· Machine wash on the wool setting.
· Hand wash in clean, lukewarm water at approximately 30°C.
· Use a neutral, mild detergent.
· Lay the garment flat to dry.


· Set the iron on the wool and medium heat setting.
· Lay the garment flat and gently reshape and resize it by hand.
· Before ironing, spray a little water onto the garment's surface.


· Instead of hanging, fold the garments.
· Vacuum packing or using cloth storage bags.
· Prevent moth damage by using cedar blocks.

Removing Pills:

· Remove pills by hand.
(For small amounts of pilling)
· Use a comb.
· Use a de-piller tool.

Using Merino wool, the outerwear is exquisitely designed and elegantly showcases sophistication and refinement.
Whether it's a business occasion or a social gathering, Merino wool outerwear will make you stand out in the crowd.


The luxuriously delicate woolen fabric gently caresses your skin, as if offering a warm embrace. During the autumn and winter seasons, the woolen suit seamlessly blends style and comfort. It not only brings warmth but also becomes a striking panorama.
Without the need for extra effort in matching, the beautiful Merino woolen suit will enhance your charm with a touch of understated elegance, awakening your inner confidence and composure.


Using high-quality Merino wool, these exquisite wool dresses enhance the elegance of women through refined tailoring and clever design. Every curve, symmetry, and seam incorporates the designer's wisdom and creativity, seamlessly fusing beauty and art.


The soft wool fibers provide comfort and excellent insulation. Even in the coldest of winters, you can embrace the warmth in style. Whether paired with a simple blouse or matched with a fashionable coat, it adds elegance and sophistication to your outfit.
Suitable for both daily wear and special occasions, it is a must-have item for your journey.


Choose Merino wool. Embrace endless style. Enjoy comfort and warmth.

With every wear, you convey your love for nature and commitment to sustainable fashion.
Wrapped in the warmth of Merino wool, you exude confidence and elegance at all times.