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How to Wear Shorts over 40?

by Shunzhi Nie 24 May 2024

Summer is impossible to imagine without shorts. In hot weather, they can be worn both in the city and on the beach. However, society imposes certain restrictions on girls depending on their age. Extreme length minis are unlikely to be appropriate in the closet after 40. Many women over 40 avoid shorts because they simply don't know how to choose (or style) a pair in a chic and flattering way. After 40, are above-the-knee skirts and pants a bad thing? Well, that's how you say it. But shorts can be worn in the summer. You just have to make the right choice.

Designers have come up with several solutions to this problem, having developed shorts that are always appropriate, regardless of age. For example, bermudas became a real trend a couple of years ago and since then have not left our closet. Long shorts made of suit fabric, models of denim, and leather will fit into absolutely any closet. There are no certain restrictions on wearing miniskirts or shorts after 40 years old. I, of course, do not mean the denim shorts that your daughter wears and the miniskirt that hung in your closet when you were 20 years old! A woman needs to be sober about her figure. And understand whether it is possible to wear a short length for her. In case she has a beautiful figure, and taut legs, why not show them?

This guide will tell you how to wear them for women over 40. Below are tips and ideas on how to wear shorts in your 40s.

How to Pick the Best Shorts for Women over 40

With age, many women refuse to wear shorts, and for nothing - in summer they are the most comfortable, and with the right model you can even go to the office. We tell you what options to pay attention to for fashionistas 45+ to feel comfortable even on a sultry day.

Body shape
Most women have one of 5 different body shapes: apple, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, and hourglass. Certain shorts will look better on one figure than on another. Keep your figure in mind when choosing your styles. For example, you might consider a pair in a darker color if you have a pear figure or a pair that matches your curves if you have an hourglass figure.

Your height
Height can also affect the choice of the best shorts for your figure. Miniature women should be more careful about how much fabric is in the shorts in the form of bows, pleats, and other details that can overwhelm the figure. Regardless of your height, always consider whether the shorts you are trying on are appropriate for your height. Remember that for the most flattering silhouette, you need to get a 1/3 - 2/3 balance in your outfit and/or your overall look.

Quality of material
The rate of fashion change for shorts is not as great as that of seasonal clothing, so when buying it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the material. This is especially important for women over 40, as appearance is very important. Now ultra-short shorts with raw edges and fringe are fashionable, but they are suitable only for young people. Try to buy clothes that can be easily combined with more elegant items.

Backside view
You should not ignore this point. When shopping, be sure to look at how the model looks from the back. Shorts may fit perfectly in the front and on the sides, but the back view can ruin the whole thing. It is important that the fabric does not sag or stretch.

Here are a few models of shorts that are perfect for women over 40 for the summer season and deserve a place in your closet. Let's have a look!

Long denim shorts
Denim never goes out of style, but in the summer of 2023, it is worn more often than usual. So go for long denim shorts or bermudas to complete your summer closet. This year, deliberate sexuality has moved to the second plan, so choose laconic models that do not show extra. Such options will not only hide the problem area of the thighs but also make the bow appropriate. Another advantage of this dense material - it will not emphasize the unevenness of the skin.

Shorts with the elastic band
The most comfortable summer model - “pajama” shorts on the elastic band. This relaxed bottom is ideal for spontaneous summer walks and leisurely promenades along the coast. Thanks to the elastic waistband, this model will not squeeze your stomach, and the contrast with wide pants will make your legs and waist look slimmer. To feel as comfortable as possible in summer, bet on natural cotton options - they are perfectly breathable and won't wrinkle too much.

Linen shorts
Linen is considered the best material for summer outfits. This fabric is highly breathable and makes it easier to bear the heat. Choose loose models that can hide swelling that can occur in the heat. To make the waist look narrower, complement the shorts with a thin belt. Do not forget that linen is very wrinkled. So that you do not have to constantly iron the product, bet on the bottom of a mixed fabric, in which the linen added viscose or cotton.

Suit shorts
On particularly hot days in summer, forcing yourself to wear classic pants is almost impossible. If the office dress code allows, replace them with strict shorts made of suit fabric. Choose elongated versions, so that the bow with this bottom did not look vulgar. In addition, it is such shorts can mask imperfections in the thighs and abdomen. The main thing - give preference to spacious models - in tight-fitting in the summer will be too hot.

Bermudas in any material
The Bermudas are a universal player. The universal love for them is due to the fact that these shorts are suitable for women with any type of figure and easily hide flaws. The material can be any. But with the style and length should be careful. Refuse to expand downward models - they will visually increase the legs. Give preference to things straight cut. Do not buy too long options below the knee - they can make you visually lower.

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How to Confidently Wear Shorts over 40, 50

Summer is the time to wear shorts. And it does not matter that you are over 50, age is no reason to give up this clothing. We offered a couple ways that women over 50 could style shorts confidently in summer.

Complete with a loose shirt
“A denim shorts combined with a white linen shirt and flat shoes is a winning summer trio that won't be hot even on the sunniest day,” Antonina says. As an alternative to linen fabric, the beauty recommends looking at cotton, silk, and light transparent fabrics like chiffon. But Tonya herself likes to combine a denim mini with a blue oversized shirt made of the same fabric. Especially the blogger likes it if the shades coincide. By the way, under the translucent shirt, the stylist advises choosing the right bra or top without lace. Under a light one - white, or better flesh-colored, under a dark one - black.

Shorts with a T-shirt
If you want to look stylish and modern, this summer look closely at the combination of a T-shirt and shorts. The latter can be short or up to the knee. Most often, the bottom part of the shorts is decorated with fashionable scuffs, patches or even rips. For such shorts, it is best to choose a simple monochrome T-shirt, which is perfectly combined with sandals, flip-flops, mules, or sneakers.

Shorts in combination with a jacket
Modern women often combine shorts with a fashionable jacket or blazer. Shorts can also be part of a formal outfit and are even suitable for work. To make the combination of shorts and jacket or jacket look very stylish, you can complement it with a fashionable T-shirt or shirt, as well as interesting high-heeled shoes or wedges to add zest to the image.

Muted colors
To be sure not to miscalculate, choose muted colors in your clothes when you are over 40s and plan to wear shorts. This color scheme is great for an adult woman. Just don't think that you'll look ... To make sure you don't go wrong, choose neutral colors in clothes when you plan to wear a mini. This color scheme is perfect for an adult woman. Just don't think that you'll look unattractive: the length of the mini will restore balance, so the outfit will be age-appropriate and in line with current fashion trends.
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What to Wear Instead of Shorts This Summer

Women over 40, or 50 face great difficulties: they have to take into account the peculiarities of their figure, as well as fight the stereotypes that society imposes on them. Remember that you can wear shorts at any age as long as you want. And we also understand that there are times you want to wear something instead of shorts in the summertime. We tell you what to wear in the hot season to look appropriate, relevant, and stylish.

Free cut dress
Tight dresses are better left for a special occasion, and for everyday choose a free-cut model. Flying silhouettes and quality materials will provide comfort and convenience in the images for every day. This summer, give preference to a shirt dress or maxi length model of free cut. You can pick up sandals, espadrilles, or sandals on a small heel, as well as mules or flip flops.

Midi or maxi-length skirt
Trendy maxi-length skirts are now especially popular and in demand at any age. Elegant models are suitable for everyday looks, as well as for evening outfits. It is worth picking up a model of asymmetrical cut, on the smell, in the linen style, or with an active print. To such a closet item you can add a T-shirt, which will make the outfit more relaxed and casual, as well as a shirt, blouse, or cardigan to create more formal and complete outfits.

Loose fit or wide leg pants
Pants made of linen or viscose are the perfect choice for summer when you do not want to wear shorts. They can be worn with a tight-fitting top made of breathable fabric or with something loose and flouncy. To emphasize the waist, you can tie the top with a knot.
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