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How to Style a Trench Coat?

by 顺之 聂 22 Sep 2023

Trench coats have long overshadowed many items of outerwear. It is one of the main elements in every girl's closet. It is one of the essentials of the wardrobe and does not go out of fashion. Recently, fashionistas have increasingly given preference to trench coats. It can quite replace any other seasonal clothing and will make the image stylish and relevant.

If you feel the approach of fall, and the closet for this season is not made up, then you need to help yourself. When it's no longer too hot while still not cold enough for a down jacket, a trench coat is a perfect choice. You can combine it with different things and experiment with styles, choose: "Do I want to radiate classic old money today or impress with modern trends?"Trench coat is an almost flawless basic piece in your closet: it is comfortable to wear, never goes out of fashion, and is suitable for rainy weather. It is made of waterproof fabric will be a great salvation in rainy weather. However, some people mistakenly believe that classic basic pieces do not have their personalities. In fact, to create a unique look, it is enough to choose the right style and put the outfit together.

Today you can find a huge number of different models of trench coat, which means they can be styled completely differently and hard to pick the one that fits you the best. This blog will help solve this problem and will tell you how to combine a trench coat with other fashion items.

What is a Trench Coat?

Initially, trench coat was used as military outerwear in the early 20th century. It was created by Thomas Burberry in 1901. He was a clothing supplier to the British Army. This type of coat was invented as a raincoat that could protect against all vagaries of the climate. The trench is sewn from waterproof fabrics and never insulated, as it is only meant to protect against moisture and wind. At first, soldiers wore trench coats for service, but gradually they began to wear them in everyday life — such comfortable outerwear turned out to be. Gradually, the invention spread to the masses.

In the classic version, trench coats are sewn from waterproof fabrics (gabardine) or more accessible materials (wool, cotton) with special impregnation. Modern designers prefer to use light breathable fabrics: nylon, microfiber, polyester, viscose, and silk. Stylish leather is often used for trench coats as well.

Its distinctive features:
Double-breasted cut (2 rows of buttons and loops);
The presence of a lapel collar;
Epaulettes on the shoulders;
Presence of cuffs, belt, and back slit.

Thanks to Coco Chanel, trench coat entered the women's closet as a essential fashion piece. Every season on the fashion show appears a lot of new interpretations. No wonder there are now more than 1,000 models of trench coats on the market.

Trench Coat Styles

These days, trench coats work as demi-seasonal outerwear, without them a closet wouldn't do. Modern designers do not get tired of offering their own versions of this classic raincoat. However, all trench coats have common characteristics.

Now let's look at the most fashionable trench coats. Create stylish images in current trench coats, and feel like a star in any weather.

1. The Classics
We will start with the classics, which, as we know, are always in trend. Despite the whole cycle of fashion trends, no one can ignore the classic versions of trench coats. Models of laconic cut in basic colors belong to the category of "eternal" and must therefore be in everyone's closet. Such a model will not go out of fashion and will certainly not serve you for only one season. They will fit perfectly into a business closet, in youthful images, and even in a sporty style. If you suddenly get tired of coats with complex decor and bright colors, you can always return to your favorite shade with trench coat. It will become your wand of choice.

2. Oversized Trench Coats
Fashion season 2023 dictates the demand for voluminous and large trench coats, allowing, paradoxically, the creation of sophisticated and original looks. It is recommended to wear such an oversized trench coat open or with a belt to make the waist expressive. The oversized cut emphasizes the fragility of the female figure and allows you to create stylish layered sets. It is easy to wear a jacket or cardigan with a large knit under such trench coat model. This fashion trend of 2023 will continue in the next season, so feel free to buy a trench coat in a larger size.

3. Special Fabrics
Leather trench coats have been at the peak of popularity for several years in a row. A trendy and interesting option can be found not only in the new collections of designers but also in a vintage flea market or in the closet of your mom. Yes, models in retro style today are in demand even more than the novelty of the season.

Trench coats and raincoats made of this material are already flying like pancakes. This is understandable because denim has become the absolute masthead of 2023. Denim models look spectacular and stylish, you can wear them in fashionable total looks and in combination with a variety of clothes: from chiffon dresses to leather pants and cargo skirts.

4 . Unique Cut Designs
Unusual cut capes are the trend of 2023. And it's not just models with accent sleeves – voluminous bouffants – or capes, although they are still relevant. Complex cut trench coats are coming to the fore: asymmetry, chaotically arranged buttons and pockets, combined models with inserts of other materials, and hybrid variants. In general, the more noticeable the creative mess will be, the better!

How to Choose the Right Trench Coat

1. Choosing The Length
The length of a trench coat can also vary. It can be short, medium length, or long. A short coat is great for springtime, while a long coat is perfect for cold winter days. The best choice would be a trench coat of medium length. Medium length, as a rule, which will harmonize with your proportions. It is the most versatile and suitable for any season.

Today's trend is midi or maxi-length trench coats. When choosing, focus on your height. Short girls should be careful with models below the calf – they look voluminous and can "absorb" your figure. Tall girls can choose any option: it all depends on the closet elements complementing the image. Long trench coats are well combined with pants. Midi looks great with skirts and boots with heels.

2. Choosing The Color
The choice of trench coat color depends on individual preferences and style. If we are talking about a model "for centuries", then it is better to buy a monochrome trench coat in pastel colors that go with most basic things. Classic colors of trench coats are beige, black, dark blue, and green. You should be careful when choosing a coat of navy blue and similar shades. Sometimes the wrong color and model make it look like a cleaning lady's robe.

If you prefer bright colors, you can choose a trench coat of bright colors. A trench with patterns or acid colors is suitable for "special" occasions. Cage, stripes, bright shades, and bizarre patterns on the fabric make the thing accentuate and dressy, but it is not easy to trace the fine line between originality and kitsch, so the color scheme should be chosen very carefully.

In the 2023-2024 season, the trendy colors of trench coats are beige, black, and khaki. These colors will perfectly match almost any of your clothes.

3. There's No Truth In A Standing Collar
Stand-up trench coats are outdated and won't be able to add chic to your look. Especially the standing collar is not suitable for short-necked women and women in the body. In this case, the collar will be lost between the head and neck and will emphasize the bulkiness of the figure.

But a classic collar with lapels will give elegance, equalize the line of shoulders, neckline, and neckline area, and pull out the silhouette. The lapel collar is a stylish detail that can correct facial features, shoulder lines, and neckline. It decorates any model of trench coat, giving things laconism, neatness, and elegance. Such clothes are suitable for creating any image: from classic to ultra-modern.

4. The Fit Of A Trench Coat
The style of a trench coat can also be different. It can be straight or semi-stretched, with or without a belt, with buttons or zippers. If you want the trench to look more elegant, it is better to choose a style with a belt. If you prefer a more relaxed and comfortable style, then choose a trench coat without a belt. This season, an oversized trench will be the best choice for fashionistas. For a more business-like look, a classic trench coat is ideal.

5. The Little Things That Matter
Namely in the details. This is not news at all, but fittings that do not match the style appear very cheap, poor quality should be replaced or simply do not buy such trench coat.

How to Style a Trench Coat for Work

Women's trench coats also go well with a business look. They will look perfect in business style with straight-cut pants, pencil skirts, and office business dresses.

With Skirt
A white blouse will add freshness to the trench coat outfit, and a high-waisted skirt will emphasize slim legs. Low-heeled shoes will take the girl back decades and help create an image like Malena.

With Pants
Going to business meetings requires compliance with the dress code. Style your trench coat with a pair of wide-leg pants, a classic black turtleneck, and shoes on a thin heel. Wearing this look, everyone can feel your confident.

It's true, nothing so transmits strength and confidence as a well-cut pantsuit. It also works well in its "disassembled" state, i.e. in jacket+ dress or pants+ shirt combinations. If you choose a smooth trench coat with a simple cut, then the suit underneath it is better to be more textured. The ideal option is a woolen one.

Fashionable classic style allows you to create not only a restrained, strict but also a free image every day. A successful combination will make you look spectacular even in the office.

How to Style a Trench Coat for the Weekend

With A White Top And Jeans
A trench coat can also be worn during a relaxing weekend. This is the magic of basic combinations: despite their visual simplicity, they look simply stunning. But the magic "turns on" only if jeans and a white tank top sit perfectly on the figure. A win-win option that will definitely suit everyone! Almost every fashionista has a pair of straight jeans, so with them you can easily compose an everyday look. In combination with a trench coat, they also make an organic ensemble. To do this, it is worth experimenting with the cutouts of tops, materials, and fit of pants. Then add a sandy trench coat and you are irresistible. By the way, this jeans model is perfectly combined with different shoes: from comfortable sneakers to ankle boots.

With A Knit Maxi Dress
The first and easiest solution is to wear trench coat with a long knit dress and ankle boots. Here you do not need to use a lot of accessories and "complicated" designer things, just pick up quality boots (we recommend snake print options and matte leather models) and a monochrome maxi or midi dress made of dense knitwear.
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