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What Is An A-Line Dress?

by XiaoBo 20 Sep 2023

A-line dress is a dress , narrow in the chest area and evenly expanding downward, resembling the shape of the letter "A". This style is a derivative of the trapeze dress. In the 60s of the last century, Christian Dior introduced some changes in the style of the trapeze dress, trimming it slightly on the sides, but leaving the silhouette free.

A-silhouette dresses, as a rule, are all-cropped and can have a soft or hard skirt(due to the skirt). Most often they have short sleeves or no sleeves at all, long sleeves are quite rare and, as a rule, on exclusive models. The collar of A-line dresses is also diverse. At the time of the emergence of this style in fashion was a lapel collar, which in our time is present on most models.

Modern fashion designers, however, have made many changes to this style, and therefore today quite often find A-line dresses with deep necklines of different shapes, cut under the chest or with relief seams, different styles of sleeves and different lengths.

A-silhouette dresses can be monochrome, in a variety of shades, as well as colored, especially corresponding to the retro trend of plaid, stripes, polka dots and other patterns.

A Brief History Of The A-Line Dress

In the 1960s, society entered the era of mass consumption, and production gathered pace. The post-war period, which reflected people's desire for elegance and luxury, was over by the 1960s.

A new social aesthetic had begun, promoting clothing for the general public. The new advanced technologies that science offered facilitated new artificial materials that were cheaper and therefore more accessible to many people. As a result, a new fashion was born - pret-a-porter (Ready-to-wear), literally translated as "ready-to-wear", or "ready-to-wear".

And in order for clothing to be available on a large scale, there was a need for a wide variety of materials and rapid production of goods.

And this was facilitated by new discoveries in fabric production. But the new fashion - pret-a-porter helped fruitfully develop not only fabrics, but also innovative cutting ideas that were not time-consuming. Unique cutting models, such as the A-line dress, appeared, allowing women not to think about special underwear, correcting the figure, and at the same time being comfortable. In addition, the change of cut was also served by the desire to feel young.

Therefore, dress silhouette "trapeze" has had incredible success. In 1957 Christian Dior died suddenly. At the head of the company stood Yves Saint Laurent, who was then only 21 years old. The first model of the young designer, after assuming the position of head of the house of high fashion, was a dress silhouette "trapeze".

Yves Saint Laurent introduced a new concept of abstract form. The trapeze cut facilitated the development of mass production of ready-to-wear dresses and became the globally recognized standard of the 1960s.

The A-line dress has been on the catwalks for decades. It remains the epitome of youth and freedom. A brilliant dress from a brilliant designer - simple and carefree, feminine and youthful for an active and independent girl.
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3 Characteristics Of An A-Line Dress

A-line dresses are suitable for almost any girl, regardless of the type of figure. Representatives of the weaker sex love this cut for practicality and versatility. Particularly popular are products without breasts, pregnant girls and women with imperfect forms.

Initially, the cut of such dresses had only 3 types:

Trapezoidal: a classic cut, narrow in the shoulders and diverging downward from the level of the armpits;

Wide: product flared from shoulders to hem or "curtain dress";

Straight: does not fit the figure, but also does not expand.

Modern styles of A-line dresses:

With a cut-off waist - feature a height (for pregnant women or girls who love maximum comfort), as well as a low transverse stripe that can correct the proportions of the figure;

Folds or wavy - small folds will add to the image of romanticism, such dresses are made of light materials: thin cotton, silk or chiffon;

With open shoulders: models come in different lengths, from ultra-mini-dresses to floor-length dresses. All styles are distinguished by an open shoulder zone, this option is not only suitable for women with the type of body type inverted triangle;

Asymmetrical - a style characterized by a long hem and a shortened front of the product, dresses with an asymmetrical bottom have different lengths and sleeves;

Open back: a sexy and fashionable dress will emphasize the graceful curves of the back, a long A-line dress will be a great option for the evening.

What Body Types Look Good in A-Line Dresses?

A huge advantage of this stylish style is that it suits all women. However, when choosing a dress, you should pay attention to the details that will make your figure even more attractive.

1.Skinny girls with small breasts are suitable for dresses with a collar, folds in the neckline and side darts. The sleeve is worth picking up the length of ¾, especially well suited sleeves raglan. Such models will make the chest visually larger, and shoulders wider.

2.Girls with an hourglass figure can choose dresses of any length with any decor.

3.Ladies with large breasts will fit trapezoidal and straight models, but wide dresses are better to refuse. Small darts on the back at the level of the waist will unobtrusively emphasize the dignity of the figure.

4.Women in the body with a figure such as "pear" or "apple" will appreciate A-line dresses, expanding from the chest. Length to the knee or slightly below will help hide full hips. Those who want to hide the tummy but show beautiful legs (figure "apple") will suit short models.

Absolutely all women will suit almost straight silhouette. Fans of extraordinary outfits will like dresses made of several types of fabric. Very stylish looking models with flutes at the bottom and coquette. The last detail, by the way, will help correct minor flaws. Cut-off basque will improve the shoulder line, rectangular slightly "ground" tall girls, and round will create the image of a gentle and lovely woman.

How To Wear An A-Line Dress?

A-line dresses can be worn with ballet flats, boat shoes, heeled shoes, sporty sneakers. Sandals of various kinds will also complement A-silhouette dresses.

In the cold season, trapeze dresses will look great with boots and boots.

As for accessories, the simple style of A-line dresses can be combined with all sorts of additional details.

Whether you choose a long chain, beads, decorate A-line dresses with a brooch, light scarf, belt, handbag, etc., your image will be harmonious and magnificent.

Trapezoidal dresses can be dressed with a cardigan , short jacket, business-style jacket.

Use trapezoidal dresses as a basic style. Create new images with the right accessories. Be bright and interesting,even wearing discreet A-line dresses.

If simple monochrome A-silhouette dresses seem boring to you, choose A-line dresses with ruffles.

Often you can find trapezoidal dresses with asymmetrical bottom, A-line dresses decorated with fringe, lace, embroidery, appliques.

A good impression will create A-line dresses with floral, abstract, geometric prints.

Beautiful A-line dresses with flutes and bat sleeves are also very popular today.

But again, remember that such variations of the A-line dress should be selected taking into account the peculiarities of your figure.
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