi" and "mini" are often encountered - everything is clear with them. But "midi" often leaves fashionistas in a bit of a stupor - what is this strange length? Midi comes from the English middle, which means average length and is most often applied to women's clothing - coats, dresses , skirts.

To put it simply, midi includes all dresses, skirts and coats that end somewhere between the knee and ankle. Clothing of this length can safely be called universal - it is not short and not long, looks very feminine and sexy, can be laconically strict and always elegant. Midi dresses of various styles are able to correct the proportions of the figure to almost perfect.

One-third of a leg is difficult to call a specific definition of the necessary length. It turns out that there is quite an accurate calculation of the ideal length of midi for a woman of a certain height: multiply the growth by a coefficient of 0.4 ... 0.55. The value of the coefficient depends on the features of the figure: there are no special restrictions for long slender legs, but owners of fat or short legs should experiment with the length of the dress. Do not consider midi "granny" length. Beautiful trim figure, modern design and materials of the dress will make the bow absolutely fashionable, elegant, feminine.

And much depends on the silhouette of the dress: the classic midi is the length to the widest part of the shin, approximately to its middle - such dresses are especially recommended for owners of skinny legs, because visually they make them a little fuller. The wide lower part of the dress (wedge-shaped cut, puffy skirt) determines the ideal length of the midi at 5-10 cm above the ankle; fitted strict dress - a palm below the knee. The right midi will not make the image boring and uninteresting - a woman in such a dress will look attractive and modest and, at the same time, unusually seductive and dignified.
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History of the Midi Dress

The peak of popularity was in the 1940s. The mid-calf length was associated with elegance and practicality. The public success of the length was brought by skirts , which in those years were part of the uniform of most working women. Here everything is simple: in a mid-length dress it is easy to look strict and at the same time not lose feminine charm. Famous design houses produced the whole possible range of dresses for every occasion: from laconic classics to innovative decorated variants with huge slits.

It was only in the 1960s that midi dress was relegated to the background. The brilliant British fashion designer Mary Quant introduced the mini dress to the world. The event shook up the fashion industry. Conservative countries resisted the onslaught of provocative mini-lengths for several decades, but eventually gave in.

The midi length was considered a "blast from the past". But in 2010, several important designers: Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs added midi length to their independent author collections. Variants of skirts and dresses of various styles from the hot spring-summer season smoothly moved to cozy fall-winter collections, and for the second decade remain on the catwalks. Today you can safely replenish your closet with such things: midi length is still at the top and will definitely stay with us for the next couple of years.

Different Types of Midi Dresses

Midi dresses come in completely different styles. There are no restrictions. In addition, these clothes are timeless. Midi length looks equally good on young girls, young, adult and mature women.

The style of the dress should be selected taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. So it will be possible to hide some shortcomings, emphasize the advantages of the body. Midi models are multifunctional, suitable for any occasion - for every day, for a party, for the office, to visit, for a walk, party, meeting, vacation.

Styles that are best suited to creating fashionable looks:

1.Straight. A straight laconic midi dress goes well with an hourglass shape or rectangle. This is the best option of clothing for the office, business meetings. A small asymmetry or an interesting combination of colors will add novelty and originality to the image. At the same time, accessories should be discreet. Classic boats are best suited to the home model.

2.Wrinkled. Drapes or folds on the skirt will hide full hips and emphasize a thin waist. This is an ideal option for a type A figure. A midi dress with a stocking and a belt with a T-shaped body will perfectly emphasize the silhouette. It is not worth experimenting with such styles if there is excessive volume in the stomach and sides. It is better to choose shoes on a heel, the height of which should correspond to growth.

3.fitted dress. This is an option for slender women who have a figure close to ideal. It should be taken into account that such clothes immediately draws attention to all shortcomings. For sewing beautiful dresses that are used jersey, lace, guipure, silk, satin, brocade, velvet. A little sequins in the form of sprinkles or additional sparkling elements will add luxury and nobility to the image. Heeled shoes are better to choose according to the season.

4.With belts. Open shoulders and deep neckline can reproduce a lush chest, but wide straps are more practical and comfortable to wear. Especially fashionable among young people are tight mike dresses, models with a strap on one shoulder. Possessors of excessive volume in the area of the hands better avoid such models. With open shoes, it is recommended to wear light midi dresses with straps: sandals, sandals, sabots, socks with socks.

5.Over-size. This model is suitable for both sporty and casual styles. Midi over-size dress will emphasize the grace of a slender girl and hide the excess volume of a full figure. Massive calves are recommended to hide the elongated version of clothing, reaching almost to the ankles. Here, more suitable shoes are considered on a flat sole. Loose midi dresses are combined with sneakers, loafers, slipons, sneakers, loafers, boots or boots.

Summer clothes should be made of natural materials that are well permeable to air and absorb excess moisture. It is better to choose a style with a loose cut.

For winter, models made of denser fabric that hold their shape well will be suitable. At this time of year, almost any style is appropriate. It should be guided by the characteristics of the figure and body.

How To Choose a Midi Dress

One of the current trendy outfits that have rapidly burst into women's fashion are stylish midi dresses, which have created a huge competition for short versions of dresses, and fight with special elegance and femininity.

It is clear that beautiful mid-length dresses in no way replace sexy short dresses, but for many it is midi dresses will be the embodiment of impeccable taste and good style.

Fashionable mid-length dresses with the easy hands of designers appeared in all areas of a woman's life. Appreciated beautiful mid-length dresses and representatives of the social elite. It is celebrities demonstrate chic midi dresses at many parties and star parties.

Beautiful midi dresses look flawless as business attire, look perfect and cocktail dresses midi, which will give the image of exquisite charm and a touch of nobility.

Designers have once again proven that midi dresses once popular in the 70's can be quite boring and interesting for modern women.

What does the style of mid-length dress, what will surprise fashionable mid-length dresses in the near future, and what midi dresses will appear in the closet of many women or have already appeared.

These midi dresses are not clothes for every woman. Fashionable midi dresses in this or that style require certain parameters of the figure.

Without a doubt beautiful midi dresses will go to girls and women of tall stature with a beautiful shape of legs, because the length of the midi falls below the knee.

If you like midi dresses, but you have a small height, you should not completely abandon the style of midi dress.

But note, in this case, beautiful mid-length dresses should be worn exclusively with high heels. It can be shoes, sandals, stylish booties. Girls of high growth can wear mid-length dresses with ballet flats.

Beautiful midi dresses have a wide variety of options, each of which deserves the attention of fair sex.
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The most spectacular midi dresses have a fitted silhouette. Restrained in cutting midi dresses in the style of a footlocker you can put on every day, in the office or at university, and cocktail dresses midi footlocker will help create a stunning fashionable look for a trip to a restaurant or a party.

Beautiful midi dresses in t-shirt style can be combined with a multifunctional cardigan short and long, jacket, jacket, bolero, elegant trench, spring coat.

An extraordinary style will be a free cut midi dress. Although we say that midi dresses are better to wear with shoes with heels, midi dresses with a loose cut can be safely combined with shoes without heels, such as boots, slipons, traditional ballet flats and even sneakers.

More and more often fashion designers are offering women fashionable midi dresses with additional decorative elements, such as flutes, ruffles, elegant draping, ruffles, etc.

Along with the popular variant of midi dress, in the style of the case, playful and original look midi dresses with a bell skirt.

Such fashionable midi dresses will look gorgeous in the summer. It is summer midi dresses with a puffy skirt or bell skirt that will adorn the figures of young girls, surprised by bright prints, floral patterns, strict geometry of the pattern.

Traditionally, stylists advise women to pay attention to classic options - black midi dresses.

They will become a basic element of any woman's closet, because it is black midi dresses that will help create a huge number of wonderful fashionable images.

Black midi dresses can always be combined with a bright and saturated color palette, combining midi dresses with, for example, a yellow jacket, red shoes, green handbag and jewelry in a certain bright color.

Thanks to the right arrangement of accents, changing only the belt in this or that color, you already got a whole new version of the midi dress.

In addition to the black midi dress, fashionistas will be able to appreciate beautiful midi dresses in all the current colors of the season.
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