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What Are Boyfriend Jeans?

by 顺之 聂 20 Sep 2023

Have you ever been curious about what boyfriend jeans are and if they are suitable for you to wear? Fashion for boyfriend jeans came to us at the end of the noughties. Its progenitor is believed to be Katie Holmes. She was the first celebrity to be caught in the lens of the paparazzi in a wide, twisted pair of jeans she borrowed from her then-husband Tom Cruise.

Today jeans are not just the same type of pants made of denim. A lot of models give us the opportunity to choose a variant for any occasion and emphasize the figure. The ideal option for everyday wear and creating images in casual style. Interesting fact: such a masculine thing as boyfriend jeans popularized the icon of femininity Marilyn Monroe. Now some see these clothes as a feminist statement. And at the beginning of their appearance, they caused the bewildered looks of ordinary people: "And this someone will wear?" Then today their popularity has increased so much that they can be found in the basic closet of every fashionista.

Gradually, in addition to jeans "borrowed" from our favorite man (actually, of course, bought in the women's department of the store), jackets, shirts, boots and even boyfriend watches began to appear in our closet. All these things and accessories are emphasized oversize and free cut. They are comfortable, do not constrain movements and give a touch of refined carelessness to the image - in contrast to the tired fashion for glamour and emphasized sexuality.

There is still one "but" – in pursuit of a fashionable look, many girls make a number of mistakes. The most important of which is the wrong-constructed image. The rudest and yet the most common is the inability to distinguish boyfriend jeans from other models of this type of pants. To help both, in this blog we will try to understand what boyfriend jeans are and how to competently build a cute outfit with this model of denim pants. Thanks to their casual bagginess, they look incredibly fresh, interesting, and stylish. Once you learn how to wear and pair your boyfriend's jeans properly, you'll fall in love with them forever!

How To Style Boyfriend Jeans?

These jeans can be worn at any time of the year. Welcome to the creation of a bow with boyfriends, a variety of decorative jewelry, and things with eye-catching patterns. Boyfriend jeans can allow girls to create a glamorous style, but for this, it is necessary to be attentive to the selection of the upper part of the wardrobe. Here are 5 tips for creating boyfriend jeans outfits.

1. Comfortable Look
Here is how you can create a casual boyfriend jeans outfit: as tops, choose turtlenecks, long sleeves, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Windbreakers will do so, as well as a set of sporty cropped tops and a flannel shirt. Make sure that the image as a whole does not seem too large. If you prefer this boyfriend fit jeans just for the sake of comfort, wear jeans with sneakers, sneakers, or slips. When creating a casual look, you can complement the image with shoes on a flat sole or platform. In this case, there is a great chance to create a down-to-earth or wide-leg look.

2. Feminine Look
One cute way to wear boyfriend jeans is to bring a touch of femininity without sacrificing comfort: use ballet flats, sandals, or sandals can be used for low running. The most correct decision in the presence of boyfriends in the image will be to wear shoes with stiletto heels. Thick heels will make the image even more brutal. Choose a beautiful blouse or fitted shirt, a pullover with a triangular neckline, or a shortened jacket. Complete the look with a small bag on a long strap and modest jewelry.

3. White Accent
White is undoubtedly the most luxurious and "expensive" color. But its impracticality can discourage any, even the most desperate fashionista, from wearing a total white look. To avoid this, we recommend giving preference to one white thing in the image. The right combination of boyfriend style jeans with shirts, mostly white in color.

4. Fashionable Lace
Another cute way to wear boyfriend jeans is to style it with lace. In a "solo outing" lace can often look too obligatory or untrendy, but in contrast with destroyed boyfriend jeans, this will not happen to you. But you will get a democratic variation of evening outfits for informal meetings with your favorite man or friends.

5. Calm Elegance
Do you know firsthand what a strict dress code is and regularly attend serious business meetings? But that's no reason to give up on the baggy boyfriend jeans! You can go for an elegant and a bit relaxed look with a thin summer coat or a long jacket . This look is perfect for you if you need to look elegant and moderately serious, but you don't want to sacrifice your status as a fashionable girl.

Mom Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans: What's The Difference?

Today, buying jeans has become a real challenge as the varieties of jeans in the market are getting more and more every day. Are there any real differences between them, or is it just a marketing ploy? What is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans? Yes, there are some similarities, but today we will prove that there are more differences and understanding them is not so difficult.

Mom Jeans
First thing first, what are mom jeans? Mom jeans are a model that comes from the 80s, they were worn by our moms. At that time, they were called "bananas." They do not tighten the figure, but at the same time emphasize all the advantages. They are characterized by a high-cost narrow waist, a looser part in the hips, and straight pants. Mom jeans are often loose throughout the length, as well as in the upper half. Mom jeans are designed specifically for women. Unlike boyfriend jeans, mom jeans are usually shorter. It is impossible to style mom jeans by twisting them at the ankles. Mom jeans create an extremely feminine look, hiding some flaws in the figure (lack of waist or belly).

Boyfriend Jeans
You may be wondering what boyfriend style jeans are at the same time. These jeans have a medium waist, are loose in the hips, can be tapered to the bottom, and may not. Often, this model is decorated with holes and "scratches": destroyed boyfriend jeans. The style became famous thanks to Marilyn Monroe, who starred in the movie "Inconsistencies." And were those jeans then nothing but men's pants, which were adjusted to her figure for this role? As seen in the movie, the costume designer did a great job styling these boyfriend style jeans.

The boyfriend jeans have a short straight cut at the waist. The waistband of boyfriend jeans does not have an elastic band. Unlike mom jeans, the length of the boyfriend pants is longer. This model is not for feminine images. They create a sporty, "patsan" (from here and the name) style. They give the impression of being two sizes too big, creating a slightly vintage atmosphere. Since boyfriend jeans are very long, they can be styled at the ankles by folding a piece of fabric. At the same time, despite many redesigned little things, including the waistband, they remain wide, with a bulge in the front and …masculine.

Key Findings About Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans
1. Mom jeans have a high waist and tapered pants, while the latter have a low waist and loose fit.
2. Mom jeans are designed to emphasize a woman's curves, while boyfriend jeans mimic men's jeans.
3. Mom jeans are often made of stiffer denim, while the others are made of softer denim.

What Body Types Look Good in Boyfriend Jeans?

Who are boyfriend jeans suitable for? Thanks to the different cut options, they are suitable for those who like casual style. They have been a favorite among fans of casual street style for some time now. No wonder, because the loose pant leg and low waist make these boyfriend jeans look androgynous and totally casual. It's like you've been borrowing your lover's jeans for a while. But he shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get them back. Thanks to the comfortable cut and versatile fit options, they are likely to be your constant companions.

However, boyfriend jeans are not suitable for women of any age, and the age group here is somehow limited because a lady of venerable age in boyfriend fit jeans can look quite ridiculous. But for people who like casual style, if you have a narrow waist but wide hips, choose especially loose, casual styles. If you have narrow hips, we recommend a slightly narrower style that prevents you from drowning in them. The baggy boyfriend jeans of this style compensate for a narrow pelvis, giving your figure an appetizing shape. They will look perfect on thin girls, preferably with narrow hips and tall or above average height. Representing the disproportionate figure of the inverted triangle type, these jeans will help create a balance between narrow hips and broad shoulders.
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