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What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt?

by LiWenshan 24 May 2024

The pencil skirt has long been considered an anti-trend. They simply turned into straight skirts that do not fit tightly and leave air between the material and the skin. Elegant and sexy, strict and seductive, laconic and feminine - it is all she - pencil skirt. Always fashionable and stylish, a favorite of fashionistas and couturiers, the key to a spectacular image and a basic item of any woman's closet. Effective and attractive images of pencil skirts appeared in women's closets in the middle of the XIX century, and since that moment, they have not left it. Changing styles, combinations, and color variations are important attributes of the bow of a real lady. The secret of such success is in the universality of this model. It goes to all, slim and puffy, high and low ladies. For a successful image, it remains important to understand what to wear in a pencil skirt and what style to choose for a particular occasion.

Pencil skirt - a model of fit silhouette, tapered down. It is also sometimes called a case. The prototype of the style was the "lame skirt," which appeared in 1910 when a woman first made a flight on an airplane. To keep the folds of the wide skirt from getting tangled in the propellers, they were tied at the bottom with a belt. This was uncomfortable, so ladies walked as if limping, whence the name of the thing. Despite the inconvenience, women liked the new model, so designers introduced the idea into fashion. And already in the 1940s of the XX century, the model took a recognizable form. Do you want to choose one single skirt, suitable for all occasions - for work, vacation with friends, and a noisy party? The best choice is a classic pencil skirt. We tell you how to choose the perfect model for yourself, which will easily fit images in different styles and emphasize the advantages of the figure.
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What Are the Best Styles of Pencil Skirts?

High-waisted pencil skirts
A pencil skirt with an exaggerated fit is a classic business style. It visually lengthens the legs and emphasizes the line of hips, making the silhouette more proportional. This model will be a favorite among the owners of lush shapes: the belly line shrinks, favorably outlining the advantages. A shirt or blouse tucked inside will effectively complement an office look. A short jacket and elegant heeled shoes will complete the business look.

Mini pencil skirt
How can you do without a seductive mini-skirt? Young and long-legged, they will shine in a short pencil skirt at a party and on a walk with a boyfriend.

Pencil skirt with a flare
Elegant and practical skirt with a stocking. They give more freedom of movement and can also visually reduce the volume of the hips. Choose models made of dense fabrics and not too bright colors.

Leather pencil skirt
Leather skirts are comfortable in any season. They will make a great tandem with a voluminous sweater or thin tucked inside. Sneakers and booties or shoes on a stable heel will complete a trendy look in casual style. If you want to add looseness to your evening look, a skirt made of patent eco-leather paired with a silk blouse and high heels will look the best.

Denim pencil skirt
The denim pencil skirt is the benchmark of sporty and urban style. It is so comfortable and practical that designers offer variants of models for both summer and winter seasons. It can be worn with a T-shirt, oversized shirt, hoodie, and loose pullover. Complete the outfit with flat-soled shoes: loafers, ballet flats, or slip-ons.

Printed pencil skirt
In the 2022 season, designers will offer many options for skirts with print. Geometric motifs such as plaid are considered a timeless classic. And a midi skirt with a floral print is sure to please as the warmth approaches. Complement a printed pencil skirt with a solid-colored blouse, white top, or oversized sweater.

Knitted pencil skirt
A knitted pencil skirt is perfectly combined with a shirt or T-shirt in sports collections. For hot summers, a great combination is a cropped top, which emphasizes the advantages of the figure even better.
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9 Best Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

A trendy combination of spring is a bright top and a midi pencil skirt. Such a tandem in the style of the Kardashian sisters looks spectacular and daring. Take a closer look at the combination of trendy skirts with accent turtlenecks, long sleeves, and corset tops. However, there is one nuance: to make the look "expensive," give up the top with a print in favor of a monochrome version, for example, trendy red. A laconic accent, in this case, can be a striped skirt.

Leather shirts are an ideal alternative to leather jackets or trendy jackets, which are as comfortable as possible in the cool days of May. Look at this season's hottest tandem - leather total looks. Combine a shirt with a leather pencil skirt. Wearing the top as a jacket - with a T-shirt or a top - is also a "union" in fashion.

Cardigans have long been considered a reliable "partner" of actual skirts. There are many variants of stylization of these elements: tuck the cardigan into the skirt, wear it on top, and combine it with tops as a second layer. Just remember, although fashionistas do not refuse this model with buttons even in the warm season, it is important to choose thin things so they are not too hot. Look at unusual knitwear models to make the image more trendy, for example, asymmetrical cardigans or options with a non-standard collar. If you are closest to the option of a loose-fitting, then be careful - cardigans up to the hip line can accentuate the attention on this area.

Fashionistas especially love playing with style contrasts. We recommend paying attention to the tandem of elegant pencil skirts and sporty options with zippers. Olimpica will dilute the image with a strict skirt and noticeably refresh it. However, the style of such a product matters: choose shortened versions to emphasize the waist.

Thin sweaters don't leave our closets even in May. Especially if the weather, as this year, is not in a hurry to please warmth. Take a closer look at knitwear with color-block elements or laconic textured inserts. Skirts for this tandem are better chosen for monochrome without unnecessary details. Otherwise, there is a risk of it becoming like a Christmas tree.

This combination will especially appeal to girls with a "triangle" figure who want to balance their wide hips. However, the owners of the figure "inverted triangle" do not like such a union - the shoulder area will visually increase in geometric progression. If too voluminous jackets are embarrassing for you, choose straight styles, but the fitted ones should be rejected - they will create an office image from the noughties.

A straight pencil skirt and a shirt can be combined in several ways. For example, put a shirt on the bare body or a top, slightly unbuttoned. In this case, the shirt can also be tucked into the skirt, emphasizing the waist. Or put together a relaxed image, leaving the shirt over the skirt. In this case, adding a corset or belt can also emphasize the waist. And the shirt can also be added as a second layer - in this case, it does not need to be tucked in.

Actual variants of pencil skirts are versatile - you can make them with them, including evening images. For example, adding an accent corset or bustier. Such an image will be successfully complemented by classic loafers with pointed toes and a small handbag.

Combine the outfit with a pencil skirt, sandals on a stiletto or heel, and loafers in hot and warm weather. Suitable sports shoes: sneakers, sneakers, and others. Loafers will help create a graceful and feminine image, and the color can be selected based on the tone of the top or bottom. Contrasting options, such as bright red shoes and a handbag or a strict black skirt-fuller, are also appropriate. In the evening, office and business attire can pick up elegant beige or black shoes. The first option visually lengthens the leg and looks refined. Also relevant are various models with buckles, straps, and other decorative elements. If the weather is hot, suitable shoes will be sandals with heels. Fans of sports style can safely choose sneakers or sneakers. Not all girls like shoes on the heel, so they are more suitable for ballets, oxfords, and loafers than shoes. Such shoes give a sense of comfort and lightness and will be appropriate in various situations: for a trip to the theater, for a walk, for business, or a romantic meeting.

What's the Best Accessories to Wear with a Pencil Skirt?

Don't forget about minimalist accessories, which will complement your look. For example, earrings made of artificial pearls and a small pendant, despite their casualness, favorably complement even a complex set of clothes, emphasizing the details of the image. Careful and discreet jewelry is ideal for any situation, whether a business meeting requiring restraint or an evening in pleasant company when nothing should distract from the conversation.

What Are Some Tips to Help You Choose the Right Pencil Skirt?

Choosing a skirt by size is the first thing to master in a pencil skirt. With this style, it is especially important not to make a mistake with the size, as a small thing will be very tight, and a large one will hang shapelessly, losing the essence of a stylish skirt. The size of the skirt is determined based on measurements - for skirts, the circumference of the waist and hips determines it. All measurements are made without extra clothing - preferably in underwear and flat standing.

The first thing to pay attention to when selecting a skirt is landing. There will be no folds on a properly selected model, and the skirt will not restrain your movements. Special attention should be paid to the cut: it must be present. Otherwise, you will be extremely uncomfortable even taking a small step. At the same time, the cut should not strongly expose your legs and, consequently, look vulgar. When trying on, one should assess the appearance of the thing, try to walk in it, and even sit down. A well-chosen pencil skirt should be made of dense fabric; slim and favorably emphasize your figure.
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