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What Jacket to Wear with Dress?

by Shunzhi Nie 23 May 2024

The dress is considered as one of the main elements of a woman's closet. In spring, when the weather surprises you with unexpected rains and frosts, a maxi dress can keep you warm and give you a sense of comfort. The midi length dress is a favorite of the spring season, as its versatile length allows you to wear it to work, on a date, or at a party. But in winter and fall or a sudden change of the weather, when there is cold and precipitation outside, not all girls wear dresses, because they simply do not know what outerwear they can wear.

In fact, jackets are very comfortable and can be a great solution for you when you wear a dress. According to stylists, dresses, and skirts, despite their versatility and practicality, are quite capricious when it comes to selecting an appropriate jacket for the outfit. And all because some options simply ruin the proportions, make you visually smaller or a few kilograms more, which means you need to understand how to combine them correctly with skirts and dresses of different lengths and styles. How to combine dresses with all kinds of jackets and even down jackets, so that the images looked harmonious and proportional.

We will tell you how to choose jackets that you could wear with jackets and how to create an outfit with a jacket and dress for everyday looks, dressy, and romantic outfits.

How to Shop for Jackets to Wear with Dresses?

In some situations, it is indispensable: the parties in the coldest season, and in order not to catch a cold at the most inopportune moment, to a light dress in sequins will definitely need to choose a warm jacket. Or when you want to wear a dress out, but the weather is not so nice outside, a jacket will be needed to go with the outfit. However, choosing a jacket to go with the dress is not that easy. Below are the main rules that will help you not to make a mistake.

Refuse the sports models
Ski jackets with contrasting inserts, elements of Norwegian style, or neon-colored models allow you to feel the maximum warmth but are difficult to combine with evening images. Of course, if you go to a fashion show, such an unusual combination can be appropriate and even look interesting. However, if there are no plans for a spectacular appearance, it is better to refuse athleisure style models in favor of more laconic down jackets without active decoration.

Choose a neutral color
Color is one of the most important things to pay special attention to. Of course, if you have a huge number of models for every taste in your arsenal, the task of selection is noticeably simplified. If you build your closet according to the capsule format and do not overload the closet with excessive outerwear, pay attention to neutral colors that will match almost any shades of dresses and skirts: milk, white, silver, black, dark blue, rich wine, and emerald shades. The most harmonious way to stylize a skirt and jacket is, of course, monochrome, that is, images composed in close shades of the same color.

Pay attention to the length
The length of the jacket, as well as its cut and color, can also improve your appearance, and completely erase any hint of a harmonious outfit. What's more, it's the wrong length that can disrupt your proportions, make you look shapeless, or visually reduce your height. Therefore, opt for shorter models that will fit under maxi, midi, or mini skirts. No less successful alternative - a long jacket, completely covering your outfit. However, you should also be careful with it: your outerwear should completely cover your outfit, so a maxi skirt or dress will not work.
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Jackets You Can Wear over Dresses & Fancy Outfits

We all love to dress up. Although many put on dresses and skirts on a special occasion. There are several reasons for this: that jacket in style does not fit, that they give the penultimate to jeans and knitted joggers. Let's break all the stereotypes that you can combine dresses and skirts only with coats and fur coats, and already accustom yourself to the fact that modern jackets and down jackets are quite “friends” with absolutely any clothes! And now let's look at specific combinations on specific examples.

With a leather jacket
A cropped leather jacket has become a basic element of a woman's closet. It will easily complement any bow, including on the basis of an elongated dress. The material and style of the latter can be any. With what to wear a white long dress, so as not to look boring? Of course, with a kosukha. If you like grunge, put on rough boots on a lace-up or tractor platform, and take a bag with rivets, chains, spikes, and eyelets.

Transparent coat
This option is both for real aesthetes and for those who are not too cold, because such an item of closet, sewn, for example, from organza or tulle, will warm up rather conditionally. However, an additional warming effect will have an admiring look of all those who meet on your way!

Leather coat
The most trendy sheepskin coats of this year are “fur outward”, grunge-style oversize models, and shortened ones. The sheepskin aviator will fit perfectly into your seasonal closet - it is universal and perfectly complements images with almost any dress. One of the most winning combinations with it - with a dress made of thick knit maxi length. The best addition to such an outfit will serve as boots or boots with a wide shank, selected in tone with the outfit. The monochrome image will visually elongate the silhouette and make you a little slimmer. Rough sheepskin models are perfectly combined with romantic dresses with flounces or ruffles: you get a very daring and interesting combination due to the contrasts.

Fur coat
This season we recommend you pay attention to eco-friendly fur coats in unusual colors or with a print. Such a thing will help you out in case of an unexpected event. You can wear it in a set with romantic dresses complimentary with the coat color or, on the contrary, play on contrasts. Both options will be relevant.

Oversize jacket with unconventional silhouettes
In addition to voluminous silhouettes “oversize”, styles such as drop-shape, trapeze, cocoon, and rectangle from the shoulder line are also relevant in this season. Voluminous outerwear is suitable for tight-fitting dresses (classic case, knitted dress on the figure, bustier, shift).

Coat with belt
Some things never go out of style, and the belted coat is one of them. This long coat (often ending a few centimeters above the ankle) has a belt at the waist and is great for dressy dresses and A-line models. If it's a coat in traditional colors like beige, gray or black, it's a great option for winter parties, from trendy to casual. Because of the classic style, it's also a great winter outfit for the office. Plus, you can change belts depending on the dress.

Down jacket
The thing without which no fall and winter in our lands does not do without is a down jacket. Shortened voluminous models look equally good with both flying maxi dresses and tight models. The most winning combination will be a shortened down jacket and a maxi-length dress. Do not be afraid of bright colors, in the cold season they look even more spectacular. In autumn we advise you to pay attention to deeply saturated shades, such as mustard, burgundy, or purple, and for winter more suitable calm and noble emerald and rich blue.

Classic coat
A thing that will definitely never go out of fashion and will allow you to collect countless stylish images - a classic coat. The most universal styles are the coat-coat and the straight-cut model. Pay attention to the texture and length, the coat should keep its shape and cover the middle of the calves. The most successful pair for the coat is a satin dress combination up to the ankle. To create a romantic look, choose boots with a wide shank or boots with a stable heel, and for more daring looks, rough boots with a solid sole are suitable.
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What to Wear over a Cocktail Dress ?

Sometimes it's not easy to know what to wear on top of an evening dress when it's cold. Wearing a coat or jacket to an evening or formal event doesn't always seem appropriate, and not all dress silhouettes look great under all types of outerwear.

Leather jacket
We guess what you're thinking, “Wearing a leather jacket over an evening dress?!”. Yes, it's not a bad idea because a leather jacket adds surprise and zest to a feminine dress and is like saying, “Yes, I may be a princess, but I'm also a badass.” If you plan to wear a leather jacket over an evening dress - use contrasting textures and colors, say a black leather jacket with a simple white cocktail dress.

Cape coat
Why not try experimenting and wearing a modern cape coat? Especially if you want to show off the sleeves of your dress, this is a great option. The cape coat is a timeless outerwear that has been worn in almost all eras. It has buttons like regular coats but leaves plenty of room for movement. It is also a great choice if you have large sleeves or wear a dress with a lot of volume. A cape coat looks especially fashionable over a mini dress and tights - with boots or high heels.

A shawl over an evening dress is a great way to keep your back and arms warm, especially if it's a draped shawl. A shawl is appropriate even at formal events. You will hardly argue that wearing it with a brooch pin is a convenient way to emphasize the elegance of the dress.
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