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What Skirt Length Is Appropriate For Work?

by 姚思曼 22 Sep 2023

Work takes up a lot of time for most modern women. Gone is the era when married girls stayed at home and concentrated solely on raising children. Emancipation began to develop, and women conquered almost every field of endeavor. But today's fashionable and active girls want to look beautiful not only in the evening on a walk but also in the office. Favorite designers offer a lot of interesting, stylish options for clothing. Among them, are office skirts, which can be worn by both iron business ladies, and sophisticated girls who prefer maximum femininity.

The formation of the basics and rules of business style in clothing lasted for several decades, but the legendary Coco Chanel laid the groundwork, introducing the office dress code of a woman's suit-double, consisting of a jacket and pants or skirt. But some changes in office fashion do occur over time, so modern ladies should know what length the skirt should be according to the rules of business etiquette. We offer to familiarize you with simple but very important rules that will help you avoid unfortunate mistakes that are unacceptable in the world of modern business.

The Dress Code

Dress code literally translates to "code of dress." The phrase originated in Great Britain, from where it spread around the world. This concept includes a list of shapes, models, and styles that are acceptable for certain events and environments. A dress code is not a uniform, but a set of business rules to follow at work. There is no uniform list of requirements, each company develops its own. The appearance of employees should be consistent with the values of the company, industry, or segment, reflect and emphasize business qualities and skills, without distracting attention to eye-catching details. Dressed in a uniform style, colleagues will feel a sense of belonging to the common cause. In addition, uniformity of appearance helps new employees fit into the established team faster. The dress code creates the right atmosphere in the office and the working mood. Strict clothing helps make the right impression at business meetings and successfully negotiate.

Skirt for the office refers to the business style and differs from the usual compliance with the dress code adopted in the organization. It can be strict or loose, but in general it has the following requirements:

1. The thing should have a semi-fitted silhouette, too tight or too loose models are not acceptable.

2. The cut is neutral or simple, with a minimum of detail and decoration.

3. Allowed overstated or medium fit at the waist.

4. High cuts are forbidden.

5. For manufacturing, use high-quality smooth, dense fabrics of calm colors. Transparent or translucent materials are not allowed.

6. The item must fit the wearer's size, age and look elegant.

7. Excessively short skirts. The optimal length is no more than 9 cm above the knee. Long skirts are also discouraged in some organizations.
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How Long Should Your Skirt Be For Work?

The appropriate length of a skirt to wear for work can vary depending on several factors, including the specific dress code of your workplace, personal style, and comfort level. There is no perfect length for everyone. Length is something that is chosen strictly individually, taking into account many factors. How to choose the ideal length? Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Body Proportions

There is no perfect length for everyone. Length is a thing that is chosen strictly individually, taking into account many factors. How to choose it, the ideal length? Let's see.

1. You need to choose the shoes in which you feel most comfortable and with which you expect to wear a skirt. Then take a centimeter and measure from the floor to the shoulder length of the body. Let's say, you got - 165.

2. Divide 165 by 1.618, who does not know - this is the number of the golden ratio. The obtained number is the value we need.

3. It remains the simplest thing from the shoulder down to drop a centimeter to the mark, which is equal to the received number. Remember this place, it is there should end your skirt, not below, not above.

Now take your favorite skirt out of the closet and check if it corresponds to the required length. if not, try to poke it up to the right size, or lower down. Compare the results. The proportions have become more balanced, the silhouette is harmonious and graceful.

Skirt Style

The style of the skirt depends on the cut and determines its appearance, shape. Among the many variations of styles, the most popular are:

A mini skirt – a skirt with a hemline that ends well above the knees, exposing more of the legs.

Who does it suit?

Since the mini-skirt fits tightly to the figure, it gives away all the flaws, if there are any in the thighs. Such a skirt is only suitable for very slender, young, proportionately shaped girls, with the correct shape of legs. Mini skirts of high height make the figure disproportionate, they look better at medium and low height.

Pencil skirt – straight slightly tapered to the bottom silhouette, tight-fitting figure.The classic length of a pencil skirt is up to the knee. But now fashion designers offer a lot of length options: it can open the knee and reach the middle of the shin.

Who is suitable for?

On the one hand, this length is successful in that it opens the upper part of the legs, so it draws attention away from the shortcomings of the leg shape. And no one will notice that your ankles are not too graceful. But on the other hand, it's only suitable if you have slim legs and hips.

A-silhouette or trapeze skirt – narrow at the waist and widening at the bottom.Suitable for most types of women. So, if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, an A-silhouette skirt will visually balance the proportions of your figure. If you have wide hips, it will hide them and visually make them slimmer. Choose the length of this skirt based on the shape of your legs. But if you have a low height, you should avoid lengths much lower than the knee.

The puffy skirt makes the look flirty and romantic.Flared skirts are suitable for women of tall stature and slender hips. The volume of the skirt will weigh down the already wide hips and visually ground the figure at a low height. This is especially true for skirts made of dense, heavy materials. If your hips are narrow, it will create a more feminine shape.
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Does Color Matter When Choosing a Skirt for Work?

As we said before, a black office skirt is a classic choice! Designers tend to diversify it and add effect at the expense of decorating or fabric. Such a wardrobe item can be with a transparent stripe at the hem, with a small slit (if we talk about the length of the midi), buttons, and colored clasp. Sometimes the severity of the black color is muted by a golden or silver belt.

White is a good choice for those ladies who want to emphasize their femininity and charm. You will go to work in white like a holiday! Choose straight or semi-stretched styles with knee length or slightly higher, with stripes or waistband, high or medium waist.

A beige skirt looks very feminine and delicate. Classic neutral beige is imbued with elegance and luxury. Beige is particularly attractive to slender ladies.

The blue color is not as conservative as black, while the skirt looks very stylish. The dark blue color symbolizes responsibility and loyalty, perfectly combined with any shade in the closet.

The gray model is ideal for an office and has a strict atmosphere. This will not distract you from your business. It is especially useful to put on a skirt for those girls who want to show their willingness to obey the new rules in a new workplace.

Models in stripes are also suitable for the working mood. But the strip should not be too bright and wide. Actual black and white, brown and white, red and blue patterns. Noble and elegant looks diagonal fine stripe on a dark skirt. Keep in mind that the horizontal stripe will fatten, and the vertical, on the contrary, will help hide excess weight. Attractive looks combined with the placement of stripes on the product. Thanks to interesting sewing details, there is an opportunity to build different patterns on patterns in stripes.

In the modern business world, dressing appropriately not only reflects your professionalism but also contributes to creating the right atmosphere in the office. By following these guidelines and considering your individual preferences, you can strike the perfect balance between style and professionalism in your work attire, making a positive impression and boosting your confidence.
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